Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon is a world famous natural wonders, the flow through which the Colorado River, also known as the Grand Canyon, which is protected by UNESCO as one of the natural heritage.

Grand Canyon in northwestern Arizona on the Kaibab Plateau, it is one of the most spectacular scenery. Colorado River in the Colorado Plateau cut out of a total of 19 major canyons, with a total area of ​​2724.7 square kilometers, of which the deepest, widest, longest one is the Grand Canyon. It is 446 kilometers length, is the one of the world's longest gorge. Valley top width of 6-28 km, the deepest 1,800 meters. The bottom surface of the water less than 1,000 meters wide, the summer snow melt water, the water depth to 18 meters. Rocks are mostly red.
Grand Canyon
For a long time, the United States Grand Canyon National Park has been a place of tourists fascinated. It is located approximately 402.3 km north of Phoenix, attracting five million visitors a year visit. A series of activities within the park include rock climbing, fishing, air tours and trekking.

For most visitors, the Grand Canyon usually refers to two places: the South Rim and North Rim. Although only a few years away from the two, but their style is different. Higher than the southern edge of the northern margin of 304.8 meters from the main interstate highways and towns beyond, populated and more scarce.

Southern elevation of 2133.6 m, and Interstate 40 through Flagstaff, more tourists, especially during the tourist season. Most tourists will go to the southern margin, in part because they believe the scene of the northern margin of better than that.

Grand Canyon grand momentum is breathtaking. Visitors can enter the canyon from the south, through a slowly rising plateau; also be entered from the north, through the higher and more barren wilderness. No matter which side to go all the terrain can not be expected to be launched from the picture.

Suddenly you are in one, the front is the most spectacular on Earth, the most profound pictures. Wide and deep canyons, one looked as if the earth opened its heart specifically, let us glimpse into its deeper mysteries.

Grand Canyon Overview
Location: Northwest Arizona
Created: 1919
Area: 4,930 square kilometers
Terrain: vast high desert plateau and gorge
Main Attractions: Ghost Ranch and the North Rim
Wild animals: bighorn sheep, deer, cottontail rabbits, Kaibab squirrels, ground squirrels, rattlesnakes, spiny lizards, small mammals, reptiles and birds.
Activities: Ranger led nature walk, chat, slide shows, campfire activities, horseback riding and mule tours, hiking, biking, fishing, river rafting, air tours, cross-country skiing and hiking backpacks.

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