Thursday, April 28, 2011

Madrid won the "beach" back

The poet had mocked the river Manzanares in Madrid once. The capital city ignored him, because highways blocked the bank. Now they get back their river. Instead of asphalt tracks now lined promenades and parks, the shore. See the new look of the river in our slide show.

New parks on the banks of the river

The Seine, the Thames or the River Spree was the Manzanares in Madrid measured before. But the river is in the Spanish capital, too little water. For decades it was not practical for the people of Madrid had been present, because the banks were largely inaccessible, because on both sides of the river was a town highway. The travel guides for tourists was the Manzanares scarcely a reference value. But now the people of Madrid have got back their river. The highways were banned in tunnels underground. Where once 200,000 cars raced on the day on the tarmac to load promenades and parks for walking. Madrid was even a "playa" (beach), the capital city dwellers can enjoy the sun. The last major section of the newly created parks on the banks of the Manzanares River, recently opened to the public.

Madrid's mountain of debt through beautification

So one of the largest construction projects in the history of the town has been completed. The Madrid city has drastically changed for the better, but the capital city will need decades to pay off the debt that has given them the project "Madrid Río" (Madrid River) left with his pharaonic proportions. The laying of 56 km of motorways and roads cost 3.7 billion euros under the earth, the establishment of the park a further 400 million $. Madrid has now received on a shore line of about eight miles up a green corridor that runs west of the center from north to south almost the entire city. These were designed for walking and biking trails, playgrounds and jungle gyms, planted 30,000 trees and 470,000 shrubs and restored or rebuilt 33 bridges. The undisputed jewel is a spiral-shaped pedestrian bridge of the French architect Dominique Perrault. Who wants to see how it had looked at the river banks before, must go to the football stadium of Atlético Madrid. There are cars coming for a short distance to the surface, the arena pass underneath the main grandstand and then disappear again in the tunnel.

Once bitter mockery of Manzanares

On weekends, it had now attracts thousands of Madrilenians the banks of the Manzanares, the Spanish writer once distributed bitter scorn and mockery. The Baroque author Francisco de Quevedo (1580-1645) called him a "river-apprentice". The poet Luis de Góngora (1561-1627) presented to the flow in a sonnet the question: "Why have you removed and are then swollen why I saw you yesterday in need and see you today in such splendor?" From the river he receives the answer: "Yesterday I drank an ass empty, and now he has pissed me back full." It was the Manzanares with its waterside meadows and the view over the city once artists like the great painter Francisco de Goya (1746-1828) inspired paintings. Today, the people of Madrid - Goya as then - walk back along the river and the old town and the Royal Palace look up. "Perhaps now the poets who are the future Manzanares sing, deal more sympathetic to the river", wants the newspaper "El Pais".

Cave Hotels: outside stone age, interior luxury

Vacation in a cave? Who is there to smoky campfire and bear skins as a place to sleep thinking that is on the wrong track. Former captain quarters, tufa caves and converted opal mines turn out today as a modern hotel with marble bathrooms, comfortable beds and elaborate murals. We present five hostels for the different holiday, some of which you see in our slide show.

Turkey: Ancient cave monastery into a hotel

Tradition have holes as living quarters in Cappadocia in Turkey. There, the residents hollowed out the soft tufa rock of the walls and created their accommodation. In the area around Urgup some of these caves have been refurbished to modern hotel rooms. One of the most interesting and most comfortable facilities, the Gamirasu Cave Hotel in the village Ayvali. Inside the maze hostel, located in a restored houses ensemble with a total of 25 rooms, welcomes guests oriental living room atmosphere. The rooms in the former, a thousand year old Byzantine monastery are cool in summer, in winter, cozy and warm. The volcanic rock perfectly insulated and offers year-round temperatures from 17 to 20 degrees. Double room with breakfast costs from 115 $ per night. The family suite is booked for 170 $ per night.

Santorini luxury in the old captains' houses

Also on the island of Santorini in Greece, the inhabitants dug their homes earlier in the soft tufa rock of the crater rim. Some of the old captain's houses are rented to tourists. How about the hotel "Canaves Oia" that gives it the same in duplicate. The cave houses are partly already in the 18th Century and are now equipped with the times. Antiques in the rooms are also standard, including satellite TV, music system, swimming pool and sun terrace. Both houses are common to the magnificent view across the caldera and the sparkling sea far below and romantic sunsets. The Hotel Canaves Oia is available at some German tour operators. So taste a one-week air-inclusive trip to Attica travel according to season between 1329 $ and 1542 $ in October during the high season in early August.

Italy: caves with luxury factor

feared for its cave houses for a long time was the site of Matera in the Basilicata region in southern Italy. Only 70 years ago the place was so remote and poor, that at the time of fascism regime opponents such as the writer Carlo Levi was sent there in exile. His experiences there, he worked in the novel "Christ Stopped at Eboli." Meanwhile, the southern Italian cave city was incorporated as a world cultural heritage list of UNESCO. Tourism brought new life into the city, and some caves now offer comfortable accommodation for visitors. A jewel is the elegant residence "La Casa di Lucio". The double rooms in the old town of Matera are stylishly furnished with designer furniture and can be booked from 87 $ per person per night.

France: caves overlooking the Loire Valley

In a former monastery, the Hotel Les Hautes Roches, nestled in the vineyards of the Loire Vouvray ashore in France. The special thing about it: Twelve of the 15 rooms have been dug in tufa caves in the rock - lovely views into the Loire Valley are included. However, the cave rooms not very cheap pleasure, after all, that adorns the Relais & Chateau Chain the house with four stars. One night in a double room costs from 170 $ (including Loire view), breakfast there for 20 $ per person, half board for 85 $.

Australia: Cave Hotel in the opal-mining area

A taste of adventure promises a stay in the broad opal-mining area of ​​Coober Pedy in South Australia. That the people there often live in tunnels under the earth, has a simple reason: While it can be outside in summer reaches up to 50 degrees and icy cold in winter, it is tempered in the so-called "dugouts" year-round pleasant. Some of the old mines now offer tourists an unusual quarter. One of the most exclusive is the Coober Pedy Experience Motel. It is home to twelve people in brightly painted caves. The equipment is quite appealing for the conditions - microwave, toaster, TV and telephone are standard. One night in a double room is available from 185 AUS dollars (about 124 $) for two persons.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Five German cities from the air

City trips in the spring - wonderful! The best impression of a city of visitors from gaining the highest possible vantage point. In addition to a first overview also a breathtaking view is offered. We provide the finest and some of the highest vantage points from Berlin, Frankfurt, Dresden, Cologne and Munich, also in our slide show.

The best views over Frankfurt

Frankfurt am Main, the only real skyline in Germany. The Frankfurt fair tower is one of them. The 257-meter high office building Europe's tallest tower until 1997 and was then replaced by the Commerzbank Tower. Frankfurter called the fair tower due to the pyramid roof "pencil". Architect Helmut Jahn wanted to symbolize the prosperity of the tower design, innovation and creativity.Wer den Städtetrip nach Frankfurt auch zum Shoppen nutzt, sollte vorher unbedingt in der Zeilgalerie Halt machen. From here you can see the skyline very well. High up for free and there is a magnificent view over the city center. Even after closing, for example, from the ninth floor with spectacular views "in" - such as sitting in one of the local cafes or in the Oriental bar called "Kanki", where you can smoke hookah. If that is not high enough should try it once in the Main Tower. With 200 meters, while this is only the fourth highest tower in Frankfurt, but the office building is very hospitable. Here visitors can take the elevator to the 56th Floor pass and go to the viewing terrace. Here visitors will find a bar and a restaurant.

Frankfurt celebrated in 101 meters

Whoever in the exploration of the Frankfurt night life does not want to miss out on a great prospect, should visit the "Club 101" near the central train station. The club is located in the 25th Floor of the Japan-Towers and invites every second Saturday of the month from 21-4 Clock to celebrate. Visitors to the disco, should be better before making smart on their website if he caught the right weekend, as the club is only open sometimes.

Dresden: Top of the Frauenkirche

The Frauenkirche in Dresden is not only famous for its beautiful view over Dresden. The history of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Baroque impressed visitors. The church, built from 1726 to 1743 was destroyed in World War II and had to be rebuilt completely. Today she shines in a new light on the Dresden Neumarkt and beautified the city. At 67 meters altitude is the viewing platform of the church, which is achieved with the so-called dome climb. The ascent to the dome, visitors first take the elevator to 24 meters in height, and then use by spiral ramp to the remaining meters to the run-up. They circle the outer dome twice, which requires good shoes and a good, healthy constitution.

Town Hall Tower - the highest tower of the city of Dresden

The 100.3-meter-high tower was to be only a small trick of the highest tower in the city center. At the time of King Friedrich August it was no one allowed to build a building that his castle tower is 100 feet taller than. The tower is managed only a 5.6 meter high figure of this arrangement and thus to avoid exceeding the building of the King. Today, the town hall tower is not more of Dresden's highest tower, but well worth a visit anyway. The 68 meter high observation deck was from April to the end. October.
High on the Cologne Cathedral

The Cologne Cathedral is 157 meters with his second-highest church in Germany. A visit to the built heritage 1248-1880, it is worthwhile not only because of the fascinating view of Cologne. The world's largest church facade has an area of ​​7000 square meters.

The Panorama KolnTriangle

The observation deck of the Panorama KölnTriangle offers visitors a breathtaking view of Cologne. From more than 100 meters can watch visitors to the observation deck with glass walls, Cologne, Rhine, bridges, and surrounding areas. In the building there are restaurants, bistros and bars, and events are possible. In view of the Cologne Cathedral, the Bergische Land and the Eifel, visitors can make a very special city of the region.

See all of Berlin

Who goes to Berlin should plan not miss a visit to the TV tower, as from here a Berlin is literally at your feet. From 207 meters, tourists can see the whole city through the panoramic roof. Whether the Brandenburg Gate, the Reichstag and the Olympic stadium - there's lots to see like that on a silver platter. The TV Tower receives more than a million visitors make from here a picture of Berlin. The high inertia visitors it is advisable to buy a ticket in advance via the Internet.

