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In recent years, Hawaii has become my most popular holiday destination. The climate with the warm trade wind is very pleasant and the water of the Pacific is beyond clear.On the islands I know myself now quite good and have a lot of useful tips for those interested.

If you mention the word in Germany, Hawaii, many believe a single island in the South Pacific in front of him, full of hula girls under green palm tree tops, and on which there is no beer. In reality it is more than a hundred uninhabited atolls, and eight large islands, have the American standard and among the most popular tourist destinations in the world. They are visited each week by about 180 000 tourists. Since almost all arrive by plane, some 100 jets land at the airports of Honolulu, Kahului, Kona, Hilo and Lihue. They are used to estimate roughly what a huge flood of tourists every day Hawaii. Nevertheless, all laid out very quickly and turns itself on arrival in Honolulu in a leisurely driving, where everything is strange hectic.

A friendly "Aloha"sounds contrary to all strangers who arrive at a fragrant flower wreath - the "Lei" - is put down as a greeting. A warm wind envelops all in the open halls of the airports and raises in the visitors carefree holiday atmosphere. Such a feeling can be found only in Tahiti and Fiji.Since Honolulu is the first stop for most tourists, I would like to begin my travel tips is available with it.Honolulu is the capital of the State of Hawaii, is located on the island of O'ahu and has 400 000 inhabitants. The 800 000 inhabitants of this island are already 75% of the total population of all islands together. The cause is the reason for the traffic problems and the stress that all major cities.

A note on pronunciation of the Hawaiian name:

The name of the U.S. government is not Hawaii, but Hawaii - he not only has two "i ", but the last letter is a little break and made ​​the "i" pronounced separately. This is related to the original name and the pronunciation have officially set the Hawaiians. Since most tourists and Americans do not know, you see why many names an apostrophe at the point where a break between the letters to be made. This is also in the other islands O'ahu, Kaua'i, Moloka'i, Lana'i and Ni'ihau is the case, not only in Maui. The island itself is called Big Hawai'i Iceland because the whole country was given the name Hawaii. However, the name on the Internet and computer entries are often written together. Therefore, you will find on my website different spellings.

But all is forgotten when you arrive after 20 minutes on the highway in Waikiki. Although it is a lot going on here, but it already has a special appeal, in the evening at the Royal Hawaiian to drink a Mai Tai and watching the sunset. In addition, the Beach Boys, surfers and boogie boarders are watching this very active and it's great fun to them.

It's just a totally different world here in the morning stroll on the beach, afternoons on the International Market and stroll in the evening to experience the pulsating life Kalakaua Ave Waikiki. For many it will seem very strange that many Japanese are here, and that many shops have stopped completely out - not only because they are even in Japanese hands ...

It is certainly a little corny, but beautiful: the Kodak Hula Show at Kapiolani Park will find you on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at 10:00 clock. Go and enjoy the show. Although it has been taken over by another company, but still the best hula dancers from all over Hawaii. The only equivalent is non-commercial show it only in the Bishop Museum, and there you will encounter the same hula dancers.

O'ahu is a very beautiful island that has many attractions and sites, if one is only a few miles from Honolulu or Waikiki out. You should really go to Sandy Beach and surf in the meter-high waves. That goes with the long board, the board that the boogie board or without board with the body. It's great. Borrow from a surfboard in Waikiki and try it! If you are here in the winter months, you should not miss to visit Sunset Beach escape. But the watching is breathtaking, if the surfers glide elegantly through the 6m high waves. A rollover on these waves corresponds to a fall from.

Beaches in Hawaii

All beaches in Hawaii are public - even those that lie in front of hotels or private houses. There is a state rule that says that the beach in the width of the highest winter tide be publicly available to everybody and can not be bought. The hotels must provide a separate access to the beach for other guests. Keep always on the lookout for the signs "Beach Access " or "Shoreline Access". This scheme is wonderful, because then one has ever showers and toilets. They do exist but also in the beach parks that are everywhere on the islands. This, of course, picnic benches, grills and parking, as the indigenous Hawaiians love nothing more than a picnic on the weekend in the Beach Park with family friends. Very pleasant is the fact that the waste is disposed of every day and the toilets are cleaned.

