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Mount Fuji in Japan

Mount Fuji (ふ じ san, FujiSan) is the highest peak in Japan, Shizuoka Prefecture and Yamanashi Prefecture, across the sleeping volcano, located about 80 kilometers southwest of Tokyo Office, peak elevation of 3776 meters, August 2002 (Heisei 14 years), the Geographical Survey Institute of Japan resurvey it, about 3775.63 meters, close to the Pacific coast, about 100 km southwest of Tokyo (60 miles).It is the highest peak in Japan, but also is one of the world's largest active volcano, now dormant,geologists set it as the active volcano.

The name of Mount Fuji
Mount Fuji in Japan
Mount Fuji is Japan's world famous symbol of the important one in ancient literature also known as Fuji, not the rich or the Chi, or often referred to as Furong Feng Fu Yue. Since ancient times, the mountain's name frequently in Japanese traditional poetry "and the song" appears.Fuji name from the Ainu language, now means "eternal life ", the original minority Ainu from the Japanese pronunciation of the language, which means "Mountain of Fire"or"Vulcan. " Lanes beautiful conical hill, famous for the sacred symbol of Japan.Mount Fuji, one of the symbols of Japan in the global reputation. It is also often referred to as "Furong Feng"or "rich mountain"and "One-kaolinite. " Since ancient times, the mountain's name frequently in Japanese traditional poetry "and the song " appears.Now, Fuji is the Japanese people as the "sacred mountain", is the Japanese symbol of national pride. Fuji mountain towering, snow-capped mountains, looking ahead, hanging upside down like a fan, and therefore the "Yushan"said.

Mount Fuji is called the Holy Mountain

Mount Fuji is Japan's sacred mountain, across Shizuoka, Yamanashi County,belongs to the Department of Fuji mountain peak of the volcano, conical skirt the foothills of the beautiful was drooping arc, right in the Suruga Bay to the Department of Fish River on a large area between the trench. Three thousand seven hundred seventy-six meters above sea level, slightly lower than China's Yushan, but as she 'Fuji kaolinite,' Do not say the same, with a disdain for the height of Japan and the perfect flawless, end Zhuang Xiuli gesture.

Natural beauty of Japan's most important symbol, Mount Fuji is about a million years ago, the island of Izu Peninsula in the past worked, due to changes in the crust violent collision with the Honshu Island, when extrusion formed mountain uplift, is a history was documented record of over a dozen times dormant volcano eruption.Peak diameter of about eight hundred meters, two hundred meters deep crater, according to the air like a bird's eye view is like a beautiful lotus Can open, but it was only a handful of people lucky enough to understand another look.

Climbing the highest and most famous Japanese mountain Mount Fuji (3,776 meters), can leave a lifetime memory. Mount Fuji from a distance may look even more attractive, and the most interesting is that in the sunny morning hundreds of thousands visitors from around the world have the same mind with hikers climb is very worthwhile.

Official climbing season

July and August are the official climbing season. In these two months, the mountains are usually snow-free, relatively humid climate, public transportation is very convenient, mountain huts are open. Strongly recommended that all do not have much experience hiking in the official recommended to climb Mount Fuji climbing season.

Together to climb Mount Fuji

Not only among the Japanese nationals, foreign visitors climbing together is very popular, they tend to 2 / 3 of the trip hiking. The peak of Mount Fuji climbing season is from July 20 to 8 by the end of the school holidays, the peak period extends to the middle of the Obon festival in August, this time climbing and even some of the road to line up.Although you may go to the mountains to avoid the Obon festival, but in order to avoid the problem of congestion in general, you will miss the climb Mount Fuji, one of the most interesting part - the availability and unique friendship with tens of thousands from around the world have the same minded hikers with climbing experience.In order to catch the right time, to avoid too much or too little flow of people, we recommend that you pick a school holiday in July before the first half of Sunday to Mt. This is the time to go to the mountains of bad weather, the season after a somewhat easier than walking instability.

Short season

Some mountain huts in the official climbing season, a few days before the opening and / or remain open until around mid September. Although usually 10 months after the Mount Fuji is basically no or only a little snow in the mountain climbing season, the peak temperature can be many degrees below 0. Unless the peak flow can be avoided, or else should be taken into account by the end of June or September to mountain climbing.From October to mid-June next year or so, due to extreme wind and weather conditions and snow, ice and frequent avalanches, climbing Mount Fuji Peak is very dangerous.

How to Mount Fuji

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