Berlin: Sleeping with a view of the TV tower

Who during his stay in Berlin, from a hotel room does not want to miss out on an outstanding view, can book a night at the hotel "Park Inn Berlin Alexanderplatz". Here, guests receive early booking a room on an upper floor of the bustling Alexanderplatz located hotel. If you book one should point out that a room is desired in view of the TV tower.

Munich's Olympic Tower

Located in the Munich Olympic Tower rises 291 meters into the air. reach a speed of seven meters per second visitor n the elevator to the observation deck of the highest vantage point in town. From here you have a particularly good view of the city and can see in good weather even the Alps. Anyone following the views of the city still wants to eat something, visit the exclusive revolving restaurant in the tower. The restaurant "181 Workshop of the Senses" was awarded three Michelin stars. There are tickets with a combination of tower visit and three course menu, which are best booked in advance via the Internet.

Alter Peter in Munich

The Church of St. Peter at the Marienplatz in Munich is called by the inhabitants of "Old Peter". The Munich landmark, on 17 May 1924 was inaugurated by Bishop Emicho of Freising was the oldest parish church in the city. With 91 meters high towers of the old Peter beyond many a roof. The viewing platform is located further down to 56 meters. This is not high, but enough to unforgettable views of the city. To reach the viewing platform, you should bring something Fitness: Total score run up 306 steps until they are rewarded with outstanding views. In good weather you can look up to 100 kilometers in the distance.

Hamburg's most famous church

The main Protestant church of Saint Michel is the landmark of the city and the most famous church in Hamburg. Previously, she was especially appreciated by the sailors, the 132-meter-high "Michel", as they call the Hamburg their church, could already see from afar. But Michel had twice bad luck. 1750, the church was struck by lightning. Until almost two hours later they noticed the fire, but because it was too late and the church fell in on itself. The church was rebuilt and burned again in 1906 due to construction workers. 106 meters in height, the tower platform is of the view of the city can be and has a view of the Elbe. The athletic visitors can reach the platform than 453 levels. Who wants to be the top fast just take the elevator.

Notre Dame de Paris

The Paris of the ancient world chooses to defend itself, to reduce the Ile de la Cité. So What appears on this island, from the fourth century, a large basilica. Originally dedicated to St. Stephen, she became the cathedral of Notre-Dame de Paris, after a period of cohabitation between the two titleholders. This double award reflects a partition between the internal part reserved to the bishop (Saint Etienne) and the part reserved for the chapter (Notre Dame).

Today we find this duality in the portals of the transept, dedicated to the north (porch overlooking the paddock canonical) to the Virgin and south (porch overlooking the paddock Episcopal) in Saint Etienne.

At the beginning of the twelfth century, the chapter became more powerful, no longer wants to settle for ancient basilica (despite its large dimensions). Beautification works are completed. But the real transformation is reached with the resurgence of the Episcopal filled. The cathedral of Saint Denis and Sens inaugurate the beginning of a movement that affects reconstruction Paris. Bishop Maurice de Sully changes the parish administration of Paris and began building the new cathedral from 1161.

It has the merit of design from the start location of the court, which is not for most other cathedrals.Work is progressing rapidly. The consecration of the bedside to take place in 1182. However, the death of Maurice de Sully, the pace of construction declines. Then there is a lack of documents to determine precisely what was the conduct of the work. It is estimated that the statues on the facade of the gallery were introduced in 1222. During this same period, while the facade is not yet complete, we change the elevation of the cathedral.

Indeed, it was quickly deemed too dark (it is). To bring a greater flow of light, it was decided to lengthen the upper windows by removing blind roses which falls between these windows and the galleries (Viollet-le-Duc restored this provision in its own way, in last bay of the nave). This makes it necessary to install a new drainage system and rehabilitate the structure. It also adds an arrow (although there is no evidence that they formally did not exist previously. Around 1230, the transept is redeveloped (addition of a bay, big roses). The whole is probably completed around 1245.

The choir (fence, loft, stalls ...) is remodeled several times, notably by Louis XIII and Louis XIV. All these development works disappeared with the Revolution. Notre-Dame de Paris was then granted a restoration of very good quality, made ​​by Viollet-le-Duc.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Luxury yacht in the style of 20 years

"Huge cruise ships? The so anyone can!" There is also the exclusive! The French yacht Ponant cruise shipping company you these days is a new ship into service: the "L'Austral, a luxury marina for 264 passengers, built at Italian shipbuilder FINCANTERI. Used, the first ship in the Mediterranean and Northern Europe, and later in other waters. The maiden voyage begins on 27 April leads and eight days from Marseille to Barcelona, Palma de Mallorca, Ibiza, Malaga and Cadiz to Lisbon. Check out the luxury yacht also in our slide show.

Luxury Mega Yacht

In summer, the newcomer, especially in the Adriatic drive along the Croatian coast with the start and end port of Venice. In the winter, to cross the "L'Austral Ushuaia at the southern tip of Argentina in the Antarctic. The new ship is built in the style of an exclusive mega yachts. It is the shipping company, according to recall the luxury of the battleships of the Atlantic routes in the 20s of last century. The "L'Austral" has an elegant dark gray exterior paint and interior is decorated in the color palette chocolate to sandy. It entered service in 2010 sister ship "Le Boreal" differs only in color - with her dominate the interior colors of black, gray and red.

No dress code provided

The suites, all located to the outside, from 18.5 to 45 square meters and almost all have a private balcony. In the two restaurants there is open seating, there is no dress code. The ship has a spa with hammam, boutiques, a library, several lounges with sea views and three bars. The shipping company wants to advance on the German market and has recently also a service to their German guests. This includes a German newspaper on board, films and a German-speaking tour guide. The board, however, languages ​​are English and French.
Founded by Navy officers

The shipping company you Ponant in Marseille was founded in 1988 by a group of French naval officers. To the fleet now consists of five ships. Apart from the "Austral L'" and the "Boreal" go for the shipping company the sailing yacht "Le Ponant" with 32 cabins, the expedition ship "Le Diamant" with 113 booths and the little yacht Le Levant, with 45 cabins. Some 11,000 passengers booked in 2009, a trip on one of the ships of the company. The two newest yachts Du Ponant meet the requirements of the label "Green Ship". The shipping company owned by the International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators (IAATO) to. Accordingly, their captains to keep their strict rules on board and on excursions in environmentally sensitive areas.

Also on the Baltic Sea

"Le Boreal" is in the early summer of 2011 focused on the northern Europe. In others it starts to two eight-day Baltic cruise from Copenhagen to Stockholm, with stops in Riga, Tallinn, St. Petersburg and Helsinki. Then it goes on an expedition trip to Iceland, the Arctic and North America. New 13-day expedition on the coast of Greenland, Kangerlussuaq is along the Canadian Iqaluit. In autumn, the ship cruises through the Caribbean, the Panama Canal and the west coast of South America to Ushuaia, from where they too will start to Antarctic tours.

Knuffingen airport opened

Knuffingen opened on 4 May its new airport. You've never heard of the city? Does not matter, but it actually exists. And only in scale H0 (1:87) in the Miniature Wonderland in Hamburg. Marvel at the new airport and many other miniature worlds in our slide show.

A new airport opened

The peaceful town Knuffingen between the resin and the Alps in a region of rolling hills of the miniature wonderland. In the background, towering majestic mountains. Whole 150 square meters, the city offers its residents - may be missing because no airport. Opening on 4 May, should withdraw 28 aircraft, after then 45th The start and runway is 14 meters long and only ten aircraft parked at the airport. Of course, the Airport also have many little surprises hidden in the detail. Whoever expects a still life is wrong: Everything is in motion. Flights land take off and disappear from the area, tanker jets on the runway and monitor the safety of fire trucks.

The miniature wonderland features more

The Matterhorn: The prominent Swiss mountain rises, reshaped from four tons of paper mache, hamburger in the old port memory. Over two floors meander of hundreds of model trains through a fantasy landscape that gets constantly increase. When the two owners Gerry and Freddy Brown, two former nightclub operator, sold their 2001 dance hall and pivoted around to model railroad, they were ridiculed. Today, nobody laughs. Breathe because the idea of the old love model train with modern digital technology, new life, proved to be a tourist hit. Who watches here, where it is not so boring: The Central Station Knuffingen dozens of trains roll in and out. Forklifts, baggage carts, and even people move around constantly, while a swarm of fire trucks with loud roar to deletion of a major fire at the Castle Hill disengages. And constantly creating new sections.

Many mini-worlds are distributed throughout the country

The so called by the fans, "Miwula" Hamburg plant is the largest, but by far not the only successful model railways. In Berlin there is the "Loxx" in Wiehe / Thuringia was the "Mowi-World". In Oberhausen was next to Europe's biggest shopping mall "Centro" is also opening a model railway world. Subsequently, the kick-off in Miniland Munich Kirchheim-Heimstetten. Connoisseurs appreciate the "Federal Railroad Model" in Bad Driburg special for their authenticity. It forms the period 16 31 From August 1975. Managing Director Karl Fischer, he calls himself a wink, "Deutsche Bahn CEO of the model Federal Railway", pays special attention to the fact that the path this time has built historically accurate. Whether it is billboards, cars and prices in the beer garden (DM 1.20 for a beer) is - everything has been researched. Even the press is at its "authentic path" impressed.

Always on the move

Everything is moving, constantly flashing somewhere else that lives world in miniature. That is what makes the model railroad layouts of the new generation so attractive and classical arrangements such as the Deutsches Museum in Munich and Nuremberg in the Railway Museum can look so frumpy. Aimed at model train enthusiasts love technology (industry jargon: "buffer kisser"), yet want to be the new tracks a leisure attraction for the whole family. are thousands of hand-shaped figures, with myriad small surprises and a lot of modern technology is also available in the world's second largest plant, see the "Loxx Miniature Worlds" on the Alexanderplatz in Berlin. In contrast to Hamburg, where the stimulus of the system consists in the fact that it winds through a variety of rooms, is in "Loxx" everything in a large, clear space: the reconstruction of Berlin's urban railway, the airport and the government district.
Attraction in Oberhausen

Realism is the key for the new railway. This also applies to the "model train world Oberhausen" in which the consultant George Rinneberg has invested two million euros. His particular approach: The system shows the Ruhr area, as it looked during the heyday in the 1960s. Everything is authentically recreated to the last ornament - from Sacred Heart Church in Oberhausen to the housing estate Graf Busch. Special optical depth gives the whole thing through most photo-realistic background of the world.

