Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Hamburg Harbour Birthday of Records

Bright sunshine, more ships than ever before and more than 1.5 million visitors, a good-humored impressive backdrop: The 822nd Hamburg port birthday was a festival of superlatives. Many prominent guests were the biggest port festival in the world come to Hamburg, among them a royal visit from Norway: Crown Prince Haakon had opened the festival on Friday with Mayor Olaf Scholz (SPD). See the highlights of the harbor birthday in our slide show.

Attendance record for Hafengeburtstag

The summer weather and the numerous vessels ensured a new record. "There were so many people there like never before, we are absolutely satisfied, " said spokeswoman Saskia Easter Meier. The celebration was peaceful, police said all three days, there were no major incidents. Even with the departure parade of ships on Sunday evening, the spectators lined the banks of the Elbe crowded. Led by the majestic four-masted barque "Sea Cloud" drove the ships from the port and were adopted by the visitors. One of the stars of the departure parade was "Queen Mary 2, which was since the Sunday morning for a short visit in Hamburg. "We are really only got to see this ship, "said one couple from the North-Western spoof Rheda-Wiedenbruck.

As many ships as ever at the port Birthday

In addition to the "Sea Cloud" and the "Queen Mary 2 provided the other giant floating a stir among the spectators. With the "Kruzenshtern"and the sail training ship "Mir" and "Sedov" this year were three Russian sailing ship in Hamburg as a guest. Even the cruise ships "AIDAblu", "Aidacara","My Ship 2", "Amadea" and the Norwegian expedition ship Fram arrived. Partner country of the port birthday this year was Norway. Crown Prince Haakon was on Friday for a day in Hamburg as a guest and was received enthusiastically. "Surely, Haakon also a reason for the attendance record, " Easter said Meier. The Scandinavian country presented itself to the three hard days on the Kehrwiederspitze. There were culinary specialties, a Viking village and historic ships from Norway to see.

Tug ballet and fireworks

On the water, visitors could marvel at this year as many ships as ever at the harbor's birthday. Above all, the five tall ships and six cruise ships were real eye-catcher. Around 60,000 visitors took the opportunity to visit the ships and to explore up close. "Seeing the state of the art, that's fascinating, " said Guenter Pfau from Heilbronn, after he had visited a ship the Coast Guard. On Saturday, tens of thousands wanted to see the traditional tug ballet. The strong up to 5,000 hp tugs took up the port to turn to classical music and spins in time to sway. The tractor came here quite close to the harbor wall and inject more courageous spectators on the bank wet. Another program highlight was the fireworks on Saturday evening, which appeared in the harbor panorama colorful light. Again, the best seats were in great demand directly to the quays. Already on Friday for about four kilometers long opening parade of ships, tens of thousands of visitors had gathered along the Elbe. More than 200 program points, entertained the visitors at the weekend along the six kilometer long hard mile.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Berlin Devil Mountain: trip to the sanctuaries of the spy world

With such a large group, the organizers did not expect: do instead of the usual 20 to 30 people visit this Sunday right around the Devil's Hill 100 Berlin. But their leader Abraham Shalmon remains calm: "Then the statements just a little shorter, " he says and asks participants to sign that they enter the former monitoring system of the Allies at your own risk. For the approximately 48 hectare site is full of rubble, the buildings are poorly secured, across gaping holes. But curiosity wins out: here is a piece of Berlin are shown, which is otherwise forbidden territory. Check out the system also in our slide show.

One of the highest elevations of the city

The white towers of the plant on the mountain in the Grunewald are visible from afar. In them were until 1991, the radar, pursued with the help of American and British radio traffic on the routes to Moscow. But the directional movement of the Red Army and was intercepted within the DDR. Even on the nuclear disaster at Chernobyl and the Prague Spring learned the secret from the Devil Mountain. The position was ideal, with just under 115 meters altitude, the mountain is one of the highest elevations of the city. He is a pile of rubble. During the Nazi regime should create a military academy here, part of the "world capital Germania. Under the Academy was a bunker. The shells were blown up after the Second World War. In the 50 years the Berlin began to fill up the remains of buildings with rubble. Every day hundreds of trucks came. The Devil Mountain picked up a third of the rubble of the city and grew ever higher.

