Sunday, May 8, 2011

Berlin Devil Mountain: trip to the sanctuaries of the spy world

With such a large group, the organizers did not expect: do instead of the usual 20 to 30 people visit this Sunday right around the Devil's Hill 100 Berlin. But their leader Abraham Shalmon remains calm: "Then the statements just a little shorter, " he says and asks participants to sign that they enter the former monitoring system of the Allies at your own risk. For the approximately 48 hectare site is full of rubble, the buildings are poorly secured, across gaping holes. But curiosity wins out: here is a piece of Berlin are shown, which is otherwise forbidden territory. Check out the system also in our slide show.

One of the highest elevations of the city

The white towers of the plant on the mountain in the Grunewald are visible from afar. In them were until 1991, the radar, pursued with the help of American and British radio traffic on the routes to Moscow. But the directional movement of the Red Army and was intercepted within the DDR. Even on the nuclear disaster at Chernobyl and the Prague Spring learned the secret from the Devil Mountain. The position was ideal, with just under 115 meters altitude, the mountain is one of the highest elevations of the city. He is a pile of rubble. During the Nazi regime should create a military academy here, part of the "world capital Germania. Under the Academy was a bunker. The shells were blown up after the Second World War. In the 50 years the Berlin began to fill up the remains of buildings with rubble. Every day hundreds of trucks came. The Devil Mountain picked up a third of the rubble of the city and grew ever higher.

Battle for the mountain

When the country decided in 1972 to green the mountain, he discovered the Allies for their own purposes. Now the Sunday strollers are available in the former sanctuaries of the spy world and listen to their response. "This is the perfect place to hear their voice echo in a lot of times," Abraham said in the highest interception dome. From here you can see far in all parts of the city. But the rise of the dome led over broken glass and torn soil. The walls are sprayed with graffiti. 1996, a group of investors had bought at the Cologne architects Hartmut Gruhl the area. Condominiums, restaurants, sports facilities and a five-star hotel to be built. Today only a construction sign is reminiscent of those plans. There was not only to investment funds. Also, a community of action Teufelsberg disturbed the project because they balked at the project in the middle of the conservation area Grunewald. The Senate gave in and withdrew the owners 2004, the building permit and had a devil of a mountain forest. Since then, the owner sue the country.

A "disorderly" mixture of everything

An organization dedicated to the Transcendental Meditation prescribed, the Maharishi World Peace Foundation, wanted to establish in the following years a university with a 50 meter high tower of invincibility ". Prominent supporters was a film director David Lynch. But the project failed because the district office denied the permit. Much time was there for sprayers, walkers and spontaneous parties. For a year they have it hard, however, because a security patrol service. His boss Gerd Emde also markets the site. "We had film shoots, fashion shows and birthday celebrations, " he says. The tours organized for him guide the Association Sightout. According to Emde the owners have further plans. "We want to set up a museum with an excursion restaurant, " he announces. The visitors are pleased that the mountain is accessible. "The facility should be preserved as a technical and political monument, "says the historian Ursula Basikow. The teacher Andreas Kloke is particularly enthusiastic about the appearance of the site. Give this "disordered"mixture of art, nature and history that only a few places in Berlin.

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