Wednesday, April 6, 2011

traveling in New York

Broadway is one of the most famous streets of the world if not the most famous of all. With a length of over 20 km it's definitely the longest street in New York. In Manhattan, the streets are all really invested in a cross pattern, the Broadway is the only exception and is inclined to all other streets in Manhattan to Harlem. Perhaps most famously, the Times Square with its many bright advertising signs. Here, thousands of Americans annually celebrate New Year's Eve.

The Times Square is actually an intersection between Broadway and 7th Avenue, at the height of the 44th Road. Whether day or night, Times Square is the attraction for many tourists and the native New Yorker. Many restaurants and shops are located in Times Square, but is also all a little more expensive than in other districts.

Huge shopping centers, banks and hotels dominate the day mainly the image of Times Square.

Especially after dark, the visit is worth in Times Square, when hundreds of illuminating light can be of huge signs advertising the place. The bustle of Times Square, you can very well see one of the many restaurants like the Hard Rock Cafe, off.

Grand Central Terminal

In New York there are several stations, but none is as large as the Grand Central Terminal. Here, hundreds of trains a day to more than 60 tracks. The Grand Central Station has run more than 40 platforms on a daily basis, particularly among commuters in all directions. The building was built in 1913 in its current form and is used daily by many thousands of people. In 1998 the building was renovated.

The vaulted ceiling of the main hall is decorated with stars and the giant chandelier offers visitors a real eye catcher.

Where to stay a day so many people in the U.S. it is quite normal that there is in the station building, a large shopping center. Many businesses invite to lively shopping. In the lower floor there is also a food court, where you can eat cheap.

In the station building is also a famous restaurant of the basketball stars Michael Jordan. In the Oyster Bar and Restaurant you can dine and wine in a large dining room with vaulted ceiling for lunch.

Der Central Park in New York

The Central Park is one of the largest parks of its kind, many Americans use it at once to turn off the gray city life. Inside the park there are several made ​​lakes, ponds, meadows and many large trees. The Central Park is situated in Manhattan from 59th Road to Harlem to 110th Road. In the middle of the park is a trendy restaurant, where you should make reservations several days in advance a place.

The outer area of the restaurant offers a special dinner treat for the eye, as all trees and shrubs were decorated with lights. The Central Park has frequently backdrop for famous Hollywood films like "Home Alone in New York" or "The rulers of Central Park. "

The park has many animals have become accustomed to humans, so the squirrels that eat here, the visitors from the hand. In the summer, also occasionally live concerts in the park. After dark, you should avoid isolated routes in the park, as it often comes to pickpockets.

Favorite sport of the Americans is still jogging and cycling the. When you walk on a weekend through Central Park, you will see thousands of people who engage in sports.

The roads are then mostly closed to cars. Heading in the huge park, you can also pay the resident zoo or the Metropolitan Museum of Art in the 82th Street a visit.

En route you take to street vendors with cold drinks and budding artists who are responsible for a small fee, like a portrait of you.

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