Tuesday, April 5, 2011

China World Heritage-Mount Huangshan

"No more mountains to visit, if you have visited the Huangshan mountain, he will not visit the five mountains. " That is, if you have visited on a journey to the Huangshan Mountain, the famous five mountains in China, namely, the Eastern Taishan Mountain, Huashan Mountain in the Western, Middle Songshan Mountain, the southern Hengshan Mountain and the Northern Hengshan Mountain, all the mountains under the sky not worth the trip. But if you have first visited the Huangshan mountain, then he needs the five mountains to visit any more. From here you can feel the uniqueness and glory from the Huangshan mountain.

The Huangshan Mountain is located about 1,200 square miles Huangshan Landscape Zone in Mittelsüdchina. Mount Huangshan has high peaks and deep ravines, so there there is a haze full, wet and a rainy climate.

In the Huangshan mountain beauties of all famous mountains in China are concentrated. In particular, the "four unique features" a miracle of nature. The first is the uniqueness strange pines: Pines are among the most famous scenery in Huangshan Mountain. There are over 10 000 pine trees with the age of more than 100 years. These pine trees grow mostly in the cracks of the rocks. With tangled roots and branches ramified as they rise majestically and show great vitality. In particular, the welcome guest under the jaw Jadefrau summit is already a symbol of the Huangshan mountain grown. The second singularity is the grotesque rocks, Mount Huangshan has numerous perilous peaks and steep cliffs. At summits, slopes and valleys, grotesque rocks are seen everywhere. They have a great aesthetic appeal. The third singularity is the sea of ​​clouds: because the climate there is distributed vertically, the Huangshan mountain is often covered by mist. Peaks and valleys appear soon, and sometimes hide in mist, which is extremely beautiful. The fourth is unique hot springs in the Huangshan Mountain.

The natural environment of Mount Huangshan is complicated, and there is a stable and balanced ecosystem. Mount Huangshan has an obvious vertical distribution of vegetation or a whole society. In addition, each of a mountain and a mountain bog grass bog remain. The forest coverage rate of the Huangshan Mountain is 56%, and the vegetation coverage rate of 83%. In particular, the local tea "Huangshan Maofeng"and the medicine "Huangshan Lingzhi" known worldwide. Mount Huangshan has several old and rare trees, which are the characteristics of "old, big, expensive, extraordinary and much" influenced. Of these, the Huangshan pines are most famous. In addition, the Huangshan Mountain is also considered an ideal nesting and Vermehrungsort numerous rare animals.

Besides the natural scenery of the Huangshan Mountain has deep cultural atmosphere. Many poets, painters and other artists in history have been admired by the beautiful scene there. They have created countless works of art from various aspects described the beauty of Huangshan mountain and enriched. Alone in the field of poetry, the famous poet in all dynasties such as Li Bai, Jia Dao, Fan Chengda, Shi Tao and Gong Zizhen works in praise of the Huangshan mountain written. Now, more than 20 have been found about 000 poems.

Artistic is the Huangshan-painting school to embody the beauty and tranquility of the Huangshan Mountain as a shining pearl of the Huangshan-culture. The masters of the Huangshan-painting school have constantly nutrients from the landscape of the Huangshan mountain added to enrich themselves and their own artistic creation. By imposing a concise description, cheerful delicate composition, fresh heroic style and deep magnificent creatures they have established painting circles in their own direction. Contemporary photographers have viewed the Huangshan Mountain as an inexhaustible source of creativity. In addition, according to tradition, the head of the house of the Chinese nation, Xuanyuan Huangdi, here prescribed and directed it, and finally he has made in eternity. are therefore in the Huangshan Mountain in the last several hundred years, many top names who have close ties with the aforementioned mythical history has been left as Xuanyuan Summit Fuqiu Liandan Summit and Summit. So the Huangshan Mountain in Chinese Taoist story takes an important place.

Because of the unique natural beauty and cultural atmosphere of the Huangshan Mountain in 1990 was inducted into the World Heritage List. The World Heritage Commission has assessed him in these words: Mount Huangshan is praised extensively in Chinese literary and artistic history. For tourists, poets, painters and photographers from around the world to this scenic beauty of Mount Huangshan has an eternal appeal.

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