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White sandy beaches without Ballermann

Formentera has no Bravo, no Tramuntana Mountains as Mallorca. Here are rarely hot party nights in Ibiza celebrated. For this, the smallest Balearic island of a resource in abundance: peace and the most beautiful beaches on the archipelago.

Far fewer tourists in Mallorca

That was with the rest, however relative, says Ekkehard Hoffmann. "In spring, autumn and winter it is really very quiet and relaxed here. But in July and August heat of thousands of Italians with their scooters on the island, "says the 57-year-old Bremer, who has lived more than 20 years in Formentera. He does not seem to have been in Mallorca or Ibiza for a long time to be. Compared with the local tourist hot spots, it seems Pujols, the tourist capital of Formentera, a sleepy village - yet. The island is changing, it is more built than before. The people committing the same mistake as the Mallorcan decades ago, Ekkehard scolds: "You only see the easy money with the tourists." But still, the situation is not comparable with Mallorca. He would also not complain, says Ekkehard. Formentera was not distributed throughout the year as many tourists as the neighboring islands of Mallorca, Ibiza, Menorca and is therefore dependent on revenue in the summer. Yet he is happy that Formentera has no airport. "Otherwise it would be here at the beaches, we have, all hell broke loose."

Formentera is personal

Ballermann many tourists and party-hoppers, as known from Mallorca and Ibiza, it seems too quiet here. And the arrival empfanden as too cumbersome: to fly to Ibiza to take from there a ferry to Formentera. What is for many local Isleños a curse, the German emigrant Ekkehard feels a blessing. "Only because of Formentera is still this atmosphere, the time chasing a little. Everything is something personal, " says the German, who took over in 1991 in Sant Ferran, the guitar-school "Formentera Guitars ". "For example, while storm in Majorca in all area nightclubs, take place in many bars and pubs in Formentera still live concerts. "

Also home for dropouts

As the amateur bass Ekkehard 1989 at the former owner a Gitarrenbaukurs him, he fell head over heels in the island. Just two years later sold the studio to be trained as an electrical engineer in Germany and took over the Gitarrenbauschule when the owner wanted to return to Hanover. His decision to start a new life in Formentera, he never looked back. "Since the island is so small, you learn quickly to know many people. We are here out of season almost among us," he says. Ekkehard island is well known as his little mixed breed dog, Kiko, who is in the narrow streets of Sant Ferran greeted when going for a walk more often than self-Ekkehard

Gitarrenbaukurs combined with beach holidays

About 45 students come each year for three weeks in his Gitarrenbauschule to manufacture their own, hand-made guitar among Ekkehard's instructions. Of course, it does not remain in the joint sawing, grinding, screws and hammers. "We make music together, to go after the course to the beach or a barbecue in the evening," said Ekkehard. Develop friendships with many students. Of course, very few tourists come to the guitar building to Formentera. Most are lured by the beautiful white sand beaches. "I read it again and again in brochures and travel guides, but it is also true that Formentera is the Caribbean of Europe," said Ekkehard. He traveled even been to the Caribbean, to Cuba. "The beaches there are a dream, but we are in no way inferior to them in Formentera," is his verdict.

At the end of the beach great view

One of his favorite beaches is the Playa de Migjorn on the south coast - more specifically, the point at Es Arenal. He is also the longest sandy beach. Especially with the "Blue Bar" and the pirate-bus, two popular beach bars, the beach seems even brighter and the water is still to be turquoise blue than elsewhere, which may of course be up to the drinks. Also terrific beaches Illetes are in the north. "When you walk up to the very edge, you have a wonderful view of the offshore island Espalmador," says farmer José salt that is often asked for the most beautiful section. He answers easily annoyed. "And please, no pictures," says José. He constantly would be held by tourists from work. The dirt road that leads to the beach of Illetas is located right at his Salt Basin.

Even pirates hunts Formateras sea salt

The Romans produced here, the "white gold Formentera. The flow into the basin-wide salt sea water evaporates in the heat of summer, leaving a high quality sea salt. Centuries ago, should have made it even pirate hunting. Small, rough stones from stone towers flight at the edges of salt pans remind them of their constant raids. The clear, turquoise water at the Platja de Illetes immediately reminds you of tropical beaches of the Coconut-ball advertising. Jose was right: The view from the northern tip to the World Heritage Espalmador island is beautiful. Of islets extending almost to Ibiza, the largest Posidonia seagrass meadow in the world. She was also honored by UNESCO, the only oceanic world natural heritage in the Mediterranean. You should Platja de Illetes not leave early. Otherwise you miss the sunset overlooking the famous rock of Es Vedra in Ibiza.

Fabulous beaches and bike trails

On the west coast attracts mainly the Cala Saona the beach lovers. The bay is small, but one of the most beautiful in Formentera. From here you can paddle a kayak along the coast - and go snorkeling in caves. And the beach of Es Caló Sant Agustí fishing on part of the gallery of picture-book beaches on Formentera. Each beach has its own characteristics. All, however, are surrounded by fragrant pine forests and largely undeveloped. And behind them are not yet pushing cars to huge parking lots. Formentera is 82 square miles is so small that many tourists like to do without the cars and the islands rather explore by bicycle on the Caminos verdes. A total of 19 of this country cycle routes criss-cross the island. For cyclists, they are a relaxing alternative to the often dangerous roads. They lead through vineyards, sand dunes, pine and cedar trees to the secluded bays and beaches. Time and again we will marvel at giant fig trees, protected under the goat and sheep from the sun.

Idyllic motifs for painters

Bicycle tours of the lighthouse and the nearby medieval Barbaria Pirates of the protection Torre Garroveret require some force, the view from the cliffs is worth the effort. One of the most beautiful cycling and walking routes is the old Roman road to Cap de la Mola lighthouse with his same name east of the island. The route along the coast offers beautiful views. You should, Wednesdays and Sundays need to insert a break in the village of El Pilar de la Mola. These days there occurs the well-known crafts and hippy market. A native of Berlin Painter "FireFox" sold here since 1984, his imaginative, colorful images. In 1974 he too was here. "For me, Formentera in the Mediterranean paradise par excellence," he says. "The blues, greens and yellows, which I have here in the water, pine forests and sand as a reference for my paintings, I find nowhere else." The painter seems to succeed. Just buy it from a well-heeled Americans for 1700 $ pictures. The man actually makes holiday in Majorca. In a Majorcan gallery him the pictures of "Firefox" are noticed and he was quickly decided on his yacht over to Formentera to buy a few paintings. Another reason to come to Formentera.

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