Battle for the mountain

When the country decided in 1972 to green the mountain, he discovered the Allies for their own purposes. Now the Sunday strollers are available in the former sanctuaries of the spy world and listen to their response. "This is the perfect place to hear their voice echo in a lot of times," Abraham said in the highest interception dome. From here you can see far in all parts of the city. But the rise of the dome led over broken glass and torn soil. The walls are sprayed with graffiti. 1996, a group of investors had bought at the Cologne architects Hartmut Gruhl the area. Condominiums, restaurants, sports facilities and a five-star hotel to be built. Today only a construction sign is reminiscent of those plans. There was not only to investment funds. Also, a community of action Teufelsberg disturbed the project because they balked at the project in the middle of the conservation area Grunewald. The Senate gave in and withdrew the owners 2004, the building permit and had a devil of a mountain forest. Since then, the owner sue the country.

A "disorderly" mixture of everything

An organization dedicated to the Transcendental Meditation prescribed, the Maharishi World Peace Foundation, wanted to establish in the following years a university with a 50 meter high tower of invincibility ". Prominent supporters was a film director David Lynch. But the project failed because the district office denied the permit. Much time was there for sprayers, walkers and spontaneous parties. For a year they have it hard, however, because a security patrol service. His boss Gerd Emde also markets the site. "We had film shoots, fashion shows and birthday celebrations, " he says. The tours organized for him guide the Association Sightout. According to Emde the owners have further plans. "We want to set up a museum with an excursion restaurant, " he announces. The visitors are pleased that the mountain is accessible. "The facility should be preserved as a technical and political monument, "says the historian Ursula Basikow. The teacher Andreas Kloke is particularly enthusiastic about the appearance of the site. Give this "disordered"mixture of art, nature and history that only a few places in Berlin.

Friday, May 6, 2011

10 luxury hotels at bargain prices

Perfect service, a large spa, comfortable rooms and excellent cuisine is characterized by the best five-star hotels. One night in such a hotel seems to be prohibitively expensive for many travelers. We present ten European five-star hotels, where visitors enjoy the amenities can, it will not break your travel budget. From Greece to Berlin to stay in the Andalusian Jerez guests in these hotels starting from 37 $ per person. In our slide show, we present the ten luxury hotels, the cost per person per night in a double room under 50 $.

1. Steigenberger Hotel Berlin (Berlin, Germany)

The Steigenberger Hotel Berlin is a luxurious city hotel located in the German capital. Light, subtle decoration characterize the atmosphere of the five-star hotel. In the spa pampering guests with ayurveda or thalasso massage or enjoy their beauty treatments. A few steps from the hotel, visitors are already on Regent Street, where they extensively on shopping or pay a visit to the Memorial Church. In the evening the Piano Bar at the hotel a popular meeting place, a place where the guests with cocktails and live music at the Berlin. The hotel can be booked from 42 $ per person per night in double room via (27/05/2011 - 29/05/2011).

2. The Grand Hotel Ixian (Rhodes, Greece)

The hotel Ixian Grand is an upscale five-star resort on the west coast of the Greek island of Rhodes. In all 280 rooms and suites dominate the color white. Six restaurants pamper guests with culinary delights of hearty Greek cuisine, light snacks at the poolside bar and cocktails at the lobby bar. Guests who want to go exploring, discovering in the nearby Rhodes Town's picturesque harbor and the streets of the Old Town. For visitors who want to relax, is the large pool overlooking the sea is the ideal alternative. The hotel can be booked from 37 $ per person per night in double room including half board via (21/05/2011 - 05/28/2011).

3. Thon Hotel Stanhope (Brussels, Belgium)

In the middle of Brussels is a boutique hotel Thon Stanhope. The interior of the entire five-star hotel, reminiscent of its colors, antiques and furniture to elegant English country house style. The terrace is a true oasis of peace in the middle of the city. In the shade of magnolia trees are fine here, the Gault Millau serves excellent food. In Brussels, a visit to the Atomium and the stroll along the Grande Place duty. The Belgian chocolate and the traditional beer should test the travelers. Later, head to the Library Bar of the hotel on a last drink one before bed. The hotel can be booked from 44 $ per person per night in double room via (04/06/2011 - 05/06/2011).

