Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Hong Kong - City Of Live

There are over most of the cities and countries, especially if they rise to regular tourist resorts. This page is created from a completely different reason and has little or nothing in common with conventional travel guides.
The Hong Kong of today is so promising that few places in the world. Here it seems to have succeeded: the merging of East and West. Hong Kong is harmonious, but still busy and always on the move. The city has the highest population density, but one of the lowest crime rates in the world. To understand these contradictions, it is not enough to tick all the sights. You have to experience the unique atmosphere of the busy streets of the city and the mentality of the people.

I can not say exactly when my interest in Asia has been aroused, but I had to realize in hindsight that I was probably for a long time more complete information unconsciously have really sucked me in need. The only way to explain that I found both when reading guidebooks less and less new and on my first visit to Asia on average, according to the locals a lot about the country, the culture and the people knew.

3453 days before I met my girlfriend at the time know that from Hong Kong for 10 years lived in Germany. This contact in-depth knowledge and interest is necessarily always more. In each of our meeting, I wanted to find out the normal between friends to talk about "your" city and its "culture" and could dip any time in a strange world to me at first.

2003, it was time. I wanted to see it with my own eyes and experience what I had known only from television, books and stories .. I planned my first trip to Asia and did not want to join in the typical tourist tour. So I deepened my knowledge again in the hope of well-prepared in the "City of Live ", as it is called by the Hong Kong Tourist Authority itself to travel.

Completely overwhelmed, and added some completely overwhelmed me was the first day of my trip realized that I had to document this trip - did the idea for this site.

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  1. No doubt HongKong is a city of light it is my dream to pass some days in Honkong this year i am going to perform umrah with my family for that i found cheap umrah tickets so i can't delay more i have to go becuse my last umrah travel was disturbed due to sudden adventurous tour.


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