Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Unusual Hostels

"Hostel" - it sounds at first quite boring and without charm. This must not be. Because in addition to sterile buildings, in which the white dishes is the biggest attraction, there are always youth hostels, which are housed in real castles or mansions. We present exceptional youth - in our slide show.

Castle of Diez and live in Born-Ibenhorst

In Diez, Rheinland-Pfalz, a maze of medieval town is high on the Lahn in a historic Castle of housed one of the most modern hostels in Germany. The Category IV + is available within the Youth Hostel Association for extra comfort, for example, all rooms have shower and toilet (tel. 06432/2481). Born in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Ibenhorst seems like Bullerbu: In the Boddenlandscape middle of the forest, make colorful wooden houses and houses a small village. Who is the right season in spring or autumn, which can observe the largest crane flocks in Germany. A campground is also located on the site (tel 038234/229).

Hostel Rosenhof in Lindau and the castle Stahleck

The Rosenhof near Lindau, a short walk from the shores of Lake Constance, is a historic property that has been extensively renovated. The estate from 1832 and the modern annex are situated on large grounds and the triangle has a lot of leisure activities (phone 08382/9671-0). Far beyond the borders of Germany is famous for the hostel in the castle Stahleck in Bacharach in the Rhineland-Palatinate. From the terrace of the mighty knights castle dating from the twelfth century, with modern facilities inside, the view over the valley of the Loreley and the Rhine overwhelming (tel. 06743/1266).

Menzenschwand and Castle Coldit

Those who vacation in the natural desires, who finds in the yard in Saint-Blaise-Menzenschwand Baden cuisine and charming atmosphere. The 350 year old farmhouse in typical Black Forest style is located in a nature reserve Feldberg (tel 07675/326). The Churchill's grandson was in Colditz Castle in Saxony during World War II prisoner. Today, the large, impressive castle houses next to the modern hostel an exhibition about this turbulent time (tel 034381/45010).

Dahme and Falkirk

One of the newest hostels has recently emerged in Dahme in Schleswig-Holstein's Baltic coast. Particularly great for families: At the cliffs a separate staircase leads directly to the Baltic Sea beach with child-friendly shallow water to splash around (tel. 04364/470173). Hostel Falkirk. If despite the often-Community youth hostel atmosphere would rather keep to themselves, who can rent in Falkirk at the dam Kriebstein in Saxony for themselves and their loved ones a whole bungalow. On the big lake there is also a water-plant and lonely trails (tel. 03727/2952).

Hostel riding Barth

The greatest desire of small and often unaffordable horses girls holiday on a bed of roses. In Barth in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, the otherwise very simple hostel, so in addition to its own zoo and several ponies and a riding arena for rainy days (Tel 038231/2843).

For more information:

For the stay in all youth must be a member. This costs a year for a young twelve euros for adults over 27 years 20 $ and for families is also 20 $. The maximum price per night including breakfast in a hostel in Germany is 27 $. A hot meal can be had for about five euros. German Youth Hostel Association, Service Tel. 05231/74010,

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