Monday, March 21, 2011

Golden Temple in India

The Golden Temple, also Darbar Sahib, the court of the Lord, is situated in a lake almost square with a side length of about 130 m. Around the lake runs a marble and a path nearly 30 m long bridge connects the marble temple with the west bank. According to legend, the lake called Amrit Sarovar (Lake of the nectar of immortality) healing powers have to clean which is why to this day many pilgrims at the bathing steps of the east bank.

The main entrance of the temple is located on the north side next to the clock tower. Just after you cross the entrance, we see the Golden Temple and the lake in the sunshine glitzern.Golden Temple One has the opportunity to walk around like the pilgrims in a clockwise direction on the wide marble path (Parikrama) around the lake. First to get it past the beaches and the many shrines, the 68 important holy places of India represent. To the east is the direction outside of the actual temple complex in the Industrial building offering sleep problems and are treated, where every day thousands of pilgrims with food. If one goes on the road by the lake, can be reached on the south bank of the shrine in honor of Baba Deep Singh, who lost his life in 1758 in the fight against Ahmad Shah Durani. On the west side of a marble bridge leads to the Golden Temple.

Directly opposite is the second holiest building, the Akal Takht. Every day in the early morning, the Holy Book of Sikhs (Guru Granth Sahib), a collection of over 3,000 hymns in honor of the one God of Akal Takht in a solemn ceremony at Har Mandir and placed back in the evening carried. The Akal Takht has already been built in 1609 by Guru Har Govind, but in the 18th and 19 Century changed significantly. The storming of the Akal Takht by Indian troops in 1984 destroyed the building in part. Meanwhile, it was entered with the help of donations for the most part again hergestellt.SikhismMan the Hari Mandir, the holiest temple of the Sikhs, a 60 m long marble bar. The building is up on the ground floor with copper plates are engraved with texts from the Holy Book. Bay window and relaxing the pavilion rather compact appearance of the temple on. At the core of the holy book of Sikhs is kept. At the east entrance of the temple reciting a pilgrim sing. Also on the first floor you can see how the Sikhs of the Akhand Path, the ritual, the continuous recitation from the Holy Book perform.

The pilgrims offer flowers and money in the vicinity of the book and can read aloud for a donation from this document. A professional reader takes two full days to recite the book completely.

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  1. Golden Temple in Amritsar is a place frequented by Sikhs all round the year. Countless pilgrims visit Golden Temple to pay homage to the holy shrine. Golden Temple is also known as Hari Mandir meaning Temple of God. Pilgrimage tour India


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