Thursday, April 21, 2011

Lake Geneva

Julius Caesar Referred to as the Lake lacus lemanus in 58 BC, as he set off from Geneva to fight The Helvetians. Most Commonly Known as Lake Geneva in Francais, French icts name is Lake Leman.

Formed By The retreat of the Rhone Glacier Some 15.000 years ago, Lake Geneva Is The Largest lake in Western Europe, With a surface area of 583 km2 and a volume of 89 km3. The Lake is bisected From East to West by the Rhone River and Its maximum depth 309 meters IS Between Lausanne and Evian. Its 167-km shoreline IS shared Between Switzerland (114 km) and France (53 km). Its water temperature Rises to 22 ° to 25 ° C "during the summer and it never freezes"during the winter.

Passenger transportation on the lake

Transportation via the Lake Between France and Switzerland all year round IS Provided By The Navigation Company or CGN ( Which One Of The Finest boast Fleet of paddle steamers in Western Europe.

Daily links Between Lausanne and Evian in 35 minutes. Other French companies offer coastal cruises "during the summer months.

The fish of Lake Geneva

The Most Famous and Delicious are undoubtedly The Arctic char (Whose name is the local whitefish), tea & the lake trout perch. But The lake est aussi home to roach, pike, burbot and crayfish.

The birds of Lake Geneva

Located Along migrationOiseaux.JPG year major road Between the Jura and the Alps, Lake Geneva Is A favorite stopover for Many Birds was great. More than 150.000 birds winter on the lake. Among the lake's sedentary species, one Find the seagull, the black-headed gull, the gray heron, The Mallard, The Great-crested grebe, The moorhen and, of course, The Swan.

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