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The largest hotel suites in the world

hether presidential, royal or Penthouse Suite, top suites are popular with celebrities and the rich. But for the hotels it's about prestige, especially in size and luxury. So as to achieve the living space of the luxury suites like the size of several houses. Also for the overnight rates to guests could make a very small car. We have compiled the largest suites in different parts of the world, even in our slide show.

The largest suite of Asia is the largest in the world

Officially, the title of "largest suite" is not only Asia but the world with an entry in the Guinness Book of World Records has since May 2008, the Royal Residence in the Grand Hills Hotel & Spa "with 4131 square feet - although the hotel is not in a the popular tourist areas is. In the mountains of Lebanon overlooking Beirut's coast by the hotel. The area to the most exclusive suite is separated again separately from the hotel. The suite includes a six-story main building, two swimming pools and three separate pavilions, so that traveling entourage has enough space. May spend the night guests for about 35,000 euros in the biggest suite in the world.

Sao Paolo: The largest suite in South America

In Brazil's financial capital of Sao Paulo is already en route by helicopter, who lives up to and wants to avoid the traffic. No wonder that the largest suite in South America with the best heli-shuttle reached. This is it on the roof of the "Tivoli São Paulo - Moffarej" a heliport, airport transfers are available from the equivalent of 850 euros - for special guests of the transfer is sometimes even free of charge. The elevator only goes two levels deep into the largest suite in South America. In the 750 square meters of Mofarrej suite on the 22nd Floor of the hotel spent the night stars like Amy Winehouse or the Black Eyed Peas. In addition to the huge living room with 3-D TV, the suite including a kitchen for cooks or Accompanying a Jacuzzi overlooking the rooftops of São Paulo. His personal chef who has not this can dine in one of three hotel restaurants, such as the by the Spanish chef Sergi Arola Arola Vintetres Mofarrej drafted in the 23rd Floor. Observing in the way of the suite prominent eyes always score: walls adorned with several photographs of Claudia Schiffer. For one night in the most exclusive suite in South America, guests must fork out the equivalent of 11,500 euros.

Geneva: The largest suite in Europe

The largest suite in Europe is found in "Grand Hotel Kempinski in Geneva. 1080 square feet on two floors with views of the lake waiting for the final number of guests. In the lower floor there are formal reception rooms, upstairs three bedrooms and private rooms. Those who stayed here, she must of course not the usual leisure and spa facilities to complete. A new spa with hammam, a billiards room, a private lounge and a private health club facilities are part of the giant suite. Is huge but also the price. More than 30,000 will cost € the night in the luxury suite.

Texas: Everything here is larger

In the U.S. there is the saying "Everything's bigger in Texas" (Eng.: "Everything is bigger in Texas"). For hotel suites, this is all: In the 12th Floor of the Stoneleigh Hotel & Spa in Dallas is found with the exclusive penthouse suite is probably the largest in North America. The former private residences of the former hotel owner Colonel Harry Stewart exude 1920s-era charm and swank to 669 square meters. Nearly seven feet high ceilings, 500 year old wood paneling and a fireplace make both for private occasions such as weddings and meetings upscale impression. Good weather can be enjoyed on the 52-square feet terrace. The typical Texas charm customers pay the equivalent of 14,000 euros per night.
Africa: Huge Riads in Marrakech

In Morocco, the so-called Riads a long tradition. In the luxury hotel La Mamounia in Marrakesh, there are three such traditional courtyard houses with scale. Each of the riad has 700 square feet and are thus considered as the largest suites in Africa. Private atmosphere is already guaranteed by the construction. Private pool and spacious terrace are included as well as three bedrooms with private bathrooms. A night at the exclusive home costs the equivalent of about 7000 $.

Australia: private suite at the Great Barrier Reef

On the other side of the world attracts the luxury: In view of the natural wonders of the Great Barrier Reef guests can in the upper two floors of the "Hamilton Reef View Hotel Iceland" can quartered. The Presidential suite at the hotel lures with 400 luxurious square feet. The lower level features living and dining area and access to large terrace with private pool. Upstairs, guests sleep undisturbed in two bedrooms, each with private bath, of course. Compared to the other luxury suites, Presidential Suite, this is a real bargain: almost EUR 800 luxurious accommodation costs per night.


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