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Welcome to New York!

Well, that was now perhaps a little exaggerated. So that with the "Welcome". For in New York you can be - unfortunately - not even when you're sitting at home on the computer and have driven this website. Still, it is important to plan your vacation in New York. And for that, you've come to the right place!If you have landed on us, it's not far to the destination of your journey. We provide all the information you need for your trip preparation and also for staying in the city on the Hudson River. And not only extremely clear and current, but also completely in German. As much service should be!Therefore do directly go and start first with your imaginary journey through the streets of New York. Be inspired by us - but watch for itchy feet, we can not accept any liability!


Start right here with your virtual tour of the city - some New York highlights we have collected directly to the home page for you.

Central Park

From the former treeless, rocky swampland Since we got together in 1853 in the course of the years, a natural oasis that generations of New Yorkers and visitors to the city serves as a retreat from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis point and as a source of inspiration. Several movie sequences (for example, "Harry Met Sally") were shot here, a number of scenes in literary masterpieces (such as "The Catcher in the Rye") will play right here.Over 333 hectares of parks and recreation areas are created. There is also a zoo, a carousel, a theater, lakes, a castle, gardens and fountains. Central Park, The Mall - New York City, the park can be explored on foot or by bicycle, a carriage ride through the park are very popular.Today more than 25 million annual visitors enjoy the vast green space with its 26 000 trees and 9,000 park benches.The original idea came from the then most important landscape artists of the United States, Andrew Jackson Downing. He was responding to the desire of the population according to a recreational area, since in the former New York hardly leisure and entertainment opportunities exist. In an article in the magazine could Horticulturist 1848 he brought impetus to deliberations in the direction of a large public park where you can ride go walking, rowing, playing baseball or cricket, it should also be playgrounds for the children.

Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge is a small miracle of technology. It was completed in 1883 and was at that time the longest suspension bridge in the world. It connects Manhattan and Brooklyn.

It was designed by German engineer John A. Roebling (John Augustus Roebling). He had studied at the Royal Polytechnic in Berlin and emigrated in 1831 in the USA. In 1841 he founded the first wire rope factory in America. From this point took his idea to build the longest and highest suspension bridge in the world, figure. 16 years, however, should pass before his plans were approved.

Due to an accident during construction, he died suddenly and did not live to complete. His son Washington took over the management of construction and put a caisson technique he had studied with his wife Emily. Here boxes were established as foundations under water. Compressed air prevented the ingress of water. Working conditions were horrible and many workers suffering from a strange disease. Today we know that this is the caisson that occurs when people leave hyperbaric chambers too fast. Roebling also fell ill it was suffering from severe pain and was paralyzed. He did not stop the construction, however, watching the progress from a wheelchair.

Emily Roebling took over the management of the gigantic construction site. They negotiated, the quality requirements set by the Roebling and turned away numerous intrigues.

Even in today's world, this achievement would still highly significant, in the late 19th Century it was almost unbelievable for a woman.

On 24 May 1883 opened the giant bridge with a huge feast.

Also today is a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge impressive and an integral part of his New York stay. On the elevated walkway to cross the East River and admire the impressive skyline of Manhattan. Almost directly under the bridge, the River Cafe is in Brooklyn noble with enchanting views. The sight of the Brooklyn Bridge is spectacular by day, at sunset and at night.

Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty is a symbol of the United States become a country of immigration. At its base since 1903, the now famous lines from Emma Lazarus are attached: "Send me your tired, your poor, your geknechtetenn masses yearning to breathe free ..."

France's government had given the United States, this monument to the 100-year anniversary - the unveiling took place, however until ten years later, when they could only muster the funds for the base construction.

Gustave Eiffel, who later became the designer of the equally famous Eiffel Tower in Paris, developed the framework, standing with the aid of "Lady Liberty" the often violent storms in the New York Bay bi sheute held. In 1886 the memorial was finally unveiled.

Since 3 August 2004, the Statue of Liberty after extensive renovation to visit again. About $ 100 million cost of the "fun". The vast majority was collected from the former Chrysler chief Lee Iacocca.

Visitors can now also have the option, the Statue of Liberty Museum to visit and, separated by a glass wall to take a look into the interior of the figure. Especially recommended: the breathtaking panoramic view of education and the viewing platform on the sixteenth floor. Only the rise in the crown and the torch of the Statue of Liberty remains closed.

During the renovation, a new ticketing system was introduced by members of the long queues now the past. The security arrangements have been extended and improved the emergency exits. The statue was after 11 September has been closed to the public. In December 2001, the sightseeing tours were taken to Liberty Iceland again.

