Thursday, May 5, 2011

Thrill to the abyss: high ropes courses in the Alps

A few trees, between which bridges, movable and zip lines are excited - more is not necessary for a very exciting holiday fun: high ropes courses are in vogue. Climbing, balancing, sliding and hand over hand opens new perspectives in high altitudes and is fun for the whole family. Start of the season, we present the six most spectacular plants in the Alps. See the climbing park in our slide show.

Allgau: High up in the bear trap

goes from Ratholz at Immenstadt either by cable car or walk up to the bear trap: there has the same Climbing Park 16 courses with 170 different elements. mandatory for all investments - - After an introduction and the application of the equipment will start the climbing fun: To address the most difficult route in 15 meters high, one must be 16 years old. However, even children and beginners will find among the mountain pines above the Alpsee enough challenges as a giant climbing net and cable car elements.

Styria: 200 tasks in high altitudes

An adventure park with over 200 members shall, in Gröbming in Styria for adrenaline. At the foot of Stoderzinken in the Dachstein-Tauern-region provide 18 courses of varying difficulty - Total length 2000 meters - up to 15 meters in height. For added thrills provide 20 Flying Fox elements with which one rushes up to 260 meters through the treetops. Who then is still not enough, the balance without a backup as an artist in the circus on a large network.

Tyrol: What a vulture swooping

In the "natural experience high rope magic-angle" in the Wildschönau Tirol requires 29 exercises in 17 and 24 meters height to be overcome. The highest point is 37 meters in a prospect database, from which one can enjoy an impressive view of the Inn Valley and the Wilder Kaiser. Each tour is accompanied by a guide that ensures safety. The more daring venture in the end "vulture Swoop" style made the leap from a stately pine.

South Tyrol: Adventure Park with baby-Flying Fox

Networks, beams, logs and rope bridges - about 100 items and 18 zip lines with up to 60 meters in length are part of the adventure park Toblach in South Tyrol. Visitors can choose from 14 routes, with the most difficult is characterized as a "super black": We need to tackle various tasks in 20 meters. But even the little ones get their money for children from age three years, there is the Sumsi course with nine stations and a private baby-Flying Fox. Another park of the same operator is in Kaltern.

Engadine: climbing fun even for the youngest

Any age and size requirements apply in the rope Park Engadine close to Scuol in Switzerland: One of the seven course runs on one meter, but provides otherwise, all the adventurous elements to test out the larger, bolder in up to 14 meters: As is poised to swinging a rope and climbed. Well secured and accompanied by mom or dad is great fun even for toddlers. By skateboard and on wobbly bridges and swinging it piles one story goes higher through the trees - for those routes is a minimum size of 120 centimeters. Thrill to twelve meters guarantees Lischana trail, which consists of several zip lines.

Schaffhausen: climbing overlooking the Rhine Falls

Jungle expedition, or even "Hell Trip: The Adventure Park Rhine Falls" in Neuhausen waiting in eastern Switzerland to eleven different routes. Below is a children's trail for rock climbing enthusiasts from four years ago. Highlight the panoramic round is an impressive view of the Rhine case: On a rope hanging, you glide past the roaring waters of one of the largest waterfalls in Europe. In the end it goes into free fall from twelve meters back to Earth - at the last moment with the gentle "Power Fan" slowed down.

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