Saturday, April 2, 2011

Iguazu Falls - a wonder of nature!

The visit of the Iguacu Falls or Iguazu Falls Cataratas Iguazú, or was within our - taken on their own - South Brazil trip really only one of several targets to be visited and also planned. Two or three days it should be, one on the Brazilian side and one on the Argentine side and maybe one day free, if it is really beautiful. It was more than a week of it and our enthusiasm about Iguazu was so great that we - I am ashamed to say it - even missed the flight home. At the airport of Voz do Iguacu (for the part flight to Rio), we did something funny to the daily data. On closer inspection revealed itself - we could not believe it - that one day we were on, as thought by us and the flight from Rio to home now stands out in exactly two hours. We therefore had to languish for three days in December 1989 in Brazil, Rio de Janeiro on Copacabana.

By luxury bus we came in 8 hours (per hour, about 1, - DM) from Curitiba to Foz do Iguazu, an area close to the falls Brazilian city and stayed there also are problems. However, we had to (for the first time in Brazil) make advance, and we saw probably from too much broken up. The second quartering (for 2 nights we went to the luxury hotel 'The Cataratas' where we was too boring) but we were welcomed without any advance payment and with a handshake. Foz do Iguacu we liked and one comes by bus quickly to the Iguazu Falls, both Brazilian and Argentinean side. We have a day off switching sides because both sides are truly exhilarating and - surprisingly - also very different.

From Brazil - Brasil - you can see the Cataratas down from high above. A uniquely beautiful hiking trail leads from the Hotel Das Cataratas above, where it goes down steeply, along the waterfalls. The constant view of the other side is in its beauty beyond description. I hope that my pictures have captured something of it. From this side is also well recognized that the cases go through about 5 km in length and in front of the water masses from two sides into a massive gorge fall. In the following section of the gorge, where you just walk along the water can only be fired on the opposite side of Argentine cascade down and that in hundreds of micro, small, bigger and biggest waterfalls. Only towards the end of the road to get there right up to the Cataratas this page. It's unbelievable what nature offers here.

On the bank of Argentina - Argentina - however you see her the Cataratas del Iguazu from the bottom and the side or directly over it, since it is directly or nearly on the waterfalls. The roar of the enormous volume of water and the spray you have in the truest sense of the word close. Everyone enjoys it but, at the very ordinary temperatures in the canyon to be soaking wet. And there is an increase in Argentina's. On long bridges in the jungle river Rio Iguacu migrates to hundreds of feet above the so-quietly flowing, brown by soil water. Virtually no signs to come. Only about the last 200 m, announces the mighty. It is the Devil's Gorge or Garganta do Diabo, which begins in mid-river. And intangible, to get on the dock until just up to the throat and looks exactly from above into the boiling water and roaring hell. Have built a masterpiece at this point a platform for visitors. Was completely incomprehensible to us, however, which is why almost no tourists here to stray. They should have run maybe a little.

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