Model systems that have it all

Also in memory Village (near Bayreuth) is wiggled and gezuckelt. The operators of "La station" attach great importance to authenticity. Thus, only lines of identical ages roll along through a world. The rates are based on the original order as closely as possible to work.

Lake Geneva

Julius Caesar Referred to as the Lake lacus lemanus in 58 BC, as he set off from Geneva to fight The Helvetians. Most Commonly Known as Lake Geneva in Francais, French icts name is Lake Leman.

Formed By The retreat of the Rhone Glacier Some 15.000 years ago, Lake Geneva Is The Largest lake in Western Europe, With a surface area of 583 km2 and a volume of 89 km3. The Lake is bisected From East to West by the Rhone River and Its maximum depth 309 meters IS Between Lausanne and Evian. Its 167-km shoreline IS shared Between Switzerland (114 km) and France (53 km). Its water temperature Rises to 22 ° to 25 ° C "during the summer and it never freezes"during the winter.

Passenger transportation on the lake

Transportation via the Lake Between France and Switzerland all year round IS Provided By The Navigation Company or CGN ( Which One Of The Finest boast Fleet of paddle steamers in Western Europe.

Daily links Between Lausanne and Evian in 35 minutes. Other French companies offer coastal cruises "during the summer months.

The fish of Lake Geneva

The Most Famous and Delicious are undoubtedly The Arctic char (Whose name is the local whitefish), tea & the lake trout perch. But The lake est aussi home to roach, pike, burbot and crayfish.

The birds of Lake Geneva

Located Along migrationOiseaux.JPG year major road Between the Jura and the Alps, Lake Geneva Is A favorite stopover for Many Birds was great. More than 150.000 birds winter on the lake. Among the lake's sedentary species, one Find the seagull, the black-headed gull, the gray heron, The Mallard, The Great-crested grebe, The moorhen and, of course, The Swan.

Sailing - Dalmatian Coast

Sailing highlights for gourmets

Luxuriant vegetation, picturesque old towns, sparkling blue waters and a colorful underwater world waiting for us in Southern and Central Dalmatia, an area that is, with its numerous different islands and nature reserves is an interesting and popular destination for sailors.

The sailing area

The southern Dalmatian cruise starts on the unspoilt island of Mljet (nearest airport is Dubrovnik), which could even have to inspire the much-traveled Odysseus. Starting point of the trip is the northwest of the island in the national park, which covers both the lush vegetation on the hills of the island and the salt lakes and the surrounding marine area with the many islets, reefs and cliffs. North of it are the Makaska Riviera offers its islands of Brac, Hvar, Vis, Korcula. Tangerines, oranges, alluring scent of lavender and rosemary, wine and olive trees, lush vegetation in coves with beautiful beaches and small restaurants for the "culinary evening activities. The Greeks, Romans and Illyrians knew that already appreciate the advantages. They all left their mark, the still visible in old documents and works of art, architecture and monasteries. The base of the yacht is the brand new Marina Krvavica Makaska the middle of the region, which once started on the boat trip for technical service. The picturesque old town of Dubrovnik can - as in ancient times - are visited by a different vantage point.

Absolutely worth to these shores is the friendliness and helpfulness of the residents and the local cuisine: lovers of hearty flavors found in the taverns and restaurants of the coastal resorts, excellent food and freshly caught fish cooked first class.

SegeltornSegelerfahrung for this holiday trips unnecessary. Your skipper discovered with you not only the most beautiful coastline and secluded coves, but also leads you to the yacht management. Soon you are able to sail the boat under the supervision of the skipper himself. And advanced sailors, the skipper still some handy tip. The exact Tornroute is - as usual with our trips - decided taking into account the interests of all participants, weather conditions and the advice from the skipper.

There is created a board cash from the board - are, and the charges of the yacht (eg food, fuel, gas, final cleaning, permit, port charges, deposit insurance) paid for - the traditional way for the skipper. At the commencement of charter a crew agreement is concluded, which governs the common life on board and the liability issues.

The yachts

The solid boats (eg, Elan 384) are navigational and safety-equipped as complete. They are known for the excellent sailing characteristics. The entire facility provides a comfortable life on board. Linen is on board, bring your own towels. (Changes and similar additional yachts reserved)

Wind and Weather

The prevailing wind in summer the mistral blowing from the northwest (about 4 Bft.), A warm, very pleasant sail wind aufbrist usually around 10 to 18 clock and clock back asleep. The temperatures are therefore not uncomfortably hot, especially on the water. In the fall can also blow ever the strong southerly wind Jugo and the Bora in the mountains. Although the Bora brings good weather, but can be regionally very hard. With the Yugo rather hazy weather is connected.

Combination with the Sport Hotel Odisej or Boat & Bike

This sailing trip can be perfect with a land vacation in our Sports Frog Hotel Odisej on the island of Mljet, or combine with a week by boat and bike Dalmatia.

Mitsegeltorn with skipper, accommodation on the yacht, sailing instructions, confirmation nautical miles;

when booking with flight check-in: Tornleistungen way flight with Air Berlin and German Wings from Cologne, Hannover, Hamburg, Berlin, Stuttgart and Munich to Dubrovnik, transfers. If necessary. Flight surcharges for certain airports.

Images of the Dalmatian coast

A trip to Dalmatia

It's not far to the summer: You drive through the Alps and a few kilometers to the south and is in a Mediterranean landscape of the Adriatic. Actually I wanted to go to Italy. But it is from Klagenfurt to Slovenia and Croatia closer than Venice! Just 65 kilometers as the crow flies to Ljubljana to Rijeka and from there again 80 kilometers. One is already on the Dalmatian coast. Here you can go to Istria in the west (with the old towns of Opatija and Pula), translate to the islands of Cres and Krk. Or drive along a winding coastal road south 500 miles to Dubrovnik, beautiful Dalmatian coast with many islands. Even behind Crkvenica the traffic is much lower than at Rijeka. In the scenic area around Jurjevo very interesting one is often alone on the road. Small towns with Roman and Venetian history, friendly people, clear water, blue skies, white limestone and plenty of sun. Nothing looks more like the dull summer with overcast skies and temperatures in Germanic unfriendly climes.

From the Balkans war is nothing more to see. He found mainly in the hinterland of the Dalmatian coast and barely held in Slovenia and Croatia. The people are friendly and accommodating. In German and English you can easily communicate with them. Many hotels, guest houses and apartments are waiting for tourists. The prices are moderate and often you can pay with the euro. It recommended, however, the local currency to Kuna in the bag (rate 1 $ = 7.2 kuna). Only one problem I noticed: I have not seen an internet cafe in Croatia!

Here, people work less, and north of the Alps. Amazing how big the differences are, if you drive only a thousand kilometers to the south. The people, the scenery, the weather, the architecture, flora ... everything is strange and new. The Romans had invented an entirely different social order, as typical of today's technological civilization. To a certain extent this was certainly also much kinder on the weather. Mediterranean air, siesta in the shimmering afternoon heat, wine and good food, a very different light ... Here one can enjoy life.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Five hotel barges in Europe

In the distance, a faint toot, water splash against the hull, screaming gulls. But we are not on the high seas but are in the safe harbor moored fast asleep in a cozy cabin, and our breakfast comes from the galley. In Hotel vessels can be the flair of an ocean cruise experience in a maritime environment, and the "journey" can be interrupted any time to come ashore. The photo show, we introduce five hotel barges in Europe, where holiday-makers in sailor mood.

Sleep, where Hamburg's most beautiful

More port does not work. Right on the pier over the Hamburg harbor since 1986, the cargo ship Cap San Diego museum. Small boats with visitors who have booked a harbor tour by boat, the "white swan of the South Atlantic"was over, the day trippers look longingly up at the hotel boat. There may actually be booked booths. A single cabin is from 76 $ to get a crew cab from 95 $ per night without breakfast. Several times a year, the Cap San Diego is also still on a long trip. Among other things, it is traditional at the opening parade of the port 6th Birthday May our, and 26 June, they start to drive through the Kiel Canal. On board there are regular events, and on the pool deck there are barbecues on warm summer evenings.

Dreaming in Vegesack Harbour

Fierce storms and days of the training ship had lulls Germany with its former pupils to defy the world's oceans. Since 1996, the majestic square-rigged ship rests at the port of Bremen Vegesack and no longer serves the training of young seamen. Today may be in the 30 outside cabins with two berths visitors stay in style and dream of stormy adventures at sea. One night cost per person, double occupancy $ 50 and $ 35 for single occupancy, including breakfast. Washing, the recreational sailor in common laundry rooms in the intermediate or upper deck. Comfortable is the captain's cabin, which is offered with living room, owner, master room, shower, toilet, television, champagne and breakfast from 125 $.

Having a sauna on the boat

Before the portholes boats, cargo vessels and sailors take on their way past the islands of the archipelago, which attracts close to old town of Stockholm to look around. Like a movie star, visitors to the elegant Mälardrottningen yacht in the harbor of Stockholm walk up the gangway. The ship was built in 1924 for an American millionaire, and Barbara Hutton, she later received from her father at 18 Birthday gift. Today, guests in 61 comfortable rooms with internet and TV to stay on three decks, from the cuddly Sailor's Cabin to the luxurious owner's cabin. The maritime dream costs from 95 $ per night per person with breakfast and sauna.

Gothenburg: Liseberg Barking Hotel Viking

Spin a yarn to boaters and landlubbers on the four-masted barque in the harbor of Gothenburg. At night it rocks its visitors in good-quality sleep, shine through the porthole of the stars - not reminiscent of a stay in the safe harbor. In 1907, the proud Bark was built, but already mothballed 14 years later. Again, two years later, the ship then sailed laden wood between Sweden and Australia. Since 1998, she rests in the Gothenburg harbor at Gullbergskajen Kai. Earlier seamen still slept in hammocks in narrow bunks, so visitors are now 29 rooms equipped with comfortable beds, TV, shower and toilet from 122 $ per person for an overnight stay is available.

