Thursday, April 21, 2011

Images of the Dalmatian coast

A trip to Dalmatia

It's not far to the summer: You drive through the Alps and a few kilometers to the south and is in a Mediterranean landscape of the Adriatic. Actually I wanted to go to Italy. But it is from Klagenfurt to Slovenia and Croatia closer than Venice! Just 65 kilometers as the crow flies to Ljubljana to Rijeka and from there again 80 kilometers. One is already on the Dalmatian coast. Here you can go to Istria in the west (with the old towns of Opatija and Pula), translate to the islands of Cres and Krk. Or drive along a winding coastal road south 500 miles to Dubrovnik, beautiful Dalmatian coast with many islands. Even behind Crkvenica the traffic is much lower than at Rijeka. In the scenic area around Jurjevo very interesting one is often alone on the road. Small towns with Roman and Venetian history, friendly people, clear water, blue skies, white limestone and plenty of sun. Nothing looks more like the dull summer with overcast skies and temperatures in Germanic unfriendly climes.

From the Balkans war is nothing more to see. He found mainly in the hinterland of the Dalmatian coast and barely held in Slovenia and Croatia. The people are friendly and accommodating. In German and English you can easily communicate with them. Many hotels, guest houses and apartments are waiting for tourists. The prices are moderate and often you can pay with the euro. It recommended, however, the local currency to Kuna in the bag (rate 1 $ = 7.2 kuna). Only one problem I noticed: I have not seen an internet cafe in Croatia!

Here, people work less, and north of the Alps. Amazing how big the differences are, if you drive only a thousand kilometers to the south. The people, the scenery, the weather, the architecture, flora ... everything is strange and new. The Romans had invented an entirely different social order, as typical of today's technological civilization. To a certain extent this was certainly also much kinder on the weather. Mediterranean air, siesta in the shimmering afternoon heat, wine and good food, a very different light ... Here one can enjoy life.

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