4. Radisson SAS St. Helen's Hotel (Dublin, Ireland)

About the Bay of Dublin is the the Radisson SAS St. Helen's Hotel in Ireland. The historic building that was built in 1750 amidst a lush garden landscape, has 151 luxurious rooms and suites. Fine wood furniture and heavy upholstered furniture shape the colorful atmosphere of the hotel. In Dublin, visitors should stop off in the Guinness Brewery and do not miss out on a walk through the romantic streets of Dublin. The hotel's restaurant "talavera" the guests leave the day with an Irish whiskey end comfortably.
The hotel can be booked from 47 $ per person per night in double room via (27/05/2011 - 29/05/2011)

5. Hotel Villa Jerez (Jerez de la Frontera, Spain)

A typical Andalusian mansion, the Hotel Villa Jerez in Jerez de la Fontana. The small five-star hotel has 18 rooms, all individually decorated. In the 4000-square-foot garden will make the guests a comfortable walk or take a dip with a dip in the pool. In Jerez de la Fontana, there is the impressive Alcazar, a protected fortress from the 12th Century to visit and a visit to a typical winery should also be on the plan. Hotel bookings from 47 $ per person per night in double room via (20/05/2011 - 05/22/2011)

6. Savoy Boutique Hotel (Tallinn, Estonia)

The Savoy Boutique Hotel is a small town hotel in the heart of Tallinn. The Art Deco style of the facade is continued inside the five-star hotel. Warm colors like cream and brown and dark wood furniture characterize the cozy character of the elegant rooms. In Tallinn, visitors go on a journey through the ages. The medieval city wall, there to visit, and the Town Hall and the trendy Red 'quarter with its modern architecture, cafes and pubs. The hotel can be booked from 48 $ per person per night in double room including breakfast via (05/16/2011 - 05/19/2011).

7. Hotel Hilton Gdansk (Gdansk, Poland)

In the heart of Old Town of Gdansk Gdansk is the Hilton Hotel. The modern architecture of the building blends seamlessly into the medieval center of town. As modern as the outward appearance of the five-star hotels, is also the interior of the house. Modern furniture, subtle color and artistic sculptures dominate the trendy atmosphere. In Gdansk the visitors a romantic stroll through St. Mary's Street with its cafes and bars, or spend a day relaxing on the beach. In a sophisticated atmosphere in the evening, guests can gaze across the rooftops of the Danzig High 5 Bar wander the hotel. The hotel can be booked from 49 $ per person per night in double room via (16.06.2011 -18.06.2011).

8. Kempinski Hotel San Lawrenz (Gozo, Malta)

The Kempinski Hotel San Lawrenz is a luxury holiday home on the Maltese island of Gozo in the Mediterranean. The large resort offers its guests in addition to sporting activities such as tennis, squash and Pilates, a relaxation program in-house spa. Ayurvedic massages and beauty treatments everyday life are quickly forgotten. Enterprising explore the varied nature of Gozo. Behind the hotel, visitors wander through the Mediterranean landscape of fragrant lavender and rosemary. The hotel can be booked from 49 $ per person per night in double room via (05/21/2011 - 28/05/2011).

9. Mamaison Riverside Hotel Prague (Prague, Czech Republic)

Mamaison Riverside Hotel is a charming boutique hotel on the west bank of the Vltava River in Prague. A cultivated art nouveau facade welcomes guests from the outside already. The interior is dominated by classic elegance. Highlight of the house is light and airy lounge bar, which opens through a glass roof the view of the sky over Prague. When visiting the city on the Vltava river, travelers should not allow the tunnel to the castle escape. The hotel can be booked from 49 $ per person per night in double room via (05/20/2011 - 05/22/2011).

10. Hotel Quinta da Marinha Resort (Cascais, Portugal)

On the coast of Lisbon, in the Natural Park Sintra-Cascais Hotel Quinta da Marinha Resort is to be found. A modern interior style with lots of glass, wood and stone elements define the character of the house. Sports enthusiasts improve on our own 18-hole golf course, their handicap, take a riding lesson or draw their laps in the pool. For relaxation the hotel offers spa on a variety of applications. Experimental attend a cooking workshop and learn tips and tricks for the kitchen. The hotel can be booked from 50 $ per person per night in double room via (02/06/2011 - 05/06/2011).

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Landmarks and Doubles: The Statue of Liberty is also in Paris and Alsace

The Statue of Liberty stands still in New York and not in Alsace? And the Eiffel Tower in Paris and in Prague, right? Many world-famous attractions were partly copied so well that you would rather think of an optical illusion. We'll tell you where you can find the best doubles. Take a look-alike to the wonders in our slide show.