Rotterdam: Logeerboot

It smells of sea water, fish and port. The Logeerboot in Rotterdam was once used as a ferry on the River Meuse in use. Where previously the captain and his sailors were doing their duty, now, up to three people live in a converted ship's apartment. On the historic ferry, there is now a perfectly equipped kitchen, bathroom and technical refinements such as iPod, Internet access and DVD player. On cool evenings, warm a small stove. The outdoor deck is a sun terrace and is the ideal place, the lively bustle of the Nieuwe Maas and track around the Watertoren port. One night cost per person from 115 $.

White sandy beaches without Ballermann

Formentera has no Bravo, no Tramuntana Mountains as Mallorca. Here are rarely hot party nights in Ibiza celebrated. For this, the smallest Balearic island of a resource in abundance: peace and the most beautiful beaches on the archipelago.

Far fewer tourists in Mallorca

That was with the rest, however relative, says Ekkehard Hoffmann. "In spring, autumn and winter it is really very quiet and relaxed here. But in July and August heat of thousands of Italians with their scooters on the island, "says the 57-year-old Bremer, who has lived more than 20 years in Formentera. He does not seem to have been in Mallorca or Ibiza for a long time to be. Compared with the local tourist hot spots, it seems Pujols, the tourist capital of Formentera, a sleepy village - yet. The island is changing, it is more built than before. The people committing the same mistake as the Mallorcan decades ago, Ekkehard scolds: "You only see the easy money with the tourists." But still, the situation is not comparable with Mallorca. He would also not complain, says Ekkehard. Formentera was not distributed throughout the year as many tourists as the neighboring islands of Mallorca, Ibiza, Menorca and is therefore dependent on revenue in the summer. Yet he is happy that Formentera has no airport. "Otherwise it would be here at the beaches, we have, all hell broke loose."

Formentera is personal

Ballermann many tourists and party-hoppers, as known from Mallorca and Ibiza, it seems too quiet here. And the arrival empfanden as too cumbersome: to fly to Ibiza to take from there a ferry to Formentera. What is for many local Isleños a curse, the German emigrant Ekkehard feels a blessing. "Only because of Formentera is still this atmosphere, the time chasing a little. Everything is something personal, " says the German, who took over in 1991 in Sant Ferran, the guitar-school "Formentera Guitars ". "For example, while storm in Majorca in all area nightclubs, take place in many bars and pubs in Formentera still live concerts. "

Also home for dropouts

As the amateur bass Ekkehard 1989 at the former owner a Gitarrenbaukurs him, he fell head over heels in the island. Just two years later sold the studio to be trained as an electrical engineer in Germany and took over the Gitarrenbauschule when the owner wanted to return to Hanover. His decision to start a new life in Formentera, he never looked back. "Since the island is so small, you learn quickly to know many people. We are here out of season almost among us," he says. Ekkehard island is well known as his little mixed breed dog, Kiko, who is in the narrow streets of Sant Ferran greeted when going for a walk more often than self-Ekkehard

Gitarrenbaukurs combined with beach holidays

About 45 students come each year for three weeks in his Gitarrenbauschule to manufacture their own, hand-made guitar among Ekkehard's instructions. Of course, it does not remain in the joint sawing, grinding, screws and hammers. "We make music together, to go after the course to the beach or a barbecue in the evening," said Ekkehard. Develop friendships with many students. Of course, very few tourists come to the guitar building to Formentera. Most are lured by the beautiful white sand beaches. "I read it again and again in brochures and travel guides, but it is also true that Formentera is the Caribbean of Europe," said Ekkehard. He traveled even been to the Caribbean, to Cuba. "The beaches there are a dream, but we are in no way inferior to them in Formentera," is his verdict.

At the end of the beach great view

One of his favorite beaches is the Playa de Migjorn on the south coast - more specifically, the point at Es Arenal. He is also the longest sandy beach. Especially with the "Blue Bar" and the pirate-bus, two popular beach bars, the beach seems even brighter and the water is still to be turquoise blue than elsewhere, which may of course be up to the drinks. Also terrific beaches Illetes are in the north. "When you walk up to the very edge, you have a wonderful view of the offshore island Espalmador," says farmer José salt that is often asked for the most beautiful section. He answers easily annoyed. "And please, no pictures," says José. He constantly would be held by tourists from work. The dirt road that leads to the beach of Illetas is located right at his Salt Basin.

Even pirates hunts Formateras sea salt

The Romans produced here, the "white gold Formentera. The flow into the basin-wide salt sea water evaporates in the heat of summer, leaving a high quality sea salt. Centuries ago, should have made it even pirate hunting. Small, rough stones from stone towers flight at the edges of salt pans remind them of their constant raids. The clear, turquoise water at the Platja de Illetes immediately reminds you of tropical beaches of the Coconut-ball advertising. Jose was right: The view from the northern tip to the World Heritage Espalmador island is beautiful. Of islets extending almost to Ibiza, the largest Posidonia seagrass meadow in the world. She was also honored by UNESCO, the only oceanic world natural heritage in the Mediterranean. You should Platja de Illetes not leave early. Otherwise you miss the sunset overlooking the famous rock of Es Vedra in Ibiza.

Fabulous beaches and bike trails

On the west coast attracts mainly the Cala Saona the beach lovers. The bay is small, but one of the most beautiful in Formentera. From here you can paddle a kayak along the coast - and go snorkeling in caves. And the beach of Es Caló Sant Agustí fishing on part of the gallery of picture-book beaches on Formentera. Each beach has its own characteristics. All, however, are surrounded by fragrant pine forests and largely undeveloped. And behind them are not yet pushing cars to huge parking lots. Formentera is 82 square miles is so small that many tourists like to do without the cars and the islands rather explore by bicycle on the Caminos verdes. A total of 19 of this country cycle routes criss-cross the island. For cyclists, they are a relaxing alternative to the often dangerous roads. They lead through vineyards, sand dunes, pine and cedar trees to the secluded bays and beaches. Time and again we will marvel at giant fig trees, protected under the goat and sheep from the sun.

Idyllic motifs for painters

Bicycle tours of the lighthouse and the nearby medieval Barbaria Pirates of the protection Torre Garroveret require some force, the view from the cliffs is worth the effort. One of the most beautiful cycling and walking routes is the old Roman road to Cap de la Mola lighthouse with his same name east of the island. The route along the coast offers beautiful views. You should, Wednesdays and Sundays need to insert a break in the village of El Pilar de la Mola. These days there occurs the well-known crafts and hippy market. A native of Berlin Painter "FireFox" sold here since 1984, his imaginative, colorful images. In 1974 he too was here. "For me, Formentera in the Mediterranean paradise par excellence," he says. "The blues, greens and yellows, which I have here in the water, pine forests and sand as a reference for my paintings, I find nowhere else." The painter seems to succeed. Just buy it from a well-heeled Americans for 1700 $ pictures. The man actually makes holiday in Majorca. In a Majorcan gallery him the pictures of "Firefox" are noticed and he was quickly decided on his yacht over to Formentera to buy a few paintings. Another reason to come to Formentera.

Unusual Hostels

"Hostel" - it sounds at first quite boring and without charm. This must not be. Because in addition to sterile buildings, in which the white dishes is the biggest attraction, there are always youth hostels, which are housed in real castles or mansions. We present exceptional youth - in our slide show.

Castle of Diez and live in Born-Ibenhorst

In Diez, Rheinland-Pfalz, a maze of medieval town is high on the Lahn in a historic Castle of housed one of the most modern hostels in Germany. The Category IV + is available within the Youth Hostel Association for extra comfort, for example, all rooms have shower and toilet (tel. 06432/2481). Born in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Ibenhorst seems like Bullerbu: In the Boddenlandscape middle of the forest, make colorful wooden houses and houses a small village. Who is the right season in spring or autumn, which can observe the largest crane flocks in Germany. A campground is also located on the site (tel 038234/229).

Hostel Rosenhof in Lindau and the castle Stahleck

The Rosenhof near Lindau, a short walk from the shores of Lake Constance, is a historic property that has been extensively renovated. The estate from 1832 and the modern annex are situated on large grounds and the triangle has a lot of leisure activities (phone 08382/9671-0). Far beyond the borders of Germany is famous for the hostel in the castle Stahleck in Bacharach in the Rhineland-Palatinate. From the terrace of the mighty knights castle dating from the twelfth century, with modern facilities inside, the view over the valley of the Loreley and the Rhine overwhelming (tel. 06743/1266).

Menzenschwand and Castle Coldit

Those who vacation in the natural desires, who finds in the yard in Saint-Blaise-Menzenschwand Baden cuisine and charming atmosphere. The 350 year old farmhouse in typical Black Forest style is located in a nature reserve Feldberg (tel 07675/326). The Churchill's grandson was in Colditz Castle in Saxony during World War II prisoner. Today, the large, impressive castle houses next to the modern hostel an exhibition about this turbulent time (tel 034381/45010).

Dahme and Falkirk

One of the newest hostels has recently emerged in Dahme in Schleswig-Holstein's Baltic coast. Particularly great for families: At the cliffs a separate staircase leads directly to the Baltic Sea beach with child-friendly shallow water to splash around (tel. 04364/470173). Hostel Falkirk. If despite the often-Community youth hostel atmosphere would rather keep to themselves, who can rent in Falkirk at the dam Kriebstein in Saxony for themselves and their loved ones a whole bungalow. On the big lake there is also a water-plant and lonely trails (tel. 03727/2952).

Hostel riding Barth

The greatest desire of small and often unaffordable horses girls holiday on a bed of roses. In Barth in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, the otherwise very simple hostel, so in addition to its own zoo and several ponies and a riding arena for rainy days (Tel 038231/2843).

For more information:

For the stay in all youth must be a member. This costs a year for a young twelve euros for adults over 27 years 20 $ and for families is also 20 $. The maximum price per night including breakfast in a hostel in Germany is 27 $. A hot meal can be had for about five euros. German Youth Hostel Association, Service Tel. 05231/74010,

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Seven European cities with beach port

Morning sightseeing, afternoon beach walk: For swimmers with cultural and shopping ambitions there is no better combination for a city break. In our photo-show, seven places where the beach and sea in the sightseeing trip are included.