On the following pages I have listed for each island's finest beaches. Of course it depends on what you want to do there: swimming, snorkeling, diving, surfing, walking, jogging ... Each beach has its own particular merits. For more information, visit Dr. Beach, which is the nickname of Professor Dr. Stephen Leatherman, which each year publishes a list of the best beaches in America. Almost always a beach in Hawaii is number one. In 2006 it was the Fleming Beach on Maui. Almost all Visitor magazines also contain a list of beaches and their particular advantages.

Honolulu is inextricably linked to Pearl Harbor and the Pacific War. Very interesting history lessons you will experience when you visit the Arizona Memorial.
The not to be missed. Take necessarily early in the morning there, because the trips are limited. Because the groups are divided, you will otherwise have to wait long. However, it is not so bad, because this time you can visit the impressive exhibition. A film about visiting the Pearl Harbor attack, is mandatory. Then you will be taken by the rangers by boat to the ship wreck.

Driving in Hawaii:

Since it in the Hawaiian Islands no public transport there (with the exception of some bus routes in Honolulu), the entire motor traffic handled. Everyone has a car and wants it best to the front door of his chosen target. Rental cars are extremely cheap. I e.g. In October 2010 the cars for each of the islands from Germany booked and paid in dollars for an economy or compact car per day $ 24.40. That included all insurance and taxes. The end result I then always have a higher class car for same price, because the small classes were not available. You can even have cheaper if you use the insurance of your credit card, however, is then usually the amount of loss is limited to a relatively low amount.

Restaurants in Hawaii:

Of course there are all types of Hawaii American fast-food chains and steakhouses. In addition, the islands offer but something very special: the "Pacific Rim Cuisine" or "Hawaiian Fusion". If you value good food, you should visit this restaurant offering a typical Hawaiian cuisine or Pacific Rim cuisine. A few years ago there was the famous "Pacific Cafe" on the islands. Now there is only one in Las Vegas. Too bad. Let yourself be fooled by the way, the term "café". In Polynesia, the restaurants are called very often like that.

Because I personally am a fan of this kitchen, I have to "Pacific Rim Cuisine" created a separate web page where you will find all the information on this and the various restaurants on the islands.

Golf courses in Hawaii:

Hawaii certainly has some of the most beautiful golf courses all over the world. I'm not a golfer, but often live on the golf courses, often because there are cottages, which have a great location and rent at a reasonable price. The islands are trying to offer each other in the Gulf to excel. Among the more than 100 people by the avid golfer everything their hearts desire. The rent is very different. In public places you can certainly play for $ 18-40, while it costs the clubs usually $ 75-100, also because most places are better. The high-quality places you have to shell out more than $ 100. Who does not want to inform the appropriate golf magazines can visit the websites below.

Prices in Hawaii

Like all U.S. states, including Hawaii has its own characteristics. It starts with the tax that amounts to 12.4% (2010). On all hotel and Condopreise have to expect that amount on it, in principle, to all but the tax rates of 4.166%. All price tags you see in stores are net prices. Therefore, you have the spirit to all the tax rates of 4.166% added to it. This is also the case in the supermarket. Here of course the fruit range is fantastic, the prices are unfortunately too. It is incomprehensible to us German that a pineapple that grows here, 1.99 $ / lb cost, which usually means 6 $ for the piece, while here in Germany, despite the high freight costs from Hawaii from 1,99 $ each is to have. The same price difference can be found in all fruits. Fruit is therefore an expensive in Hawaii.

The Hawaiians are smart and buy directly from farmers or at the Farmer's Markets, where they pay only a fraction of everything. I have also tried several times and was always immediately identified as a tourist to pay the other prizes kindly added. You can work around the problem really only when you have a Hawaiian friend who goes shopping for one. Who has a Hawaiian identity, moreover, also gets very different prices at the airlines for the Iceland international flights, or for any events. These are the so-called "kama'aina" - price.
A baguette at the supermarket costs $ 2.19 a quarter pound of roast turkey $ 2.50, a quarter pound black forest ham $ 2.60 and $ 1.90 a quarter pound of cheese. The prices for milk, butter and kitchen items are similar to ours. Meat is much cheaper, more expensive fish (totally incomprehensible!). European cheeses are naturally quite expensive.

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