The Eiffel Tower has many imitators

The Parisian landmark, the Eiffel Tower, has a number of imitators. The approximately 145-meter radio tower in Berlin reminded about his steel truss structure because, as is the Petrin lookout tower in Prague.

is the Statue of Liberty's twice in France

Before the "real" Eiffel Tower, in elegance and size - 324 feet! - None, in addition, a copy is another attraction of international standing. It is the Statue of Liberty in the U.S. - although to a much shrunken version. The eleven meters, about four times as small statue at the end of the Allée des Cygnes on the Ile aux Cygnes (Swan Island) Paris was dedicated in 1885 and is facing west, towards the Atlantic Ocean and thus to their "big sister" in New York Harbor. This was once a gift from the French. One that is still lasting effect, since almost every U.S. state has a replica. And since 2004 there is also in Alsace, Colmar is forty feet high replica.
The Hall of Mirrors in the Palace of Versailles - also not a unique work of art.

The Hall of Mirrors in the Palace of Versailles near Paris is the crème de la crème of the Baroque. Not only culture fans will delight in the pomp, but also school groups, bowling clubs and families. Each year, about three million visitors and marvel at the 75-meter-long hall, arched windows and the opposite mirror. The ceiling is decorated in stucco ducted ceiling paintings, the Sun King Louis XIV glorify. A unique work of art? No way! Finally, there is another hall of mirrors, which is 98 meters even larger than the original. It is located in Bavaria, on the island Mr. Chiemsee Chiemsee. King Ludwig II who not only wanted to copy the mirror room, but all the same Versailles - although the Herrenchiemsee the whole dimension of Versailles then but could not reach.

Lisbon successful copy of the Golden Gate Bridge

The original is in the U.S., which has been followed in Europe: The world famous Golden Gate Bridge at the entrance to San Francisco Bay, will also apply. In a similar rust and similar suspension bridge fashion shines the bridge of the 25th April in Lisbon, which spans a total length of 2287 meters, the river Tejo. But if you look more closely, some differences. The most obvious: the pylons of the Golden Gate Bridge can be stabilized by cross-bracing at the "Ponte 25 de Abril", however, these attached cross-shaped.

Confusingly similar: The Capitol in Washington and in Havana

Find the differences: This game could also play in Havana. The Capitol was in fact modeled in many ways, the Washington Capitol. One difference: The Cuban Capitol version is a meter! As her friend from the USA with its Renaissance elements paved, it serves not as planned as the seat of government, but as a convention center. Outside of meetings, it is open to the public for inspection.

St. Peter's is also represented on several occasions

Churches are open to all most of the time, including one of the most important churches in Christendom, St. Peter's Basilica in the Vatican. In terms of replicas, the Church Fathers were also quite open, they finally granted a whole series of more or less successful copies of St. Peter's Basilica. One is the famous St. Paul's Cathedral in London, another copy is at Yamoussoukro in Ivory Coast. The Basilica of Notre-Dame de la Paix, with a floor area of ​​30,000 square meters, even bigger than the original in Rome.

The Taj Mahal in India, there's also twice

The copy and paste "principle, however, seems timeless: In the new millennium copies are made by world famous attractions, such as the Taj Mahal in India. A wealthy filmmakers had only a half years ago to commission in Sonargaon in Bangladesh, an almost equally large replica of the famous building. The construction took five years, the replica devoured 58 million U.S. dollars, especially for marble and granite from Italy and a 160 kg heavy dome on it went gold.

London attractions copies in original size

If that all travel is too tiring, limited to London's Victoria & Albert Museum. For there can admire all that interested in original size, for which they would otherwise take many city tours. There you will find Michelangelo's "David" as well as Trajan's Column - although divided into two parts - or the Portico de la Gloria of the pilgrimage church of Santiago de Compostela. They are joined by hundreds of other world-famous masterpieces. These are all not original, but well-made copies.

Art lovers will get their money in Upper Bavaria

Art lovers can also save travel costs, which would be required to visit some 500 known paintings. A ticket in the Upper Bavarian Wasserburg am Inn is enough. The world's only imaginary museum are displayed on four floors of works by Breughel Spitzweg, Monet, Picasso and Chagall, to Hundertwasser. However, it is also by no means original, but paintings and drawings that were replicated faithfully in a complex process.

Thrill to the abyss: high ropes courses in the Alps

A few trees, between which bridges, movable and zip lines are excited - more is not necessary for a very exciting holiday fun: high ropes courses are in vogue. Climbing, balancing, sliding and hand over hand opens new perspectives in high altitudes and is fun for the whole family. Start of the season, we present the six most spectacular plants in the Alps. See the climbing park in our slide show.

Allgau: High up in the bear trap

goes from Ratholz at Immenstadt either by cable car or walk up to the bear trap: there has the same Climbing Park 16 courses with 170 different elements. mandatory for all investments - - After an introduction and the application of the equipment will start the climbing fun: To address the most difficult route in 15 meters high, one must be 16 years old. However, even children and beginners will find among the mountain pines above the Alpsee enough challenges as a giant climbing net and cable car elements.