Barcelona: So close, so beautiful

It could hardly be better: just a few minutes walk from the Ramblas, the Mercat de la Boqueria and the Sagrada Familia are the sandy beaches of the Spanish port of Barcelona. Rows over a length of almost five kilometers, a total of six sections marked by moles to each other. Behind the beach you can walk under the palms, the beach promenade. The favorite child of the city, the Platja de Barceloneta is full of restaurants and bars. Families love the 400-meter Platja de la Nova Icaria.

Nice: Savoir-vivre in the Bay of Angels

Very close, it is the narrow, cobbled streets, baroque churches and small squares of the old town of Nice to the beach fun in the Bay Baie des Anges ". 15 private and 20 public beach areas line the six-kilometer long pebble beach on the Promenade des Anglais. Party people and homosexuals meet at Castel Plage ", the" Beau Rivage Beach "is perfect for a glass of rose on Fruits de Mer Absolutely trend is the" Hi plague ".

Istanbul: bathing between Occident and Orient

The interface between evening and morning country is Istanbul. The "Pearl of the Bosphorus", the largest city in Turkey with its numerous attractions. In search of respite from urban bustle and wet to cool itself offers a swimming trip to the Black Sea. The wide sandy bay of Kilyos on the European banks is about 30 kilometers from the city center, by bus from Taksim Square, or reach by boat from Eminonu. Next sandy beach, a dreamy port and the ruins of a Genoese castle waiting in Sile, the Black Sea resort on the Asian bank, a taxi-ride from Beykoz away from.

Rome: where Odysseus was charmed

Roman Forum, Colosseum, Spanish Steps and St. Peter's: hardly a city rich in monuments and history. Dolce far niente is waiting at the Lido di Ostia, an ancient port in the "Eternal City" and nearly one hundred years, redesigned as a seaside resort on the drawing board. The numerous beach pools, restaurants and nightclubs are the perfect outdoor theater for young party-Romans. The trip takes one hour by train. A second popular seaside resort of Fregene Rome is on the Via Aurelia, just 25 kilometers outside the city. On the white sand beach, numerous film stars their summer residences.

Lisbon: the dream beach train bay

Also in Lisbon, you must not drive far to chill out after the cultural experience at the beach. After a long sightseeing tour of the Baixa with its beautiful tile work and the medieval, narrow streets, the beaches along the coast to attract a small breather along with sea breeze. The popular south of Lisbon, Costa da Caparica. A small beach train leaves from the innumerable bays and brings the beach for trips to any of the 13 kilometers of coastline.

Helsinki: City beach made in Finland

Within walking distance are the relaxing oasis in the Finnish capital Helsinki: From the harbor to gaze from the sea fortress Suomenlinna. Close are the beaches and the city at 315 outlying islands, it is useful, the bikini and bathing suit to put in the suitcase. Easily by ferry to reach the beach and islands Pihlajasaari Suomenlinna. The most popular city beach Hietaniemi Beach, short of locals Hietsu referred.

Amsterdam: From the canals Kiten

Historic canals, numerous art museums and multicultural atmosphere - this is Amsterdam. But also just removed close to town beach holiday feeling, about half an hour from the center. Amsterdam half hanging around the weekend on the wide, nine kilometers long beach of Zandvoort and Bloemendaal to chill out, swimming and kite surfing. The number 1 of the "urban beach-Tops" Ijmuiden, because it is so convenient to reach: From downtown (exit behind Amsterdam Centraal), take the ferry Flying Fast Ferry runs, then by bus to Beach Ijmuiden.

The largest hotel suites in the world

hether presidential, royal or Penthouse Suite, top suites are popular with celebrities and the rich. But for the hotels it's about prestige, especially in size and luxury. So as to achieve the living space of the luxury suites like the size of several houses. Also for the overnight rates to guests could make a very small car. We have compiled the largest suites in different parts of the world, even in our slide show.

The largest suite of Asia is the largest in the world

Officially, the title of "largest suite" is not only Asia but the world with an entry in the Guinness Book of World Records has since May 2008, the Royal Residence in the Grand Hills Hotel & Spa "with 4131 square feet - although the hotel is not in a the popular tourist areas is. In the mountains of Lebanon overlooking Beirut's coast by the hotel. The area to the most exclusive suite is separated again separately from the hotel. The suite includes a six-story main building, two swimming pools and three separate pavilions, so that traveling entourage has enough space. May spend the night guests for about 35,000 euros in the biggest suite in the world.

Sao Paolo: The largest suite in South America

In Brazil's financial capital of Sao Paulo is already en route by helicopter, who lives up to and wants to avoid the traffic. No wonder that the largest suite in South America with the best heli-shuttle reached. This is it on the roof of the "Tivoli São Paulo - Moffarej" a heliport, airport transfers are available from the equivalent of 850 euros - for special guests of the transfer is sometimes even free of charge. The elevator only goes two levels deep into the largest suite in South America. In the 750 square meters of Mofarrej suite on the 22nd Floor of the hotel spent the night stars like Amy Winehouse or the Black Eyed Peas. In addition to the huge living room with 3-D TV, the suite including a kitchen for cooks or Accompanying a Jacuzzi overlooking the rooftops of São Paulo. His personal chef who has not this can dine in one of three hotel restaurants, such as the by the Spanish chef Sergi Arola Arola Vintetres Mofarrej drafted in the 23rd Floor. Observing in the way of the suite prominent eyes always score: walls adorned with several photographs of Claudia Schiffer. For one night in the most exclusive suite in South America, guests must fork out the equivalent of 11,500 euros.

Geneva: The largest suite in Europe

The largest suite in Europe is found in "Grand Hotel Kempinski in Geneva. 1080 square feet on two floors with views of the lake waiting for the final number of guests. In the lower floor there are formal reception rooms, upstairs three bedrooms and private rooms. Those who stayed here, she must of course not the usual leisure and spa facilities to complete. A new spa with hammam, a billiards room, a private lounge and a private health club facilities are part of the giant suite. Is huge but also the price. More than 30,000 will cost € the night in the luxury suite.

Texas: Everything here is larger

In the U.S. there is the saying "Everything's bigger in Texas" (Eng.: "Everything is bigger in Texas"). For hotel suites, this is all: In the 12th Floor of the Stoneleigh Hotel & Spa in Dallas is found with the exclusive penthouse suite is probably the largest in North America. The former private residences of the former hotel owner Colonel Harry Stewart exude 1920s-era charm and swank to 669 square meters. Nearly seven feet high ceilings, 500 year old wood paneling and a fireplace make both for private occasions such as weddings and meetings upscale impression. Good weather can be enjoyed on the 52-square feet terrace. The typical Texas charm customers pay the equivalent of 14,000 euros per night.
Africa: Huge Riads in Marrakech

In Morocco, the so-called Riads a long tradition. In the luxury hotel La Mamounia in Marrakesh, there are three such traditional courtyard houses with scale. Each of the riad has 700 square feet and are thus considered as the largest suites in Africa. Private atmosphere is already guaranteed by the construction. Private pool and spacious terrace are included as well as three bedrooms with private bathrooms. A night at the exclusive home costs the equivalent of about 7000 $.

Australia: private suite at the Great Barrier Reef

On the other side of the world attracts the luxury: In view of the natural wonders of the Great Barrier Reef guests can in the upper two floors of the "Hamilton Reef View Hotel Iceland" can quartered. The Presidential suite at the hotel lures with 400 luxurious square feet. The lower level features living and dining area and access to large terrace with private pool. Upstairs, guests sleep undisturbed in two bedrooms, each with private bath, of course. Compared to the other luxury suites, Presidential Suite, this is a real bargain: almost EUR 800 luxurious accommodation costs per night.

Caribbean: Unknown Roatan island paradise

Even landing at Coxen Hole, the capital of Roatan, the visitor is clear what it is on and around the island in the western Caribbean is mainly: scuba diving, snorkeling, swimming. The plane approaches the water surface so that the passengers have the impression that the machine will plunge right into the turquoise water. Honduras is not known as an outstanding tourist destination. But the Central American country tries to change that. His answer is Roatan, the island paradise in the western Caribbean. See the impressions of the island in our slide show.

Excellent conditions for diving

Roatan is an island about 60 kilometers long with three densely wooded, rising up to 230 meters altitude. It is located about 50 kilometers off the coast of Honduras, in the center of the so-called Islas de la Bahia. These are in addition to Roatan the islands of Utila and Guanaja west to the east, but also numerous small Cayos that this is carried out. And then there are the Cayos Cochinos closer to the mainland. Roatan is still a paradise, especially for those who want to snorkel or diving to explore the underwater world. "Especially for beginners," says Dirk, a veteran diver from Switzerland. He is disappointed to have not encountered a whale shark to attract divers and snorkelers with Honduras attempted. The island is encircled by one of the largest reefs in the world. Around the islands there are the best conditions for diving and snorkeling. Who does not get wet and will not stop the air, the underwater world of marvel with glass bottom boats. Or it can be a mini-submarine in West Bay on the north side of the reef pass, then dive down to around 365 meters.

The historic island paradise

Tourist Roatan was revealed after Hurricane Mitch struck the region had 1998th To help Honduras, the World Bank supported the expansion of the runway of the airport. Larger machines should get a boost to the tourist the possibility to land on Roatan. At that time came many Americans, Canadians and English here, invested in small hotels, restaurants and dive schools. This led to another "Anglifizierung" Roatan, where English is still the most important language. Natives do not exist, since they are after the arrival of the Spanish 15th Century, introduced diseases perished. In the following centuries, the island was ever fought between Spain and England and a major haunt of English pirates. After one of them, John Coxen, the capital of Coxen Hole benannt.Die Siedung oldest is in the northeast of Punta Gorda is Roatan. This is where the descendants of black Caribs, the British at the end of the 18th Century by the West Indies island of Saint Vincent verfrachteten here. The slaves had rebelled there with the help of the French against the British colonialists. Most moved on to the northern coast of Honduras, where they created the unique culture of Garifunas ..

