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the most beautiful dreams Maldives

Do you dream of swimming on deserted beaches, barefoot running, switch off and relax in paradise? A sand bank dinner, an unforgettable wedding ceremony, a jeep safari, sailing, diving and pure relaxation? Holiday dreams are the most beautiful dreams. And they are as unique as the people they dream of. For this reason, we create tailor-made for more than 20 years traveling in the paradises of the world, as individual as you and your dreams. Each of our journeys is unique, made ?with passion, love and by hand.
Holidays in the Maldives

Holidays MaldivahSamoe surprising that celebrate the people who were on holiday in the Maldives that it looks absolutely as in reality, as in the photographs. The same unreal turquoise, blue lagoons, amazing white velvet beach, marine life imaginable colors and colorings and rich green verdure of the islands.

After seeing the gray city is unusual and exciting at the same time. "Picture" absorbs the mind and takes a vacation with his head, wiping the bustling everyday problems of everyday life. Complete relaxation, a complete shutdown, instant and total immersion in the rest.Begin to see, feel, hear and present the most important thing in life.Check it out - now the holiday in the Maldives became available to anyone who really wants something meaningful in their lives.

Who and why most choose things to do in Maldives?

1.Diving Maldivah1. Fans of romance "paradise islands", the newlyweds and couples seeking to breathe new life into the fading relationship.

2. Living in cities of all ages and social groups who are tired of monotony of everyday life, an array of unnecessary information and endless bustle of "running around"

3. Middle managers with irregular working hours for accumulation of energy for the production of goods for the exploits of humankind

4. Top managers - for the rest of the mad flow of information, constant decision-making, daily control of everything

5. Big fans of the Maldives - is scuba divers. Diving in the Maldives is ideal for amateurs: a practical absence of vertical dangerous undercurrents, and the solid coral, warm sea, a huge variety of underwater world, as the flora and fauna.

Flight. Flights to the islands

Maldives from samoletaPryamoy flight to the Maldives from Russia is currently only available in Moscow. The airline Qatar Airways, Emirates Airlines regular flight to the island from Moscow performed a transplant on a daily basis.
Non-stop flight to the island from Moscow fulfills airline Aeroflot and Transaero twice a week.
Flights to the islands from other Russian cities, such as the flight from St. Petersburg or Yekaterinburg are possible only with a change in Moscow.

Flights to the Maldives can be bought directly from the airline or the ticket office, but it is better to book a tour operator that has a guaranteed ticket to the Maldives.

At the same time, be prepared to ensure that buying a ticket to the Maldives, you can not find your hotel and vice versa: there is a hotel, a ticket can not be found. So, book flights or hotels in order better to have a tour operator. In this case, the more reason to count on: guaranteed tickets and even last-minute tickets to the Maldives. And as guaranteed by hotels on the islands will simply be guaranteed by definition - that is, on the Group "Journey!".

Hotels in Maldives

Water bungalows MaldivahOteli islands - is standing on the shore of a bungalow, or stand alone, or in blocks of two, four, very rare - more. Often one-story, two-story maximum. Very popular water bungalow, standing directly over water on stilts. From coast to join walkways. For lovers of privacy, there are special water bungalows, which can reach only by boat.

Prices for hotels in the Maldives are in a fairly wide range, which allows each traveler to pick an acceptable option.Now on our site you can book and buy online is not only a complete ready-made tour to the Maldives, but also separately to book a hotel in the Maldives or book flights to the Maldives on any airline to operate flights to the islands.

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