Styria: 200 tasks in high altitudes

An adventure park with over 200 members shall, in Gröbming in Styria for adrenaline. At the foot of Stoderzinken in the Dachstein-Tauern-region provide 18 courses of varying difficulty - Total length 2000 meters - up to 15 meters in height. For added thrills provide 20 Flying Fox elements with which one rushes up to 260 meters through the treetops. Who then is still not enough, the balance without a backup as an artist in the circus on a large network.

Tyrol: What a vulture swooping

In the "natural experience high rope magic-angle" in the Wildschönau Tirol requires 29 exercises in 17 and 24 meters height to be overcome. The highest point is 37 meters in a prospect database, from which one can enjoy an impressive view of the Inn Valley and the Wilder Kaiser. Each tour is accompanied by a guide that ensures safety. The more daring venture in the end "vulture Swoop" style made the leap from a stately pine.

South Tyrol: Adventure Park with baby-Flying Fox

Networks, beams, logs and rope bridges - about 100 items and 18 zip lines with up to 60 meters in length are part of the adventure park Toblach in South Tyrol. Visitors can choose from 14 routes, with the most difficult is characterized as a "super black": We need to tackle various tasks in 20 meters. But even the little ones get their money for children from age three years, there is the Sumsi course with nine stations and a private baby-Flying Fox. Another park of the same operator is in Kaltern.

Engadine: climbing fun even for the youngest

Any age and size requirements apply in the rope Park Engadine close to Scuol in Switzerland: One of the seven course runs on one meter, but provides otherwise, all the adventurous elements to test out the larger, bolder in up to 14 meters: As is poised to swinging a rope and climbed. Well secured and accompanied by mom or dad is great fun even for toddlers. By skateboard and on wobbly bridges and swinging it piles one story goes higher through the trees - for those routes is a minimum size of 120 centimeters. Thrill to twelve meters guarantees Lischana trail, which consists of several zip lines.

Schaffhausen: climbing overlooking the Rhine Falls

Jungle expedition, or even "Hell Trip: The Adventure Park Rhine Falls" in Neuhausen waiting in eastern Switzerland to eleven different routes. Below is a children's trail for rock climbing enthusiasts from four years ago. Highlight the panoramic round is an impressive view of the Rhine case: On a rope hanging, you glide past the roaring waters of one of the largest waterfalls in Europe. In the end it goes into free fall from twelve meters back to Earth - at the last moment with the gentle "Power Fan" slowed down.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Madrid won the "beach" back

The poet had mocked the river Manzanares in Madrid once. The capital city ignored him, because highways blocked the bank. Now they get back their river. Instead of asphalt tracks now lined promenades and parks, the shore. See the new look of the river in our slide show.

New parks on the banks of the river

The Seine, the Thames or the River Spree was the Manzanares in Madrid measured before. But the river is in the Spanish capital, too little water. For decades it was not practical for the people of Madrid had been present, because the banks were largely inaccessible, because on both sides of the river was a town highway. The travel guides for tourists was the Manzanares scarcely a reference value. But now the people of Madrid have got back their river. The highways were banned in tunnels underground. Where once 200,000 cars raced on the day on the tarmac to load promenades and parks for walking. Madrid was even a "playa" (beach), the capital city dwellers can enjoy the sun. The last major section of the newly created parks on the banks of the Manzanares River, recently opened to the public.

Madrid's mountain of debt through beautification

So one of the largest construction projects in the history of the town has been completed. The Madrid city has drastically changed for the better, but the capital city will need decades to pay off the debt that has given them the project "Madrid Río" (Madrid River) left with his pharaonic proportions. The laying of 56 km of motorways and roads cost 3.7 billion euros under the earth, the establishment of the park a further 400 million $. Madrid has now received on a shore line of about eight miles up a green corridor that runs west of the center from north to south almost the entire city. These were designed for walking and biking trails, playgrounds and jungle gyms, planted 30,000 trees and 470,000 shrubs and restored or rebuilt 33 bridges. The undisputed jewel is a spiral-shaped pedestrian bridge of the French architect Dominique Perrault. Who wants to see how it had looked at the river banks before, must go to the football stadium of Atlético Madrid. There are cars coming for a short distance to the surface, the arena pass underneath the main grandstand and then disappear again in the tunnel.