Roatan is to bring more tourists to the mainland

Honduras wants of tourists from Roatan to bring the sights on the mainland. "Our goal is to reduce the number of European tourists and in particular to increase the Germans," says Tourism Minister Nelly Jerez. 2010 were about 900,000 visitors, only 10,000 German. In particular, the surge of the cruise ships will be larger. Roatan on the music and the dances of the Garífunas have become an integral part of the colorful program, which is offered to the thousands of visitors who moor with the big cruise ships from Miami to Roatan. Shall enter the group of Rolando Hill to three days a week on the terrace on stilts above the ocean in Half Moon Bay restaurants built "Eagle Ray". Then, hundreds, if not managed thousands of ship passengers in small buses and taxis to the bays, beaches and sights of the island.
1500 B & B on the dream island

In the evening the Garifunas drive back to Punta Gorda, where you look today, that Hurricane Mitch in the village more than a decade has severely damaged. Some houses have been rebuilt, is still working on some. On the beach, two dugout, the Garifuna living from farming corn and beans and have the sole right to fish in the area off the reef. With their dugout they had on the sea was probably no chance. Most of the buildings on Roatan are made of wood, the hotels with their balconies and porches with wide projecting roofs that often hide under trees and in the luxuriant tropical vegetation, as they sought shelter from storms and water. Not counting the small hotels, the island currently has 1500 rooms.

Honduras wants to attract more European tourists

The flight from Houston in Texas lasts two and a half hours from Miami just over an hour. From Canada, the island is served. And once a week, a machine comes from Milan. From La Ceiba on the mainland there are daily ferries. It will not stay. There should be above all, more flights from Europe, as member of parliament and tourism entrepreneurs Romeo Silvestri of the newspaper "La Prensa said:" We are targeting tourists from central Europe who loves the nature, extreme sports and our vibrant cultures. "

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Mombasa is the second largest city in Kenya and the major port city in East Africa. Mombasa is located on Mombasa Iceland and of course the Indian Ocean. In the 11 Century was founded in 1498 Vasco Gama was seen as one of the first Europeans in Mombasa. Through its port and its ideal location in Mombasa quickly developed into a major East African commercial capital. First, in ivory, and later with the slave trade made ​​a name for Mombasa. The rulers of Mombasa frequently changed by the Portuguese in Mombasa on Zanzibarianer wanted to dominate many nations. Starting from 1920 it belonged to the Kenya colony, but remained part of the Sultanate of international law, to Kenya in 1963 regardless.

Even today, helping the Mombasa port and of course the international airport, the most tourists come into the country, a major industrial center of Kenya to be. Today, instead of slaves, mainly coffee, traded crude oil, cement and aluminum. The port is also underway by the U.S. Navy as the base. Also for Tanzania and Uganda, the port is a major transshipment point of goods of all kinds.

Our first goal in the Mombasa Tusks, four oversized tusks made ​​of aluminum, which span the Moi Avenue. The tusks have become "THE" symbol of the city. The tusks were built during a visit by Princess Margaret in 1956.

From the city wall, we have a first look at the old town of Mombasa, the Arab part of town. Later, we wander a bit through the streets and the Haller Park.

It continues through the crowded streets of Mombasa to the Fort Jesus. The Portuguese built in the 16th Century Fort Jesus in order to protect the sea route to India. As the city of Mombasa itself, it was mutually by the Arabs conquered the Portuguese, African people groups, etc.. On 15 August 1960 it was declared a national monument. We visit the plant and it has a museum, but really not both us away from the stool. A few old cannons and other junk.

Nothing much expensive in thick walls, now was the entry and not much more Mombasa has little to offer anyway. Overall, the city is not to be missed, but the African joy of life can be seen here but very good.

Finally, we visit a wood carving village Arumba Village on the outskirts of Mombasa, where we can watch the carvers directly over his shoulder. We can go through the entire village and look around to your heart's content. At the output, then the inevitable shop, where you directly can "work" now. There are really nice things at reasonable prices here. Action is in contrast from the street vendors, but the price is not a priori containing excessive.

Masai, Maasai, or Masai Maassai

Masai, Masai, Masai Maassai or how you would you like? It's all right. The Masai are a nomadic people who came in 1550, including livestock, from the Nile Valley Kenya and Tanzania, and mostly live in the Serengeti. They are the best-known ethnic group in Africa, what has certainly contributed to the film "The White Masai". There are about a million Maasai, of which about half live in Kenya. The Masai do it very cleverly marketing their culture without giving up the old ways. Where we have always asked ourselves the question: the Maasai living in these huts really, or is it all just show and have their brick houses are around the corner, 1km.No, they have lived in these huts, the idea was only high because the market actually not quite right for the proud people.

The huts are made ​​of dried cow dung. In them it embroiders pathetic, because even small animals live and sleep in the huts. Fences around the huts are often coming in as such protection at night cattle and goats. Both as a protection against theft, as well as for protection against wild animals.

Formerly the Masai warriors and cattle herders, since the activity is no longer in demand as a warrior, he has confined himself to his cattle and the incoming tourists. A real Maasai has at least 50 cattle.

According to the beliefs of the Maasai cattle are all the world to them, they can serve, therefore, everywhere and for everyone. All cattle owners in their eyes, so cattle thieves, which they can steal the cattle if necessary even by force. This leads, of course, then again and again to disputes with neighbors and even wars with other nations. This belief is based on the rain God Ngai, perched on the summit of Mount Kenya.

An important part of Massaikultur are the many ceremonies. The most famous is evident in us that jumping dance of men. The young Masai Morani the jump, while on the spot as high as possible and thus prove their strength. Used to have to kill a young Masai lion before they were allowed to have a wife.

MassaiSchon is the age of 35 be a ceremony to go over with the Morani in the age group of seniors. Hmm should think about it if that is contemporary yet, the Maasai are growing older, all right but they have no lack of children, so may be up for the back. The Council of Elders of the function of the chief, because the there is not in the Masai.

In addition to the number of cattle, the number of women is just as important. Maasai often have five women. The women live with the children in their own huts and the man thinks of the evening with any woman he wants to spend the night. If that's not enough that just goes to his neighbor and asks if he can stay at one of his wife. Refuse is considered rude, since condoms are still rejected, can imagine what it looks like everyone with AIDS.

We were not the visit to the Massaidorf particularly liked, we did not have the feeling of being welcome and somehow we all seemed very made​​. As I said, it would not have surprised me if the Masai after we were out in their cars would be increased and would be moved to their brick house settlement.

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Chinatown New York

As in almost every major American city, there are of course in New York for a whole district is mostly inhabited by Chinese, Chinatown. Live here now distributed over 150,000 Chinese people, all over New York there are about 300,000 citizens of Chinese descent. Anyone who is hungry can settle in one of the many restaurants that are located in China Town. We were here for dinner which in itself was quite an experience. There were pies and fried shrimp which were very tasty and was prepared by the cook before our eyes. Of course, there's also here for each meal, the known fortune cookies.

After dinner you can buy one of the many street vendors perfume or a Rolex Clock, which look deceptively real here but only imitations are.

The road signs to read for leisure travelers and tourists have little or understand, since nearly everything is displayed in Chinese characters. However, many dealers and shops for tourists adapted and appropriate English translations of your stores. In Chinatown, almost every day instead of large and small, flea markets, where goods of all kinds are offered. If you want to visit Chinatown, take the subway to Canal Street and go there a few steps to the east. After a short time you will see the first Chinese character of the shops and houses.

The Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge is certainly one of the most famous bridges in the world. It connects the two parts of the city Manhattan and Brooklyn together. This miracle was the end of the 19th Century built. The oversight of this huge construction project was John Augustus Roebling. The bridge is 530 m long and flows under its well-known East River. Those who have crossed this bridge before, which is surely the most magnificent views of the Manhattan skyline noticed.

The two pillars on which the Brooklyn Bridge is anchored over 80 m high with a length of 500 m, it is one of the largest suspension bridges in the world. We recommend using the subway to Brooklyn Bridge City Hall on the Manhattan side to drive. From this station there are a few meters to the bridge. The best way to go to the sunset over the bridge, you have a wonderful view of the skyline and can make beautiful photos of Manhattan.

If you do not want to go back on foot, take the blue metro line A or C and get off at High Street Station in the direction of Manhattan. The U-Bahn station located directly on the other side of the bridge in Brooklyn, just follow the road.

Columbus Courses - We offer language courses in New York in America for adults and adolescents over 17 years.

The Statue of Liberty (Statue of Liberty)

The Statue of Liberty is probably the most famous landmark of New York. As a sign of freedom and independence, it was built in 1886 as a gift from France to the United States of America in New York and is also intended to symbolize hope. Was carved in the left hand holding a stone tablet on the date of the Declaration of Independence (July 4, 1776). In the right hand holds the "Miss Liberty" a torch with a gold flame in the air.

The French sculptor Frederic Auguste Bartholdi

(1834-1904), the statue was designed, constructed together with Gustave Eiffel (1832-1923) of the iron frame. The Statue of Liberty has a proud height of 102 meters and weighs over 250 tonnes. The 22 floors you have to climb to half by foot, as the lift only until 10 Floor moving. At the top you are rewarded with a magnificent view over the skyline of Manhattan. The ride to the statue is carried only by boat (ferry), the store at the southern tip of Manhattan. At 9 clock sets the first ferry in the direction of the Statue of Liberty, in the summer months it can also be used. Departure point and at once ticket sales for the tour is at Battery Park, near the southwestern tip of Manhattan. In the summer months and weekends, you have to expect longer queues at the ticket counter.

After the attacks of 11 September 2001, the Statue of Liberty closed to tourists and only in 2004 with increased security measures for tourists to visit some freed. Expect to bag checks and other security checks so. Since 4 July 2009, the upper observation deck of the Statue of Liberty reopened to tourists. For security reasons, partly because of the narrow spiral staircase, but only 30 people per hour can be left up to the crown. Getting all the tourists a ticket for the upper platform, can see the museum on the base of the statue and use the viewing platform in 50 meters height.

