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Niagara Falls

The Niagara Falls emerged from the overflow of the 5 Great Lakes, which have formed over 12,000 years. The overflow is Niagara River and its flow washed the soft sandstone under hard, but porous, water-permeable layers of limestone until the limestone collapsed and Niagara Falls were formed. The erosion has also today, for travel to Niagara Falls. In each year the cases shifted by about one meter, because the edge was milled ever. Over the millennia, a total of 11 km. The energy which is operated for several decades, reduced the amount of water of Niagara Falls by up to 75%. This also reduced the erosion to only 4 cm per year.

The Indians knew the Niagara Falls long before 1678 Jesuit Louis Hennepin discovered the first European to the falls. After the boundary was set between the U.S. and the then part of British, quickly came the first tourists. In 1846 the first Maid of the Mist, went still one of the biggest attractions in the fall. But more on that later.
The Niagara Falls consist of two cases, the American Falls and Canadian Falls, and it is clear which of the two of the star. The Horseshoe Falls, which is the Canadian Falls are larger, more beautiful to visit, the better. Horseshoe Falls are 54 meters high and 675 m wide, the American Falls 328 m wide and 56m high. This 2m height difference, however, are only seen statistically, because the height of the water is between 21 and 34m, then the rest are rocks lying around in the water.

Not the height and width makes Niagara Falls so special, but the water mass. 170 million liters per minute rush, despite the reduction of the Canadian Falls. Surprisingly, however, the American Falls has gotten only about 10% of the amount of water. So great I would not consider the difference in estimated. Sorry I had almost forgot to mention the Bridal Veil, which is the small channel next to the American cases. The island between the Horseshoe and American Falls Goat is Iceland, at the press over the Niagara River's water masses on the left and right.

The patriotism of the Americans, it really surprises me very much that because of the Niagara Falls never was a conflict between the U.S. and Canada. The location of the Niagara Falls on the American side is very well taken ill. The view of the cases is possible only on a tower or the Goat Iceland. These boundaries would have to put up a George W. Bush never. :-)))

Over time of course there was always a few lunatics, ICIMOD dealing with boats, rain barrels or Other more or less suitable aids the falls. When there was the first death, such as games were forbidden, as to balance on a tightrope over the ropes.

The town of Niagara Falls is very touristy and yet one is at first a little puzzled by the extreme commercialization of the falls, you might think are too but on the American side of the falls. Of course there are lots of hotels and restaurants, that is indeed a good thing, but whether the many shops, Wax Museums, amusement booths .... need to be? Probably not, but regardless, we follow the thundering noise, which announces the cases from a distance. Approximately level with the American case, we see for the first time on the cases. It's an inspiring spectacle of nature. After many, many pictures we slowly walk towards the cliff. The rumble of the Horseshoe Falls is getting louder and louder. The impression is more powerful. There are always new angles to make pictures of the Falls, until we finally arrive on the terrace with the view gischtbesprühten Visitor Complex Table Rock House.

Here directly to the cases you get wet in a few minutes. We briefly stepping closer to the drip line and enjoy the power of the water. So now, however, quickly into the dry, because after a few minutes we were really wet.

Before this first meeting with the wet, if we were really sure the ride on the Maid of the Mist is an absolute must, but once we are up here already so wet, and told Peter and Nicole, how wet is pretty, despite the blue "raincoats" the bottom of the boat, we have the whole thing with a telephoto lens or views accurately. The name of the classic all sightseeing opportunities, Maid of the Mist, so young women of the spray comes from the Indian time. Iroquois girls were sacrificed regularly, where you put them into a canoe filled with fruits and flowers and the power of the Niagara River on lies.

As bad a half-hour ride is now gone, but the boats up close to recognize under the falls and how much is you will not stay on the body is dry and out of a white wall of fog down there to see anything on the boat. Following the already damp experience on top of the waterfall, we let the manure with the manure. :-))
A second one for Americans, vital attraction Journey Behind the Falls. A walk from Table Rock behind the Horseshoe Falls. The elevators and tunnels leads to a hole in the rock, which provides insights from behind the falls.Since even our hotel room offers a view from slightly above in the direction of cases, let us not miss the Skylon Tower.

The tower provides a view from above the Falls and the Niagara River. So you get an overview of how cases are formed from the Niagara River out. How the water divides in the American and Canadian Falls and meanders difficult to Goat around Iceland. The Rainbow Bridge, which connects the U.S. and Canada is here to see the top good.
The tower is 160m high plus its 70m high base. With the lift it goes along the outside of the tower observation deck again. In the tower there are several restaurants including a revolving restaurant. The view from here is spectacular. Of course, the fun is not cheap, but compared to the other "attractions" is money well spent. Apart from the Skylon Tower, there is the Minolta Tower. The 99m is much smaller, but will certainly not be bad. However, it is there behind glass if it should be special glass without reflections. Whatever the case, I can definitely recommend Skylon Tower.

Next, we head north to the so-called Whirlpool. A flushing of the river, which has formed over time. A look old cable car, flying car and glide over the river and you can see from the top of the strudel. Hmm nothing special and also very expensive.

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