Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Five hotel barges in Europe

In the distance, a faint toot, water splash against the hull, screaming gulls. But we are not on the high seas but are in the safe harbor moored fast asleep in a cozy cabin, and our breakfast comes from the galley. In Hotel vessels can be the flair of an ocean cruise experience in a maritime environment, and the "journey" can be interrupted any time to come ashore. The photo show, we introduce five hotel barges in Europe, where holiday-makers in sailor mood.

Sleep, where Hamburg's most beautiful

More port does not work. Right on the pier over the Hamburg harbor since 1986, the cargo ship Cap San Diego museum. Small boats with visitors who have booked a harbor tour by boat, the "white swan of the South Atlantic"was over, the day trippers look longingly up at the hotel boat. There may actually be booked booths. A single cabin is from 76 $ to get a crew cab from 95 $ per night without breakfast. Several times a year, the Cap San Diego is also still on a long trip. Among other things, it is traditional at the opening parade of the port 6th Birthday May our, and 26 June, they start to drive through the Kiel Canal. On board there are regular events, and on the pool deck there are barbecues on warm summer evenings.

Dreaming in Vegesack Harbour

Fierce storms and days of the training ship had lulls Germany with its former pupils to defy the world's oceans. Since 1996, the majestic square-rigged ship rests at the port of Bremen Vegesack and no longer serves the training of young seamen. Today may be in the 30 outside cabins with two berths visitors stay in style and dream of stormy adventures at sea. One night cost per person, double occupancy $ 50 and $ 35 for single occupancy, including breakfast. Washing, the recreational sailor in common laundry rooms in the intermediate or upper deck. Comfortable is the captain's cabin, which is offered with living room, owner, master room, shower, toilet, television, champagne and breakfast from 125 $.

Having a sauna on the boat

Before the portholes boats, cargo vessels and sailors take on their way past the islands of the archipelago, which attracts close to old town of Stockholm to look around. Like a movie star, visitors to the elegant Mälardrottningen yacht in the harbor of Stockholm walk up the gangway. The ship was built in 1924 for an American millionaire, and Barbara Hutton, she later received from her father at 18 Birthday gift. Today, guests in 61 comfortable rooms with internet and TV to stay on three decks, from the cuddly Sailor's Cabin to the luxurious owner's cabin. The maritime dream costs from 95 $ per night per person with breakfast and sauna.

Gothenburg: Liseberg Barking Hotel Viking

Spin a yarn to boaters and landlubbers on the four-masted barque in the harbor of Gothenburg. At night it rocks its visitors in good-quality sleep, shine through the porthole of the stars - not reminiscent of a stay in the safe harbor. In 1907, the proud Bark was built, but already mothballed 14 years later. Again, two years later, the ship then sailed laden wood between Sweden and Australia. Since 1998, she rests in the Gothenburg harbor at Gullbergskajen Kai. Earlier seamen still slept in hammocks in narrow bunks, so visitors are now 29 rooms equipped with comfortable beds, TV, shower and toilet from 122 $ per person for an overnight stay is available.

Rotterdam: Logeerboot

It smells of sea water, fish and port. The Logeerboot in Rotterdam was once used as a ferry on the River Meuse in use. Where previously the captain and his sailors were doing their duty, now, up to three people live in a converted ship's apartment. On the historic ferry, there is now a perfectly equipped kitchen, bathroom and technical refinements such as iPod, Internet access and DVD player. On cool evenings, warm a small stove. The outdoor deck is a sun terrace and is the ideal place, the lively bustle of the Nieuwe Maas and track around the Watertoren port. One night cost per person from 115 $.

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