On the way to the Statue of Liberty, Ellis you closer to Iceland, through the island every immigrant had to if he wanted to immigrate to America.

It will be shown a series of films and documentaries on the history of immigrants. Make yourself an impression of this beautiful statue.

From October 2011, the Statue of Liberty is closed again for tourists, is due to the renewal of the spiral staircase. The construction should last for 9-12 months.

Rockefeller Center New York

Rockefeller Center is actually several buildings in this center include about 14 skyscrapers in the middle of Manhattan. Rockefeller Center, several gardens and squares, the Radio City Hall and an underground shopping arcade are full of shops.

The collection centers on the famous ice rink, which has occurred already in many movies. In December, then also the biggest Christmas tree in the city is situated. This spectacle attracts every year thousands of New Yorkers and visitors to Rockefeller Center.

In the summer, but no ice, but a cozy cafe then assumes that space. A beautiful view over the city you can enjoy the "Top of the Rock" from a viewing platform on the highest building of Rockefeller Center. Admission for the visitors in the 70-floor terrace is 20 USD, it can be expensive to sunset.

If you have enough time to wander, they can go on foot through the beautifully decorated buildings of Rockefeller Center. When walking you encounter statues or designed a 25 by 5 meters large mosaic by Barry Faulkner.

traveling in New York

Broadway is one of the most famous streets of the world if not the most famous of all. With a length of over 20 km it's definitely the longest street in New York. In Manhattan, the streets are all really invested in a cross pattern, the Broadway is the only exception and is inclined to all other streets in Manhattan to Harlem. Perhaps most famously, the Times Square with its many bright advertising signs. Here, thousands of Americans annually celebrate New Year's Eve.

The Times Square is actually an intersection between Broadway and 7th Avenue, at the height of the 44th Road. Whether day or night, Times Square is the attraction for many tourists and the native New Yorker. Many restaurants and shops are located in Times Square, but is also all a little more expensive than in other districts.

Huge shopping centers, banks and hotels dominate the day mainly the image of Times Square.

Especially after dark, the visit is worth in Times Square, when hundreds of illuminating light can be of huge signs advertising the place. The bustle of Times Square, you can very well see one of the many restaurants like the Hard Rock Cafe, off.

Grand Central Terminal

In New York there are several stations, but none is as large as the Grand Central Terminal. Here, hundreds of trains a day to more than 60 tracks. The Grand Central Station has run more than 40 platforms on a daily basis, particularly among commuters in all directions. The building was built in 1913 in its current form and is used daily by many thousands of people. In 1998 the building was renovated.

The vaulted ceiling of the main hall is decorated with stars and the giant chandelier offers visitors a real eye catcher.

Where to stay a day so many people in the U.S. it is quite normal that there is in the station building, a large shopping center. Many businesses invite to lively shopping. In the lower floor there is also a food court, where you can eat cheap.

In the station building is also a famous restaurant of the basketball stars Michael Jordan. In the Oyster Bar and Restaurant you can dine and wine in a large dining room with vaulted ceiling for lunch.

Der Central Park in New York

The Central Park is one of the largest parks of its kind, many Americans use it at once to turn off the gray city life. Inside the park there are several made ​​lakes, ponds, meadows and many large trees. The Central Park is situated in Manhattan from 59th Road to Harlem to 110th Road. In the middle of the park is a trendy restaurant, where you should make reservations several days in advance a place.

The outer area of the restaurant offers a special dinner treat for the eye, as all trees and shrubs were decorated with lights. The Central Park has frequently backdrop for famous Hollywood films like "Home Alone in New York" or "The rulers of Central Park. "

The park has many animals have become accustomed to humans, so the squirrels that eat here, the visitors from the hand. In the summer, also occasionally live concerts in the park. After dark, you should avoid isolated routes in the park, as it often comes to pickpockets.

Favorite sport of the Americans is still jogging and cycling the. When you walk on a weekend through Central Park, you will see thousands of people who engage in sports.

The roads are then mostly closed to cars. Heading in the huge park, you can also pay the resident zoo or the Metropolitan Museum of Art in the 82th Street a visit.

En route you take to street vendors with cold drinks and budding artists who are responsible for a small fee, like a portrait of you.

Potala Palast

The Potala Palace is a focus of government protection program. He is the highest, most extensive ancient architectural complex in the world and a symbol of Lhasa, Tibet for a total yes. In December 1994, the Potala Palace was listed by UNESCO in the list of the cultural heritage of mankind. If you're one in Lhasa, it will be hard to focus his attention on something other than this huge, colorful palace, which stands impostant in the sky. The complex consists of both a red and a white palace built together so skillfully that it seems as if it were one and the same building. The Potala Palace is one of the working people of Tibet created, great building. It involves a deep cultural content and represents the crowning achievements of Tibetans in the fields of architecture, painting, metal castings, and general science and technology in ancient times.

The first palace was built in the year 637 of Songtsen Gampo. In the 17th Century this was built into the construction of a larger system. The construction of the first part of today's palace, "Phodrang Karpo" (Tib: pho brang dkar po, "White Palace"), was in 1648 during the reign of the 5th Dalai Lama concluded that "Phodrang Marpo" (Tib: pho brang dmar po, "Red Palace") was completed in 1694 after his death under Desi Sanggye Gyatsho. The last major change came in 1922, under the 13th Dalai Lama has been renovated several rooms and the Red Palace nor added two more floors.

The 130 m of Lhasa on the Red mountain towering Potala Palace is like them outside of radiant beauty and a stable Wahrzeinchen the Tibetan capital. The tourists enjoy the view from the deck on the roof, admire the shining god and walk the glittering jewels and a chapel to another, shoulder to shoulder with reverential pilgrims from all parts of Tibet, the offer to any of the many altars their offerings.

An important tip: If you is just be enough and not acclimatized should resist the temptation to take a tour of the Potala Palace on the first day of attack - it is associated with extensive climbing, and even breathe the Tibetans and panting on the way to above.

The 13 floors of the complex are home to over 1000 rooms were occupied with the completion of at least 7,000 construction workers and 1,500 artists and craftsmen over 50 years. The lion's share of the Potala claimed the White Palace (Potrang Karpo), which focuses on the central building of the complex stands, the Red Palace (Potrang Marpo). Given the wealth of objects ranging from a visit to hardly anything in order to undertake, and only the hefty admission price of 70 yuan, which is raised in the season to up to 100 Yuan may, so stop making a come back. The opening times - official daily 9 to 18 clock - are the ones making confusion, because apparently they change constantly. It is best to inquire prior to a visit with other tourists on the current situation. In high season it can happen that you have to buy the ticket the day before. As best time to visit is the morning when it is in front of Potala excited pilgrims teeming.

The rules relating to Shoot are also rather vague: Inside the palace, it is either really expensive or completely prohibited, while when shooting from the roof or from the balconies hardly seems to be problems.

The Potala was built for different purposes in the past as an administrative center, seat of government, monastery, fortress and the residence of Dalai Lamas of several (from the 5th to the 14th century), the palace from the end of the 16th Century. but only used in winter and spent the summer in the newly built Norbulingka. In the 7th Century, King Songtsen Gampo built the first palace at this point, but it was destroyed by invaders.

Today's White Palace (1645-1648) was created during the tenure of the 5th Dalai Lama, and he served from 1649 as a residence. The Red Palace was begun at the same time, but only completed in 1693.

Both parts of the palace complex survived the Cultural Revolution relatively unscathed, apparently Zhou Enlai ordered the protection of the plant.

Inside the palace
The minibus No. 2 stops right outside the entrance to the huge site. Behind it is the district Shol, once Rotlichtbezierk Lhasa and now a tourist shopping area with a lot of souvenir shops and street vendors. Now it goes right through another gate up the stairs to the Deyang Shar (Courtyard of the White Palace), where also the ticket office. The yard is surrounded by monks' cells and shops, the private quarters of the Dalai Lama are located at the eastern end. The decorated with ornate carvings and paintings official Emfangshalle is dominated by a massive high throne and is (embroidered with religious motifs or painted scrolls) with Mezedhes Thangkas brocade and hung. A passage leads to the adjacent private apartments of the 14th Dalai Lama, which consist of a small audience room, a chapel, hall and his Ruhegejmach. Above the bed hangs a beautifully painted mural of Tsongkhapa, the founder of the Gelugpa his sign the order, which also included the Dalai Lama. On the other side of the foyer are the formal private apartments of the previous Dalai Lamas, but these areas are not accessible to the public.

From the inner courtyard leading into the Red Palace and on the roof, opened the splendid views of Lhasa. Then you can visit one story after another, where you move continuously in a clockwise direction. Behind the first room on the first floor lies the Chapel of Maitreya, the large number of beautifully ornate sculptures set the tone for all other sacred spaces. Dominates the space of a seated Maitreya sculpture, at the time of the 8th Dalai Lama has been prepared and is to contain the secret to filling a consecration of Atisha, a scholar of the 11th Century., Which is due to the resurgence of Buddhism in Tibet. Far left, next to the throne of the Dalai Lama, is a statue of the Great 5th Dalai Lama, which was given immediately after his death in order and allegedly concealed the hair of the famous ruler.

The Red Palace also serves as the final resting place for the 5th to 13 Dalai Lama, with the exception of the 6th, who died during a trip to China and is buried at Qinghai Lake in the province. The tombs of different sizes are not all open to visitors, but are all made of jewel-tipped, vorgoldeten Chorten (traditional Tibetan stupas, which consist of several stages and usually contain sacred Buddhist objects), the individual stages were decorated fantastic. Deep inside the shrines are located in the munifizierten and dry salt preserved bodies of the Dalai Lamas. Upstairs are usually at least the tomb of the 13th or the 8th Dalai Lama open to the public.

As the oldest and most sacred rooms of the Potala apply Lokeshvara chapel upstairs, as well as the meditation cave of the Dharma King immediately below the upper middle floor. They go back to Songtsen Gampo's original structure and are the focus of the worship of all the Potala pilgrims. The meditation cave is easy to miss because they are accessible only via a small hallway from the balcony is. That dark room, the day of the statues of the king and his ministers Tonmi Sambhota and Gawa is filled, served King Songtsen Gampo allegedly for his meditations. At the base of the main column is an ancient furnace, which was allegedly still used by Songtsen Gampo.