Once bitter mockery of Manzanares

On weekends, it had now attracts thousands of Madrilenians the banks of the Manzanares, the Spanish writer once distributed bitter scorn and mockery. The Baroque author Francisco de Quevedo (1580-1645) called him a "river-apprentice". The poet Luis de Góngora (1561-1627) presented to the flow in a sonnet the question: "Why have you removed and are then swollen why I saw you yesterday in need and see you today in such splendor?" From the river he receives the answer: "Yesterday I drank an ass empty, and now he has pissed me back full." It was the Manzanares with its waterside meadows and the view over the city once artists like the great painter Francisco de Goya (1746-1828) inspired paintings. Today, the people of Madrid - Goya as then - walk back along the river and the old town and the Royal Palace look up. "Perhaps now the poets who are the future Manzanares sing, deal more sympathetic to the river", wants the newspaper "El Pais".

Cave Hotels: outside stone age, interior luxury

Vacation in a cave? Who is there to smoky campfire and bear skins as a place to sleep thinking that is on the wrong track. Former captain quarters, tufa caves and converted opal mines turn out today as a modern hotel with marble bathrooms, comfortable beds and elaborate murals. We present five hostels for the different holiday, some of which you see in our slide show.

Turkey: Ancient cave monastery into a hotel

Tradition have holes as living quarters in Cappadocia in Turkey. There, the residents hollowed out the soft tufa rock of the walls and created their accommodation. In the area around Urgup some of these caves have been refurbished to modern hotel rooms. One of the most interesting and most comfortable facilities, the Gamirasu Cave Hotel in the village Ayvali. Inside the maze hostel, located in a restored houses ensemble with a total of 25 rooms, welcomes guests oriental living room atmosphere. The rooms in the former, a thousand year old Byzantine monastery are cool in summer, in winter, cozy and warm. The volcanic rock perfectly insulated and offers year-round temperatures from 17 to 20 degrees. Double room with breakfast costs from 115 $ per night. The family suite is booked for 170 $ per night.

Santorini luxury in the old captains' houses

Also on the island of Santorini in Greece, the inhabitants dug their homes earlier in the soft tufa rock of the crater rim. Some of the old captain's houses are rented to tourists. How about the hotel "Canaves Oia" that gives it the same in duplicate. The cave houses are partly already in the 18th Century and are now equipped with the times. Antiques in the rooms are also standard, including satellite TV, music system, swimming pool and sun terrace. Both houses are common to the magnificent view across the caldera and the sparkling sea far below and romantic sunsets. The Hotel Canaves Oia is available at some German tour operators. So taste a one-week air-inclusive trip to Attica travel according to season between 1329 $ and 1542 $ in October during the high season in early August.

Italy: caves with luxury factor

feared for its cave houses for a long time was the site of Matera in the Basilicata region in southern Italy. Only 70 years ago the place was so remote and poor, that at the time of fascism regime opponents such as the writer Carlo Levi was sent there in exile. His experiences there, he worked in the novel "Christ Stopped at Eboli." Meanwhile, the southern Italian cave city was incorporated as a world cultural heritage list of UNESCO. Tourism brought new life into the city, and some caves now offer comfortable accommodation for visitors. A jewel is the elegant residence "La Casa di Lucio". The double rooms in the old town of Matera are stylishly furnished with designer furniture and can be booked from 87 $ per person per night.

France: caves overlooking the Loire Valley

In a former monastery, the Hotel Les Hautes Roches, nestled in the vineyards of the Loire Vouvray ashore in France. The special thing about it: Twelve of the 15 rooms have been dug in tufa caves in the rock - lovely views into the Loire Valley are included. However, the cave rooms not very cheap pleasure, after all, that adorns the Relais & Chateau Chain the house with four stars. One night in a double room costs from 170 $ (including Loire view), breakfast there for 20 $ per person, half board for 85 $.

Australia: Cave Hotel in the opal-mining area

A taste of adventure promises a stay in the broad opal-mining area of ​​Coober Pedy in South Australia. That the people there often live in tunnels under the earth, has a simple reason: While it can be outside in summer reaches up to 50 degrees and icy cold in winter, it is tempered in the so-called "dugouts" year-round pleasant. Some of the old mines now offer tourists an unusual quarter. One of the most exclusive is the Coober Pedy Experience Motel. It is home to twelve people in brightly painted caves. The equipment is quite appealing for the conditions - microwave, toaster, TV and telephone are standard. One night in a double room is available from 185 AUS dollars (about 124 $) for two persons.
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