Thursday, March 17, 2011

Beauty of the world's geographic Palm Beach in Florida

The most beautiful scenery of Florida Palm Beach is one of the world's leading tourist paradise, suitable climate, beautiful beaches, fine restaurants, art exhibitions and theatrical performances, even the most discerning traveler, in Palm Beach can be satisfied. April each year, Palm Beach is the most colorful art activities, including beach crafts exhibition, which started on April 4 in Palm Beach Jazz Festival to showcase America's most distinguished jazz and art lovers won Ages.

Area is located in Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale north of the coast can experience in this exciting urban vitality, but here's uniqueness, wealth and culture are all on the next level. Won the Gold Coast (Gold Coast) may be caused by the nickname in this. But it also may be due to the stretching forty-seven miles of golden beaches.

Palm Beach is located in the center of all these factors, with more than a century of history. Fu JIA celebrities as the entertainment, fashion here has become a microcosm of society. Since the railroad magnate Henry Flagler spread to the town and the railway construction of the hotel for visitors, the town has become synonymous with luxury. Today, tourists drive favorite pastime is to ride on the island, take a look at those luxurious estate on the island and then went to a restaurant, a landmark, see if you can meet the stars or government dignitaries.

Whitehall this Gilded Age of the Flagler estate, but also a sign of prosperity. A visit, how much they can learn how to create the wealth out of the Kingdom of the. And the famous Worth Avenue adjacent to downtown Palm Beach because of its Mediterranean style architecture and exquisite shops and famous. Cinemas, museums and galleries to create a refined cultural atmosphere, this atmosphere has spread to the West Palm Beach in the major regions.

West Palm Beach, Palm Beach was once a residential area workers, and now has developed into a unique region. Clematis street on the city center of those pleasant clubs and restaurants, shops and street festival for the people of the city into a new vitality. Norton Museum of Art for the art lovers and the family displayed works of art, there's a certain amount of the zoo for visitors to participate in interactive science museum and urban travel throughout the western Lion, where visitors can drive in the backyard of those lions, elephants, giraffes and other wild animals native to Africa pass.

There are two nice northern islands and their attractions. One is the Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge, whose role is to protect native animals, these animals can live in the Everglades environment and reproduce. The other is unparalleled selection of quality golf courses, the Palm Beach area and therefore a large sought after. Renowned resorts and clubs host the annual PGA tournaments and championships, and hosted some of golf's favorite players.

North of Palm Beach County has a relatively strong environmental awareness, partly due to relatively late in development here. Pina Island (Peanut Island) in the coastal waterways to retain the middle of a nature reserve, and the Cuban Missile Crisis President John F. Kennedy during the construction of a bunker, because at that time President Kennedy in Palm Beach has a a house. John. Di. Forum State Park, this place is the coast to retain the original look. Through the nature center and environmental way of publicity and education programs warning people not to destroy the environment here. Juno Beach and Polypogon turtle park and the Marine Life Centre are committed to help the sea turtles nesting in the summer months to organize and display of sea turtles crawl. breakwater at Jupiter Beach Park, visitors can choose to fish or catch up with the lease to the deep-sea fishing vessels, you can also visit the Museum of Art, or to climb the 1860 lighthouse.

On Jupiter, and Hobe Sound style has become increasingly away from the city hubbub, and then closer to nature. Environmental Protection Award areas include protected areas, the wind Rock (Blowing Rocks Preserve), Jonathan Deacon Johnson State Park and the Hobe Sound National Wildlife Refuge, work In the middle of the night patrol officers will look to find and mark sea turtle nests.

Palm Beach's southern coastal region has been expanded into a series of extension of the old and new upscale communities, including Lake Worth, Monaco Lapan, Boynton, and Dai Errui Beach.Even in these areas is very high expensive and snorkeling, including a "crash" underwater Mercedes Tailored - Mercedes-Benz. Luxury brands make this privilege beach resort increasingly brilliant shine. Especially the beach last year, Dai Errui shine, reflected in its first-class accommodation, unique shopping downtown and the new culture. Dai Errui major section celebrations demonstrated a strong sense of community here. Quiet and comfortable in their sen on the outskirts of the museum and hibiscus gardens, can be heard on here to explain the history of Japanese immigrants. A nearby garden being developed Lanzhi more people to appreciate the tranquility of the soul.

The road leading to the rich areas in Boca Raton hidden, there is a beach community, families and couples for many physical and psychological pleasure of shopping and dining experience. Attractions worth a visit Gumbo Limbo Nature Center, Coconut Cove Water Park, Little Palm Family Theatre and the Children's Museum. Want to go to a more mature area, you can try to Mizner Park enjoy shopping, or visit the Boca Raton Museum of Art.

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