On the way to get even lower by the middle floor, the chapels but unfortunately all closed. The remainder are to be visited areas on the entrance level and go from the large, supported by numerous columns from Assembly Hall. The showpiece of the range is the gorgeous Lhakhang the Golden Reliquienstupas with the impressive Chorten of the 5th Dalai Lama, which measures three floors and consists of 3700 kg of golf. To the left and right, the main shrine of two small Chorten with the remains of the 10th and 12 Dalai Lama flanks, while the other stupas to contain both sides of the triple relics of Buddha himself. The visitors left the Red Palace and finally through a door behind the altar in the existence Lakhang line of Dalai Lamas, from where a path leads down the hill to the west gate.

The area around the Potala
The area around the Potala has some nice places. Opposite the palace front extends to the south side of Beijing Dong Road, the People's Park, a mini Tian'anmen Square. There is a Chinese flag, a monument to the liberation and a fighter plane with a few decorative plastic palm trees. A few steps to the West marks a new Chorten in the middle of Beijing Dong Road, the point at which housed the former west gate of the city. Immediately south of the Chakpori hill, once site of the Tibetan medical school, now nurmehr gekreont from a radio tower. The hill offers a beautiful view of the Potala and can be a way to climb that leads from the public toilets after Oeben - you get around to a large, with prayer flags draped tree before verteiln the guards of the radio station further exploration.

Little east of the public toilets at the Chorten a 200 m long path leads to the impressive cave temple Palhalupuk, which was built around an ancient cave. First, one can see on the cliff in the shades of brown and much less interesting Neten temple of Palhalupuk is the smaller white building below. Over a redesigned entrance hall to the chapel one enters the cave, which measures about 5 m2 and King Songtsen Gampo in the 7th Century served as a retreat. It is decorated with lots of supposedly original rock sculptures and houses the main altar an image of Shakyamuni, accompanied by his main disciples. On a small altar in the back right corner of the cave is a white with jewels and happiness loops always (catagen) decorated statue of Pelden Lhamo, the fierce guardian deity of Tibet. Behind the rear wall to the natural jewels of Songtsen Gampo's Nepali wife, Prizessin Bhrikuti be hidden. The location, just a few tourist visitors, but the guards and the monks are very hospitable.

On the north side of the Potala offers Ching-Drol Chi-Ling Park is a beautiful view of the palace and a lake for boating, which arose simultaneously with the palace. The stock of many unkempt trees, the park is accessible from the Lingkor For Road or through a gate at the edge of the farmers' market. stands on an island in Lake of the pretty little temple Lukhang that of 6 Dalai Lama in honor of the King of Naga and built as a retreat for meditation wrude. The legend tells of a park between the builder of the Potala and the king of the Naga (damönische and dragon-like creatures of the underworld), according to which the earth could be put into use now when the Naga in honor of a temple built. To fame of the three-story Lukhang came through his detailed and very old wall paintings in the mid and upper level, which is using only a flashlight can be inspected more closely (with the Absperrdraht seems to be constantly in the way). The rather esoteric images in the upper floor show phases of human life, the journey of the soul after death, and various legends. Much easier to understand are the murals in the middle floor, which would include representations from the construction of the great monasteries of Sera and Drepung.

Xishuangbanna region

The region of Xishuangbanna in the south of Yunnan province. It borders Laos and Myanmar (Burma), which is why the region is also known as those where China meets Southeast Asia. This region is full of tropical characteristics that are found everywhere in the flora and fauna. The region is also the entrance to the jungle, where you can find temples and traditional villages. The area is inhabited by small minority peoples who live by the "modern world" isolated.

If you want to explore this region, please protect yourself with an anti-mosquito ointment, and make sure you have enough water and food down. You can hire guides for not more than 200 yuan for a day, and gets to have included food and accommodation in traditional house of a local family.

Jinghong can be described as the center of this region. Right through Jinghong flows the famous Lancang River, which is also known as the Mekong.
Redal Zuowu Yanjiusuo

This is the Research Institute, dedicated to the flora of this region. In this institute is to be derived of the 1000 issued Blumenspezien a good overview of the diversity of nature in this region.

Manting Gong Yuan

This is located on the southern border of the city Manting Park, which is a very exotic park, which will seem perhaps as something of a "rain forest in miniature. Here you can lie on the grass and just relax. There is also an aviary with hundreds of peacocks. The park also houses the Manting Temple and several other Buddhist temples. One or the other Buddhist, dressed in orange robes, is here perhaps come to you, and look forward to your stay in the park. In this region, temples and pagodas were instead to the Chinese construction, built in Thai style, which makes it all the more beautiful, especially when the sun is shining on the golden roofs.

If you want to enter one of the temple, do not forget to take off your shoes.

To Jinghong around

If you want to explore the area around Jinghong best around, you should walk down the adventurous paths leading into the jungle. By bicycle or bus, you can discover villages and other targets that will lead the authenticity of this region in mind.

Some of the villages are located on the borders of Laos and Burma, meaning that you must hold a valid visa for these countries is to cross the borders.

Mei Mei Café can provide you with both information, and provide assistance if you should need a leader or a bus ticket for a Suburban.
Menghan (Galanba)

By bike you can reach the city of Menghan within 3 hours, which also allows you to cross the Mekong river by ferry. Menghan located in the south of the Mekong river.

Menghan Chuman Dafosi

He is also known as the Temple Galanba. The temple was originally built in 583, but later seriously damaged during the Cultural Revolution. In 1997 the temple was recently restored. Within this traditional Dai-building you will find a large Buddha statue which is surrounded by several smaller ones. Outside the temple is a golden stupa.
Other attractions near Jinghong:

• Daizu Yuan: Gardens of the Dai minority people
• Mengla: Area of the Yao villages
• Damenglong: village, 69 kms from Jinhong
• Menghai, Menghun en Xiding: villages, located west of Jinhong
• Sancha River Nature Reserve

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

China World Heritage-Mount Huangshan

"No more mountains to visit, if you have visited the Huangshan mountain, he will not visit the five mountains. " That is, if you have visited on a journey to the Huangshan Mountain, the famous five mountains in China, namely, the Eastern Taishan Mountain, Huashan Mountain in the Western, Middle Songshan Mountain, the southern Hengshan Mountain and the Northern Hengshan Mountain, all the mountains under the sky not worth the trip. But if you have first visited the Huangshan mountain, then he needs the five mountains to visit any more. From here you can feel the uniqueness and glory from the Huangshan mountain.

The Huangshan Mountain is located about 1,200 square miles Huangshan Landscape Zone in Mittelsüdchina. Mount Huangshan has high peaks and deep ravines, so there there is a haze full, wet and a rainy climate.

In the Huangshan mountain beauties of all famous mountains in China are concentrated. In particular, the "four unique features" a miracle of nature. The first is the uniqueness strange pines: Pines are among the most famous scenery in Huangshan Mountain. There are over 10 000 pine trees with the age of more than 100 years. These pine trees grow mostly in the cracks of the rocks. With tangled roots and branches ramified as they rise majestically and show great vitality. In particular, the welcome guest under the jaw Jadefrau summit is already a symbol of the Huangshan mountain grown. The second singularity is the grotesque rocks, Mount Huangshan has numerous perilous peaks and steep cliffs. At summits, slopes and valleys, grotesque rocks are seen everywhere. They have a great aesthetic appeal. The third singularity is the sea of ​​clouds: because the climate there is distributed vertically, the Huangshan mountain is often covered by mist. Peaks and valleys appear soon, and sometimes hide in mist, which is extremely beautiful. The fourth is unique hot springs in the Huangshan Mountain.

The natural environment of Mount Huangshan is complicated, and there is a stable and balanced ecosystem. Mount Huangshan has an obvious vertical distribution of vegetation or a whole society. In addition, each of a mountain and a mountain bog grass bog remain. The forest coverage rate of the Huangshan Mountain is 56%, and the vegetation coverage rate of 83%. In particular, the local tea "Huangshan Maofeng"and the medicine "Huangshan Lingzhi" known worldwide. Mount Huangshan has several old and rare trees, which are the characteristics of "old, big, expensive, extraordinary and much" influenced. Of these, the Huangshan pines are most famous. In addition, the Huangshan Mountain is also considered an ideal nesting and Vermehrungsort numerous rare animals.

Besides the natural scenery of the Huangshan Mountain has deep cultural atmosphere. Many poets, painters and other artists in history have been admired by the beautiful scene there. They have created countless works of art from various aspects described the beauty of Huangshan mountain and enriched. Alone in the field of poetry, the famous poet in all dynasties such as Li Bai, Jia Dao, Fan Chengda, Shi Tao and Gong Zizhen works in praise of the Huangshan mountain written. Now, more than 20 have been found about 000 poems.

Artistic is the Huangshan-painting school to embody the beauty and tranquility of the Huangshan Mountain as a shining pearl of the Huangshan-culture. The masters of the Huangshan-painting school have constantly nutrients from the landscape of the Huangshan mountain added to enrich themselves and their own artistic creation. By imposing a concise description, cheerful delicate composition, fresh heroic style and deep magnificent creatures they have established painting circles in their own direction. Contemporary photographers have viewed the Huangshan Mountain as an inexhaustible source of creativity. In addition, according to tradition, the head of the house of the Chinese nation, Xuanyuan Huangdi, here prescribed and directed it, and finally he has made in eternity. are therefore in the Huangshan Mountain in the last several hundred years, many top names who have close ties with the aforementioned mythical history has been left as Xuanyuan Summit Fuqiu Liandan Summit and Summit. So the Huangshan Mountain in Chinese Taoist story takes an important place.

Because of the unique natural beauty and cultural atmosphere of the Huangshan Mountain in 1990 was inducted into the World Heritage List. The World Heritage Commission has assessed him in these words: Mount Huangshan is praised extensively in Chinese literary and artistic history. For tourists, poets, painters and photographers from around the world to this scenic beauty of Mount Huangshan has an eternal appeal.
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