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Australia's Great Barrier Reef

Great Barrier Reef is the world's largest, longest coral reef, also is the world's seven natural landscape, it is one of Australia's most proud of the natural landscape. Also known as "clear and transparent sea wild kingdom. "
Australia's Great Barrier Reef
Great Barrier Reef is in northeastern Queensland, Australia, the other side is a lot stretches over 2,000 kilometers, which runs through the winding in the east coast of Australia, length of 2011 km, 161 km at its widest point. 242 km away from the coast of southern most, only 16 kilometers from the coast north end. In the ebb tide, a portion of the formation of coral reef island above the surface. Scenery is beautiful, dangerous and unpredictable, flow is very complex, living with more than 400 different types of coral reefs, including the world's largest coral reefs. There are 1,500 species of fish, 4,000 species of molluscs, 242 species of birds congregate, and has a unique research conditions. Here is some of the endangered animal species (such as dugongs and giant green turtle) habitat.

It is the world's largest coral reef area, extending to the northeastern coast of Australia, the length of more than 2,000 kilometers (1,250 miles), 16 ~ 160 km from shore (10 to 100 miles), each separated by the thousands of reef composition. Many reef exposed at low tide or slightly submerged, and some form sandbars, some inlaid around the island with the mainland or shore. Is the reason millions of years coral calcium crust and debris accumulation, and by coralline algae and insects and other biological remains cemented group formed. At least 350 species of colorful coral and diverse forms, the growth in the warm shallow continental shelf waters.


Great Barrier Reef waters were about the size of the island more than 630, including Green Island, off Dan Island, Magnetic Island, Helen Island, Hamiltons Island, Linde Man Island, Lizard Island, Fraser Island and other more famous. Part of the Great Barrier Reef islands, is submerged in the sea mountain peak. Overlooking the Great Barrier Reef, like the surging sea of ​​blooming green gems in general. These features have now been opened as the island tourism, attracting millions of tourists every year.


Great Barrier Reef has a tropical climate, mainly due to the southern hemisphere flow control. As natural conditions here, no big storms, has become a variety of fish habitat, where different months in different aquatic can see rare animals, so that visitors feast for the eyes.


In addition to other indigenous people, white Australians are also scattered around the island. Here the tourism industry is well developed and has become an important source of income. Throughout history, the Great Barrier Reef in particular its northern region, on the northwestern shore of Aboriginal and Torres live in the culture of the island residents had a significant impact, in addition, there are rock paintings for people to watch the famous art galleries and 30 places historical sites, dating back to 1791.



The Great Barrier Reef difficult terrain, so a large number of beacon built around the lighthouse, and some have become well-known historical sites, and some hardened still play a role. The lighthouse beacon navigation role to play also become a view of the landscape.

Attitudes of coral

Great Barrier Reef corals by the composition of 400 kinds of colorful, plastic mix, most of the submerged reef, reef exposed at low tide a little top. Overlooking from the sky, like the Yi Keke Keys emerald green, shiny, reef top, such as the looming beautiful flowers in full bloom in the boundless expanse of blue of the sea.

Marine life

Great Barrier Reef some 1,500 species of tropical live marine fish, there is an elegant swimming butterfly fish, damselfish beautiful colors, beautiful lion fish, gorgeous, indolent fish print head, spine and release venom prominent spine-like stone fish, angel fish, parrot fish and other tropical fish. Lagoon coral reefs had a tight package, where the calm, is a natural haven for a variety of fish, crabs, seaweed, molluscs, colorful, dazzling, through the clear water, fresh. Groups of small bass (sound yì) fish in the Great Barrier Reef plankton prey outside. Weighing 90 kg was awesome looks strange giant clams for at least one billion eggs produced. To dominate the oceans of sharks, soft, boneless snail without a shell, gigantic sea turtles, spotted crimson tide crabs ... ... was rushed to the size of the shells sparkled, quietly lying on the beach at low tide up too late to escape one meter lobsters, sea cucumbers and delicious body fat can be a real treat for the lucky ones.

Great Barrier Reef diving air show

Shanghai World Expo 2010 in Australia there is a permanent exhibition performances, it is the sky diving show. Four acrobats dressed in diving suits to simulate the sea diving in the air show, visitors to the head from the "diving" and over, creating a captivating "submarine" the world.

How air diving play?

Originally with the modern intelligent lighting technologies for air diving performances. Suspended from the atrium ceiling under the bright light sculptures, environment simulation can be subtly related to Australia's Great Barrier Reef into. Colorful coral, fish during the shuttle, as if into the Great Barrier Reef underwater fantasy world. With wonderful fireworks, beautiful aerial ballet descended into the sky. Original, dance like a "diving", lighting, like "Ocean", all the world-famous Great Barrier Reef underwater landscape is creative, as is to be human and marine life live in harmony.


Brisbane, 1100 km from the Great Barrier Reef, 600 km from Cairns. Major cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane flight has reached the Great Barrier Reef, the other, Proserpine Railway through the Great Barrier Reef can be reached along the Bruce Highway Great Barrier Reef.

Travel advice

1, in the Great Barrier Reef, swim in the sea.
2, set foot on the Great Barrier Reef on the beach of silver sand.
3, accompany the stars and coral, have an unforgettable night.
4, the best diving in the world to learn diving.
5, heart-shaped bird's eye view of coral reefs.
6, watch the whales.
7, take a sea plane to WhitehavenBeach picnic will feel great.

Travel Notes

1 year 10 months to March the following year to the Great Barrier Reef, a large number of jellyfish in the waters into the Great Barrier Reef, while playing a certain safety.
2, to the Great Barrier Reef tourism can be four o'clock, the average temperature at 23 ℃, only in the summer will appear in January temperatures above 30 ℃.
3, in the Great Barrier Reef to protect bio-tourism.

Best Travel Time

Speaking from the season, tropical Cairns, Australia, is conducted year round tourist activities take place.

If you want to choose the best time, every year between May to October (the local late autumn, winter and early spring) is ideal. At this time the climate is more stable, cool and pleasant, mostly blue sky. A clear day there are enough light into the water, beautiful coral and colorful fish, very bright colors and moving. Great Barrier Reef water temperature is the coldest winter in 23 degrees Celsius to 32 degrees Celsius in summer among the hottest. Any time so visitors can swim in the sea sightseeing without feeling cold.

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