How to get to Liberty Iceland

The ferry will take you to Liberty Iceland. Loosen the best one spare ticket (adults $ 12, seniors 62 + $ 10, children 4-12 Jhren $ 5), which saves you some erhelblichen delays when boarding the ferry. With this ticket you get priced out without the Monument Pass, which you have access to the base of the Statue of Liberty and the observation deck.
The ferry from Battery Park, the extensive security checks begin at 9:00 clock. Before entering the statue, there are other controls.The ferry investors are respectively located at Battery Park (New York City) and Liberty State Park (Jersey City, New Jersey).Battery Park is located at the southern tip of Manhattan. Small Tip: How to use public transport, as the parking lots there are very limited. By phone you can get information about departure times of ferries at Tel 001-877-5239849.Of course, you can visit Liberty Iceland without a reservation, but you will not be admitted without reservation to the statue.


Many people are the main attractions of the city already familiar - even if they themselves were not even in New York. The landmarks and attractions, the Statue of Liberty, Times Square, Broadway or the Brooklyn Bridge are the world almost by everyone. Countless Hollywood films and popular TV series (like "Sex and the City"), who play in New York, have greatly contributed to that reputation.

There are also museums of world renown, the landmark architecture and New York's Islands - New York City offers an incredible range of fascinating to and views. We present the following pages the major attractions of the city.

New York for first time visitors ...

Visitors who travel to New York for the first time can, of course not all at once and visit companies. One should also not try, but make individual choices. Here are the main attractions are combined that one must-see.

We recommend you order the tickets to New York's top attractions before you leave in our online ticket shop! To save time on site at the orientation and can plan your spending better.

1. Day

* A sightseeing tour with a double-decker bus is a good start to get something to give orientation. In NY city sights, you can get off at specific sites and take a later bus to continue the tour. Especially popular with German visitors sprachuígen is the 72-hour ticket "All Around Town Plus", where all the hop-on, can use hop-off tours and get additional benefit from a German-speaking city tour.
* Visit the Statue of Liberty directly or look at the statue from the water on. The impressive skyline from this perspective will remain unforgettable in your memory. The Immigration Museum Ellis Iceland near the Statue of Liberty shows how the experiences of immigrants, the ancestors of nearly a quarter of the current U.S. population.
* Toll is also a helicopter flight where you can enjoy the beautiful skyline from the air. To get in the truest sense of the word an excellent overview.
* Stay in downtown, explore the South Street Seaport with its many restaurants and shops on the shore and a beautiful view of the Brooklyn Bridge.
* In the evening you could walk in SoHo with the stylish art galleries, boutiques and bistros in the famous cast-iron architecture to explore. Or experience the student and artist's Greenwich Village and the Washington Arch of Stanford White on the side of Fifth Avenue in Washington Square Park drinking an espresso in a coffee shop on Bleecker Street or dine in one of Thai, Indian, French, Polish or Japanese restaurants.

2. Day

* Spend the morning in Midtown East and visit the Chrysler Building in the Art Deco style and the United Nations. Wednesdays are even free tours of the recently restored Grand Central Terminal offered. There you can splendid food in a restaurant under the starry vault at noon.
* In the afternoon you can stroll to Rockefeller Center (Top of the Rock). The Channel Gardens, statue of Prometheus and the Lower Plaza are to be admired here. In winter, the giant Christmas tree lit up and many people skate. Is it warmer in the spring, the ice rink into an outdoor restaurant. Walk up to Fifth Avenue, at St. Patrick's Cathedral, past the Trump Tower and several shops in the upmarket or westwards to the Radio City Music Hall.
* In the evening you can visit a memorable performance at Lincoln Center. The following performances: Metropolitan Opera, New York Philharmonic, Jazz at Lincoln Center, New York City Opera and New York City Ballet.

3. Day

* On the third day, you can take a bike ride in Central Park, which is offered by Central Park Bicycle Tours, or just go walking. At the 82nd Street and Park, the Metropolitan Museum of Art is located. Among the 150 museums in New York City is the Met with exhibits from 5000 years ago, the largest museum in the western hemisphere.
* Then take the bus from Fifth Avenue downtown to 59th Street. On the way you see great buildings, most of which are residential. In the Fifth can buy excellent, as long as it allows the credit card. To the west of Times Square, the revitalization of this area is clearly visible. At the TKTS booth will be discounted tickets for Broadway shows, sold, or are listed on the same evening at Broadway and 47th Street.
* Before the show begins, you still have time for a ride to 86th Floor of the Empire State Building. In the late afternoon you can one hand the city by day and watch the other in the twilight with millions of lights. Many restaurants offer the Theater District called pre-theater dinner specials that are cheaper before the performance.

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