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The Great Wall

The Great Wall is a treasure of Chinese civilization,i think now almost all over the world know is one of the world's cultural heritage also famous for building the Egyptian pyramids.And there is an old saying:"He who has never been to the Great Wall is not a true man".Two thousand years ago in the distant,in order to prevent enemy invasion Qin Shi Huang ordered to build the Great Wall with thousand of people. The Great Wall is the people of the wisdom of ancient China , but also a symbol of the Chinese nation.
The Great Wall in China BeiJing
Space Vision

Satellite photos taken from space show in the north-central China, about 434 miles west of Beijing, a desert area section of the wall.Walls are orange lines, color photos from the top of the left in the end stretch of the Ministry.Black and white photographs on the right reflects the boxes delineate the area, which shows the frequency of the space of four photography. Each frequency reflects the different aspects of the building, including the Great Wall, the two generations. Continuous line is built in the Ming dynasty city wall, the right side of the break in its line display was built in early 1500 before the remnants of the walls.

Great Wall of China is the greatest civilization in the history of the building project, which was founded in the Spring and Autumn Period 2,000 years ago, the Qin Dynasty unified China after the Union as the Great Wall. Han and Ming dynasties and has a large-scale construction. The voluminous works, the momentum of the majestic, called wonders of the world. Passage of time, people have changed, and now when you board the former site of the Great Wall, not only witnessed the winding in the high mountains of the majestic Great Wall, but also a taste of the Chinese nation's great wisdom and courage to make history.

But now, we have been in space using the naked eye can not see the Great Wall.

Related Stories

In ancient times, Meng and Jiang are neighbors each other,only separated by a wall.One spring, the Meng planted a gourd seed in his own garden, after watering, fertilizing carefully nurtured, the seed grow fat, tall, climbing over the Jiang's garden and become a gourd,when the gourd grew bigger. the Jiang cut it with a knife, and suddenly see lying inside a white and fat, very cute baby girl, he was overjoyed, excitedly spread the news, the villagers heard that, they came to watch this fresh thing, but the Meng man fights with Jiang. Meng old man very firmly said: "This is my personally planted gourd, fat girl belongs to me." Jiang stubbornly said: "This gourd knot in my yard, this baby girl was me." arguing for three days and three nights, inextricably, to no avail, after mediation by the villagers as: baby girl are both common, living alternately, common maintenance, and took a "Lady Meng Jiang" name.

How time flies, ten years have passed,the two elderly Jiang and Meng choosed a man called Fan Qi Liang as his husband, selected auspicious day for marriage. After days,the bride was about to weddings, suddenly broke into a few runners from the outside, surrounded them and the groom Fan Qi Liang as porters captured. The original was all over the country as Qin Shi Huang built the Great Wall to deploy a large number of porters, day and night driving through, porters have been exhausted, starved to death numerous, to speed up the speed, they catch porters everywhere, added, Fan Qi Liang also was sent to act as the Great Wall of porters. A year later, no news of Fan Qi Liang, anxious Meng Jiang rice could not eat and sleep she do not know what to do, after consulting with the two old people, decided to go to her husband.

She put on a special dry food and warm clothing for her husband. Along the way, wind and rain, sun and cold, hungry and cold, walks with difficulty, through the hardships of the thousands of miles to travel, she finally found the Great Wall, to build the Great Wall many people died, her husband Fan Qi Liang has long been exhausted, and buried in the Great Wall, the bones can not find out. This news is like a lightning bolt, Meng Jiang suddenly up to lament and weep, burst into spring, the sound like thunder, crying earth-shattering, incredibly hard, seeing the Great Wall, the collapse of a section, go cry to fall where there are eight hundred feet in length . Project Explorer instrument allows very anxious, hurried to report to the inspection of works in progress is the Qin Shi Huang. Asked the Emperor quickly went to find the root causes of Meng Jiang. After a see, he was captivated by her beauty, have to seal her the "Goddess Temple is." Meng Jiang Although filled with anger, but still suppress the heart of hatred, had an idea, will be counted on the meter to the three conditions have to Emperor promised her to when the "Goddess Temple is." Qi Fan a beam to find the bodies of her husband; second, a state funeral for her husband; third, to Fan Qi Liang Qin Shi Huang Pimadaixiao, playing funeral banners. Lady Meng Jiang Qin Shi Huang after hearing the three conditions mentioned, thought a moment, in order to get beautiful Lady Meng Jiang, will bite the bullet and agreed to down, Meng Jiang Xiao thanks for the fortification wearing died Fan Qi Liang tomb, the long-time dream has been subordinated in the face rolling the Bohai Sea, leap herself.

Wall on the existing main was built in the 14th century the Ming Great Wall, Jiayuguan in the west, east to Liaodong Hushan length of 8851.8 km, average height of 6-7 meters wide and 4 to 5 meters. The Great Wall is the working people in ancient China created the great miracle witnessed a long history in China. It Tiananmen Square, Terracotta Warriors along with the world as a symbol of China.

You should go to The Great Wall if you come to China,you can see how the old people build such a amazing thing.

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