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Five German cities from the air

City trips in the spring - wonderful! The best impression of a city of visitors from gaining the highest possible vantage point. In addition to a first overview also a breathtaking view is offered. We provide the finest and some of the highest vantage points from Berlin, Frankfurt, Dresden, Cologne and Munich, also in our slide show.

The best views over Frankfurt

Frankfurt am Main, the only real skyline in Germany. The Frankfurt fair tower is one of them. The 257-meter high office building Europe's tallest tower until 1997 and was then replaced by the Commerzbank Tower. Frankfurter called the fair tower due to the pyramid roof "pencil". Architect Helmut Jahn wanted to symbolize the prosperity of the tower design, innovation and creativity.Wer den Städtetrip nach Frankfurt auch zum Shoppen nutzt, sollte vorher unbedingt in der Zeilgalerie Halt machen. From here you can see the skyline very well. High up for free and there is a magnificent view over the city center. Even after closing, for example, from the ninth floor with spectacular views "in" - such as sitting in one of the local cafes or in the Oriental bar called "Kanki", where you can smoke hookah. If that is not high enough should try it once in the Main Tower. With 200 meters, while this is only the fourth highest tower in Frankfurt, but the office building is very hospitable. Here visitors can take the elevator to the 56th Floor pass and go to the viewing terrace. Here visitors will find a bar and a restaurant.

Frankfurt celebrated in 101 meters

Whoever in the exploration of the Frankfurt night life does not want to miss out on a great prospect, should visit the "Club 101" near the central train station. The club is located in the 25th Floor of the Japan-Towers and invites every second Saturday of the month from 21-4 Clock to celebrate. Visitors to the disco, should be better before making smart on their website if he caught the right weekend, as the club is only open sometimes.

Dresden: Top of the Frauenkirche

The Frauenkirche in Dresden is not only famous for its beautiful view over Dresden. The history of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Baroque impressed visitors. The church, built from 1726 to 1743 was destroyed in World War II and had to be rebuilt completely. Today she shines in a new light on the Dresden Neumarkt and beautified the city. At 67 meters altitude is the viewing platform of the church, which is achieved with the so-called dome climb. The ascent to the dome, visitors first take the elevator to 24 meters in height, and then use by spiral ramp to the remaining meters to the run-up. They circle the outer dome twice, which requires good shoes and a good, healthy constitution.

Town Hall Tower - the highest tower of the city of Dresden

The 100.3-meter-high tower was to be only a small trick of the highest tower in the city center. At the time of King Friedrich August it was no one allowed to build a building that his castle tower is 100 feet taller than. The tower is managed only a 5.6 meter high figure of this arrangement and thus to avoid exceeding the building of the King. Today, the town hall tower is not more of Dresden's highest tower, but well worth a visit anyway. The 68 meter high observation deck was from April to the end. October.
High on the Cologne Cathedral

The Cologne Cathedral is 157 meters with his second-highest church in Germany. A visit to the built heritage 1248-1880, it is worthwhile not only because of the fascinating view of Cologne. The world's largest church facade has an area of ​​7000 square meters.

The Panorama KolnTriangle

The observation deck of the Panorama KölnTriangle offers visitors a breathtaking view of Cologne. From more than 100 meters can watch visitors to the observation deck with glass walls, Cologne, Rhine, bridges, and surrounding areas. In the building there are restaurants, bistros and bars, and events are possible. In view of the Cologne Cathedral, the Bergische Land and the Eifel, visitors can make a very special city of the region.

See all of Berlin

Who goes to Berlin should plan not miss a visit to the TV tower, as from here a Berlin is literally at your feet. From 207 meters, tourists can see the whole city through the panoramic roof. Whether the Brandenburg Gate, the Reichstag and the Olympic stadium - there's lots to see like that on a silver platter. The TV Tower receives more than a million visitors make from here a picture of Berlin. The high inertia visitors it is advisable to buy a ticket in advance via the Internet.

Berlin: Sleeping with a view of the TV tower

Who during his stay in Berlin, from a hotel room does not want to miss out on an outstanding view, can book a night at the hotel "Park Inn Berlin Alexanderplatz". Here, guests receive early booking a room on an upper floor of the bustling Alexanderplatz located hotel. If you book one should point out that a room is desired in view of the TV tower.

Munich's Olympic Tower

Located in the Munich Olympic Tower rises 291 meters into the air. reach a speed of seven meters per second visitor n the elevator to the observation deck of the highest vantage point in town. From here you have a particularly good view of the city and can see in good weather even the Alps. Anyone following the views of the city still wants to eat something, visit the exclusive revolving restaurant in the tower. The restaurant "181 Workshop of the Senses" was awarded three Michelin stars. There are tickets with a combination of tower visit and three course menu, which are best booked in advance via the Internet.

Alter Peter in Munich

The Church of St. Peter at the Marienplatz in Munich is called by the inhabitants of "Old Peter". The Munich landmark, on 17 May 1924 was inaugurated by Bishop Emicho of Freising was the oldest parish church in the city. With 91 meters high towers of the old Peter beyond many a roof. The viewing platform is located further down to 56 meters. This is not high, but enough to unforgettable views of the city. To reach the viewing platform, you should bring something Fitness: Total score run up 306 steps until they are rewarded with outstanding views. In good weather you can look up to 100 kilometers in the distance.

Hamburg's most famous church

The main Protestant church of Saint Michel is the landmark of the city and the most famous church in Hamburg. Previously, she was especially appreciated by the sailors, the 132-meter-high "Michel", as they call the Hamburg their church, could already see from afar. But Michel had twice bad luck. 1750, the church was struck by lightning. Until almost two hours later they noticed the fire, but because it was too late and the church fell in on itself. The church was rebuilt and burned again in 1906 due to construction workers. 106 meters in height, the tower platform is of the view of the city can be and has a view of the Elbe. The athletic visitors can reach the platform than 453 levels. Who wants to be the top fast just take the elevator.

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