Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sailing - Dalmatian Coast

Sailing highlights for gourmets

Luxuriant vegetation, picturesque old towns, sparkling blue waters and a colorful underwater world waiting for us in Southern and Central Dalmatia, an area that is, with its numerous different islands and nature reserves is an interesting and popular destination for sailors.

The sailing area

The southern Dalmatian cruise starts on the unspoilt island of Mljet (nearest airport is Dubrovnik), which could even have to inspire the much-traveled Odysseus. Starting point of the trip is the northwest of the island in the national park, which covers both the lush vegetation on the hills of the island and the salt lakes and the surrounding marine area with the many islets, reefs and cliffs. North of it are the Makaska Riviera offers its islands of Brac, Hvar, Vis, Korcula. Tangerines, oranges, alluring scent of lavender and rosemary, wine and olive trees, lush vegetation in coves with beautiful beaches and small restaurants for the "culinary evening activities. The Greeks, Romans and Illyrians knew that already appreciate the advantages. They all left their mark, the still visible in old documents and works of art, architecture and monasteries. The base of the yacht is the brand new Marina Krvavica Makaska the middle of the region, which once started on the boat trip for technical service. The picturesque old town of Dubrovnik can - as in ancient times - are visited by a different vantage point.

Absolutely worth to these shores is the friendliness and helpfulness of the residents and the local cuisine: lovers of hearty flavors found in the taverns and restaurants of the coastal resorts, excellent food and freshly caught fish cooked first class.

SegeltornSegelerfahrung for this holiday trips unnecessary. Your skipper discovered with you not only the most beautiful coastline and secluded coves, but also leads you to the yacht management. Soon you are able to sail the boat under the supervision of the skipper himself. And advanced sailors, the skipper still some handy tip. The exact Tornroute is - as usual with our trips - decided taking into account the interests of all participants, weather conditions and the advice from the skipper.

There is created a board cash from the board - are, and the charges of the yacht (eg food, fuel, gas, final cleaning, permit, port charges, deposit insurance) paid for - the traditional way for the skipper. At the commencement of charter a crew agreement is concluded, which governs the common life on board and the liability issues.

The yachts

The solid boats (eg, Elan 384) are navigational and safety-equipped as complete. They are known for the excellent sailing characteristics. The entire facility provides a comfortable life on board. Linen is on board, bring your own towels. (Changes and similar additional yachts reserved)

Wind and Weather

The prevailing wind in summer the mistral blowing from the northwest (about 4 Bft.), A warm, very pleasant sail wind aufbrist usually around 10 to 18 clock and clock back asleep. The temperatures are therefore not uncomfortably hot, especially on the water. In the fall can also blow ever the strong southerly wind Jugo and the Bora in the mountains. Although the Bora brings good weather, but can be regionally very hard. With the Yugo rather hazy weather is connected.

Combination with the Sport Hotel Odisej or Boat & Bike

This sailing trip can be perfect with a land vacation in our Sports Frog Hotel Odisej on the island of Mljet, or combine with a week by boat and bike Dalmatia.

Mitsegeltorn with skipper, accommodation on the yacht, sailing instructions, confirmation nautical miles;

when booking with flight check-in: Tornleistungen way flight with Air Berlin and German Wings from Cologne, Hannover, Hamburg, Berlin, Stuttgart and Munich to Dubrovnik, transfers. If necessary. Flight surcharges for certain airports.

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