Thursday, April 21, 2011

Knuffingen airport opened

Knuffingen opened on 4 May its new airport. You've never heard of the city? Does not matter, but it actually exists. And only in scale H0 (1:87) in the Miniature Wonderland in Hamburg. Marvel at the new airport and many other miniature worlds in our slide show.

A new airport opened

The peaceful town Knuffingen between the resin and the Alps in a region of rolling hills of the miniature wonderland. In the background, towering majestic mountains. Whole 150 square meters, the city offers its residents - may be missing because no airport. Opening on 4 May, should withdraw 28 aircraft, after then 45th The start and runway is 14 meters long and only ten aircraft parked at the airport. Of course, the Airport also have many little surprises hidden in the detail. Whoever expects a still life is wrong: Everything is in motion. Flights land take off and disappear from the area, tanker jets on the runway and monitor the safety of fire trucks.

The miniature wonderland features more

The Matterhorn: The prominent Swiss mountain rises, reshaped from four tons of paper mache, hamburger in the old port memory. Over two floors meander of hundreds of model trains through a fantasy landscape that gets constantly increase. When the two owners Gerry and Freddy Brown, two former nightclub operator, sold their 2001 dance hall and pivoted around to model railroad, they were ridiculed. Today, nobody laughs. Breathe because the idea of the old love model train with modern digital technology, new life, proved to be a tourist hit. Who watches here, where it is not so boring: The Central Station Knuffingen dozens of trains roll in and out. Forklifts, baggage carts, and even people move around constantly, while a swarm of fire trucks with loud roar to deletion of a major fire at the Castle Hill disengages. And constantly creating new sections.

Many mini-worlds are distributed throughout the country

The so called by the fans, "Miwula" Hamburg plant is the largest, but by far not the only successful model railways. In Berlin there is the "Loxx" in Wiehe / Thuringia was the "Mowi-World". In Oberhausen was next to Europe's biggest shopping mall "Centro" is also opening a model railway world. Subsequently, the kick-off in Miniland Munich Kirchheim-Heimstetten. Connoisseurs appreciate the "Federal Railroad Model" in Bad Driburg special for their authenticity. It forms the period 16 31 From August 1975. Managing Director Karl Fischer, he calls himself a wink, "Deutsche Bahn CEO of the model Federal Railway", pays special attention to the fact that the path this time has built historically accurate. Whether it is billboards, cars and prices in the beer garden (DM 1.20 for a beer) is - everything has been researched. Even the press is at its "authentic path" impressed.

Always on the move

Everything is moving, constantly flashing somewhere else that lives world in miniature. That is what makes the model railroad layouts of the new generation so attractive and classical arrangements such as the Deutsches Museum in Munich and Nuremberg in the Railway Museum can look so frumpy. Aimed at model train enthusiasts love technology (industry jargon: "buffer kisser"), yet want to be the new tracks a leisure attraction for the whole family. are thousands of hand-shaped figures, with myriad small surprises and a lot of modern technology is also available in the world's second largest plant, see the "Loxx Miniature Worlds" on the Alexanderplatz in Berlin. In contrast to Hamburg, where the stimulus of the system consists in the fact that it winds through a variety of rooms, is in "Loxx" everything in a large, clear space: the reconstruction of Berlin's urban railway, the airport and the government district.
Attraction in Oberhausen

Realism is the key for the new railway. This also applies to the "model train world Oberhausen" in which the consultant George Rinneberg has invested two million euros. His particular approach: The system shows the Ruhr area, as it looked during the heyday in the 1960s. Everything is authentically recreated to the last ornament - from Sacred Heart Church in Oberhausen to the housing estate Graf Busch. Special optical depth gives the whole thing through most photo-realistic background of the world.

Model systems that have it all

Also in memory Village (near Bayreuth) is wiggled and gezuckelt. The operators of "La station" attach great importance to authenticity. Thus, only lines of identical ages roll along through a world. The rates are based on the original order as closely as possible to work.

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